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Bitcoin in online casinos

Over the past few years, Bitcoin and other cryptosal have gained huge popularity, not only in the online casino industry, but also as a separate product and the future of payment services in the world. What stands behind the phenomenon cryptowalut, how exactly do payments in cryptolts and how to store them and pay them safely? For these and other questions you will be able to find the answer in this article, welcome! More Info

A pinch of history

Bitcoin first appeared in 2009, his author was a certain Satoshi Nakamoto. Interestingly, we have never learned whether this is a real name or just a pseudonym and who really is the creator of Bitcoin - one man or a group of people or organization. This mystery will certainly add some curiosity to the entire project and makes us feel admiration for the author / authors. The project's assumptions are genius and sensational.

Bitcoin was to be not only a response to the problems of traditional currencies, but also to constitute a completely new asset class. The underlying the cryptolted anonymity, allowed users to taste real freedom in the era of endless surveillance and tracking and the limited number of currency units allowed her crazy appreciation. A strong value increase was the best factor that allowed Bitcoin promotion, no additional advertising campaign was needed.

Of course, at the very beginning Bitcoin was worth a pennies literally. For a few dollars you could buy hundreds of Bitcoins. Famous pizza, or the first recorded transaction, concluded with a virtual currency, cost up to 10,000 bitcoins. On May 22, 2010, the place had a historical event for the small and only a curcling community focused around the first cryptoped. A slightly hanyel, wanting to check if you can really buy something "physical" for a virtual currency she bought two pizzas for which he paid the sum of 10000 BTC. Many years later, at the summit of valuation in 2017 for the same sum of BTC, which he had to pay for two pizzas, could mention nearly 300 million zlotys.

This transaction was called the deepest in history, but we think that it was not so much, because Laszla Hanyecz probably had more bitcoins, some of them probably keeps up to this day, thanks to which he has a huge capital. Haniecz also not only changed the course of history, making the first truthful transaction, thanks to which he signed up in the history of a virtual currency, but he was promoting the project, because he was a developer and Satoshi Nakamoto helped his development at the early stage.

Well, who is a person who uses Satoshi Nakamoto's pseudonym? This is still unknown and we will probably never know. The author from the beginning wanted to remain anonymity and after a few years he withdrew completely from the project leaving his community development. There were also constant speculations who can be, the media did a named on some people, even tenth that Elon Musk can be the author of Bitcoin, why he definitely denied. So today we do not know who Satoshi was, but his project lives on this day and gathered an incredible community around him.

About her gigantic increase can indicate the number of transactions. From several hundred daily in the initial period of the existence of the currency, it increased to 200 - 300,000 a day! At the summit of Bitcoin's interest in 2017 we had their nearly 500,000 a day. It is very difficult to estimate the number of virtual currency users, for sure, however, over recent years due to undeniable benefits of Bitcoin, there was a huge increase in the community and it counts now not thousands, but millions of people. What makes it so popular? Below below.

Applications and benefits Bitcoin

Bitcoin was supposed to be a response to problems making traditional currency. The first of these is the loss of values ​​due to inflation (more and more money appears in circulation, as a result of which its value is permanently decreasing, we feel it as a price increase). It was concert, because Bitcoin, due to the limited supply not only maintains its value, but its value is growing in a crazy pace. In its only 2017, which was a record for this currency we saw an increase of its value by 1400%. Yes, it's not a mistake. Average banking deposit that pays about 2% per year, at the same time it's ridiculous, right? The year 2017 began with a course of 1000 dollars and said goodbye to the course around $ 14,000. The highest recorded course in 2017 and in the whole Bitcoin history is almost 20,000 dollars. This amazing that the project that started from a value less than the dollar has suffered such a huge appreciation in a few years.

What is a cause of it? There may be a maximum of 21 million bitcoins and any more in circulation. It must be added that some of them have been lost in a prohibited way (the owner forgot a private key) or are in the hands of people who do not intend to get rid of them. As a result, the supply is even more limited and over time digging (ie the production of new bitcoins) is increasingly difficult. This brings a permanent increase in the course in a long term, which is a certain place of capital, is the best magnet on new users who care about maintaining the purchasing power of their money.

So we have a strictly limited supply and millions of people, each of them would like to have at least a part of Bitcoin - this is the secret of these gigantic price increases. Well, part. Bitcoin is divided into a much larger way than any other currency, each Bitcoin is divided into 100,000,000 smaller units, called Satoshi. In theory, it is possible to send amounts much smaller than the equivalent of 1 cent.

