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In the era of constant technological development, all types of payments seem exceptionally important. As their huge part takes place via the Internet, there are currently a natural payment by the network, not just using traditional cash. More Info

It turns out that newer platforms are constantly being created, thanks to which most of the transaction can be made without leaving the house, and sometimes - do not even have an account in a regular bank. In addition, this type of payment is much easier than in the case of transfers. Alternative type platforms are plenty, and today we will try to describe one of them, or Neosurf. Generally, it can be said that these are special cards that can be bought in various points in the country to make payments on the Internet.

More about Neosurf

The Neosurf system is the invention and owned by Neosurf Cards SAS. It is a French company founded in 2004, dealing in the distribution of online cards. The company's headquarters of the company is located in Paris, but the whole works on the basis of the permission issued by the Great Britain, and exactly the Financial Conduct Authority. Neosurf can be called a copy of PaySafecard, as largely consists in a very similar principle of operation. Currently, PaySafecard is no longer such a popular payment method, as a few years ago, however, Neosurf comes with help.

The Neosurf system can be divided into two parts: Neosurf and MyNeosurf. The second one is simply an internet account from which you can use like from all other electronic wallets. All you have to do is create and verify your account, and top up your method your preferred method. Thanks to MyNeosurf, you can recharge other accounts, shop online shopping or send money friends. This portfolio is characterized by favorable currency exchange courses if necessary.

Neosurf cards are much more peculiar and interesting phenomenon. To use them, you do not need to have a bank account or account on the manufacturer's website. The procedure of the payment itself is as fast and pleasant as in the case of portfolios. This time, however, you should physically go to the store or other point having a Neosurf coupon. These can be smaller or larger stores or supermarkets, gas stations or kiosks. These types of points exist all hundreds and you probably can find them in every city. Cards are anonymous and do not require any data. They have different values that can be bought according to recognition. They have special codes that are introduced on the target side or in your favorite game. There is also a website in the type of online store where you can buy Neosurf codes without the need to leave the house, paying SMS or one of many other payment methods.

Neosurf security

Paying through Neosurf codes in online casinos is a safe solution. First of all, it works like a typical prepaid card. Even if she fell into unauthorized hands, the cheater does not get more than the sum of top-up. Secondly, by paying by Neosurf, you do not disclose any of your data, including the payment card. This means that they are not at risk and you can sleep peacefully. Finally, anonymity is not without significance.

Neosurf cards do not need to register and give your personal data anywhere. Finally, our transfers wander directly to the Internet casino, but to the Neosurf account, from where they only go to the casino. This provides a certain dose of anonymity and security.

Casino and Bookmakers offering Neosurf

The dominant method of payment, at least when it comes to casino or pages with sports betting, are electronic wallets. You can talk about their multifunctionality and speed of operation for hours. They are certainly much more convenient than bank transfers, especially if we consider the speed of transactions. Traditional transfers last up to a few days, moreover, only in strictly defined days of the day are possible. Therefore, alternative payment methods are a real blessing for players who do not have to transfer a day earlier and do not want to wait long for its implementation. We know from experience that some transactions require anonymity, which is why we would especially like to recommend you a Neosurf card.

Neosurf is available in a really quantity of casinos. These are, for example, described on our website Spinia, Vulcan Vegas., Playamo whether Casinia. This is not a popular payment method as portfolios Skrill whether neteller or PaysafecardBut you can see the growing popularity of this platform in a gambling world.

Neosurf Promotions

Neosurf card payments usually do not have dedicated promotions. At least we have not yet met with such an offer in casinos promoted on our website. A good news is that usually deposits by Neosurf cards are admitted to welcome bonuses. So you can use them without any obstacles with various bonuses to start or get free spins.

More Info

Casino accepting Neosurf

€200 in bonuses
€200 + 400 free spins
400 Free spins
€100 in bonuses
€100 + 250 free spins
250 Free spins
  • Special bonus for players doing a payment in Bitcoin

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200 free spins after registration without a deposit.