How does the money on the Bitcoin network sends? You do not need an account number, recipient's address or SWIFT Bank code, just know the recipient's address that looks more or less like this: 1ryk1yzega59pj314159kuf2za4jayytd. This string often happens to the QR code, which simply scan your phone. Bitcoin payments are fast, cheap and above all anonymous, because neither the recipient nor the sender do not have to disclose anything but their portfolio address.

In the era of universal surveillance, when governments commonly spy their citizens such anonymity is like a breath of true freedom. They use this on-line casino described on our website. In countries such as Australia and many other countries around the world, the use of casinos over the Internet is prohibited or degraded by multiple restrictions, payment with payment cards or ordinary transfers very easily follow and the user can bear the consequences for breaking the right of the country in which it is located.

Not with bitcoin! The payment is anonymous and very difficult, or practically impossible to track for someone who is not a party to this transaction (a player or casino). This creates a unique opportunity for players who can use the casino around the world without worrying about breaking any right or tax obligation. From here, we go through the next paragraph that users are probably most.

Payments in casinos

Bitcoin over the past few years is increasingly used in casinos, where it became a very common form of payment. At the moment, casinos are available in which Bitcoin can be used as payments. What's more, there are also those that will not only have Bitcoin as the exclusive and only form of payment, but also games in which they will be able to play and win, for example Bitcoin. In this market segment there was an unprecedented development.

Why Bitcoin has found application in casinos? Although this solution is not supported or by banks or by any other major financial institutions, it allows quick and trouble-free transactions with real operating companies that accepted Bitcoin as a form of payment. Due to the convenience with which you can carry out transactions and a short waiting time for its acceptance, many casinos adapted at home Bitcoin.

There are also no limits. In internet wallets such as described on our SKRLL or Neteller website, we usually have a limit for each payment, monthly or annual payment limit that we can not exceed and at every step verification of identity when we exceed a certain limit of influence or expenses from the account. There is nothing like that in Bitcoin, there are no limits! Do you want to send a few million dollars in your Bitcoins? Nothing simpler, the procedure looks the same as for $ 10. This is especially important for large transactions, where there are really large sums in the game, this is one of the reasons why Bitcoin's popularity among the casinos will still grow.

It is also important that using this virtual currency remain completely anonymous. Rising confusion around gambling, various restrictions only fuel interest in Bitcoin. Payments are in practice not to track and we do not have to worry about the consequences, even if they play in illegal casino in our jurisdiction.

Bitcoin perspective

It is very difficult to anticipate the future, because none of us has a glass ball and is not a prophet. In the case of an accurate forecast, it will be considered granted and this completely not hit after time may be mashed. However, there are several things that we can set up with all certainty. First of all, Bitcoin, although there is no longer supporting your author who left the project in unexplained circumstances is and will probably continue to be developed. Around the currency, a gigantic community gathered, new projects, portfolios or Bitcoin based services are created all the time, so we can be almost sure that this project suddenly will not die.

We are also sure about the fact that Bitcoins will suddenly come. There will be a maximum of 21 million, mining will become more and more difficult, hence new bitcoins will be less and less on the market. With millions of new users who want to join fun, this is a recipe for a further increase in the price of this currency.

Can the crash of 2017 repeat? A lot depends on whether in the future, the increase in the value of the currency will be balanced or speculative and violent, as the one that took place in 2017 or 2013. An increase of over 1000% during the year was certainly not healthy and meant a lot of speculative capital to Bitcoin . With long-term, such increases did not have a chance to maintain and sometimes a small event can cause a panic that will result in a drop in a few dozen percent.

Long-term value Bitcoin Due to its limited supply, the supply should constantly grow, therefore, it should be a digital version of gold, values and something that will protect yourself against inflation.

Blockchain should develop very much, i.e. a technology behind Bitcoin, arises and a lot of applications, portfolios or bills will be created, which combine ordinary bank accounts with the account in cryptolts and allow the use of payment cards to pay funds.

In general, the Bitcoin perspective seem to be beneficial and this technology seems to have a light future.

Other cryptosal

In addition to Bitcoin there are also a number of other cryptowaluts, which are not its clones, which they are based on a similar ideology and technology. The etherum leads in his rivals. Kryptowaluta also known as Ether or ETH is the second most valuable just after Bitcoin. This is a platform that also uses Blockchain technology and serves to conclude so-called "intelligent contracts". Thanks to the decentralized network, its users have the option of building applications, creating scripts or contracts that can be saved in Blockchin. Etherum can also be extracted "kicking" with your computer, generally the entire project is found to be quite similar to Bitcoin because we also have a decentralized payment network, which allows anonymous payments without the need to use the Bank's services or other financial institution.

The Etherum price is currently oscillates within several hundred dollars (2018) and is relatively stable, this is the second largest cryptowalut and part of the casino also supports payments in Etherum, although it is not so popular in the gaming industry like Bitcoin.

In addition to BTC and ETH, we have several thousand other digital currencies. The most popular of them are currently:

  • Litecoin
  • Ripple
  • EOS
  • Stellar
  • Cardano
  • IOTA
  • Tether

The latter is a curiosity, because its price is 1: 1 reflecting the American dollar. This makes Tetherua an accurate cryptolute reflection of its value - having 100 units Tether we have $ 100. Apart from them, we still have a few thousand virtual currencies, some of them are more and less the more promising projects, which also appear new ones.

Does any of them become a new bitcoin and over time become more valuable than your protoplast? Yes, there is a possibility. Few who remembers, but before the Era Facebook the most popular social network was MySpace. However, he was involved by his younger and a better competitor. This can also be with bitcoin over time. There will be a clearly better cryptowaluta to which users will fly through and this will become the most important digital currency. For now, however, Bitcoin is a "jungle king" and little indicates that one of the current projects could complete him in the near future.

Game on Bitcoć

An important factor that lured many people to buy their first bitcoins was in recent years a gigantic increase in the value of this virtual coin. Let's agree if the investment was not to bring profits, we would not call her investment but mistake. Bitcoin can not only be purchased on your private portfolio or kick on your computer hardware. There are also a number of platforms that allow us to acquire and sell Bitcoin and other cryptosals just like currencies on popular forex platforms. So we have long positions that allow us to earn growth and short ones that give profit when the price of the instrument falls, we also have a financial lever that allows you to invest, for example, 10x, 20x or 50x more than we have. So-called Lewer, as the financial lever is called, so it can give huge profits, but in the case of a mistaken decision it also works in the other way and can plunge us very quickly.

There are many platforms on the market that allow you to trade Bitcoin or other cryptosal. Examples are even platforms such as, Kraken or Australian Bitbay. They all work on a fairly similar principle and allow you to make a cryptowalut price change. A smooth investor can achieve huge profits here, in the case of adequate shelting in the market trend and the use of financial levers, profits can be huge, almost as large as the shooting of a gigantic casino jackpot.

The possibilities of earning a bitcoć are so huge and we do not have to limit to the possession and passive detention of the currency on our portfolio.

When Bitcoin is a casino

Unfortunately, as usual in such cases, the possibility of a large profit affect us in risky trade. Opportunities for great earnings are also accompanied by an integral risk of incurring loss. Before any "packaging", we recommend a solid training in investments. Most exchanges have a demo mode on which we can play virtual capital.

It must be mentioned that the gigantic growth in 2017 was accompanied by a considerable increase in speculative capital and huge variability. So we had days in which Bitcoin price grew after 5, 10 or even 20% a day to give part or all these increases in a short time. Then, after some time, large increases appeared again, and then even greater declines, which at the end of the year were even a dozen percent. As we wrote earlier in this article, 2017 was record-breaking for Bitcoin himself and the entire cryptowalut sector. BTC recorded an increase of 1400% year-on-year, piercing a psychological barrier of 20,000 dollars for a coin.

Then we had a sharp drop, during a few months "Oxidized" the price slept from 20,000 dollars even around 6,000. For people who have invested their money at the hossy top, or used the leverage of these losses had to be too painful.

The conclusion from this flowing is that we can either have any bitcoins on a private portfolio and do not worry about fluctuating its price, because this should grow in a long-term perspective. In addition, with all investments that carry the risk, i.e. investments in all kinds of contracts or a bitcoin price option you have to be very careful and enter this game only after a solid exudation.

Casino serving payments in Bitcoin

We are slowly reaching the end of this text, which, as we have hope was helpful for you and brought you the subject of virtual currency and the most important aspects associated with it. Bitcoin can already be found in very many casinos on the Internet. With certain resistance adapt it the largest and most famous brands in the industry. These smaller ones have a bitcoin at home and do not intend to resign from it.

Administration of specific examples of casinos accepting Bitcoin passes with the goal, because there are a very large number. In each reviews casino on our mat a separate paragraph, where we describe payment methods with which you can pay and withdraw money from a given casino. If there is a Bitcoin logo there, it means that the casino data supports a virtual currency.

Some casinos also offer special bonuses, only for users using Bitcoin. Here, we also do not show specific examples and brands, because these offers are often changing, but be sure that they are! On the website, in the News section, we will regularly provide you with information about casino and bookmakers. Perhaps, when one of the casinists recommended by us launches a similar promotion for users paying by Bitcoin, we will try to write about it.

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