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Neteller in casinos online

Neteller is a third web portfolio in terms of popularity. In terms of the number of transactions, only PayPal and Skrill gives way. We write about him on our site because it is very popular among online casinos, due to the speed and convenience of payments. In this article you will be able to learn more about this fast and safe provider of payment solutions. More Info

About Neteller

The company was founded in 1999 in Canada, at the beginning her creator and the owner was Collin Francis Bush, who in assumptions wanted to create a quick and secure e-wallet that would use on-line online payments and casinos. As you can see Neteller from the beginning it was conceived with and to the casinos, hence the natural one is to turn around the gambling industry and there were never even plans for her abandonment.

It must be admitted that the Bush idea turned out to be a real hit. None has passed and Neteller has already served 80% of all transactions in online casinos, at least on the US market. Other today's e-payment giants, PayPal, as you know, had a very restrictive policy about gambling, hence the popularity of Neteller in the USA could not be surprised. It was so until 2006, when the American government decided to literally make the entire gambling industry on the Internet and to this day players from this beautiful country can not legally play casino games on the Web.

In 2004, the company was moved to a more friendly location business, specifically on the island of Man off the coast of Great Britain, where it remains to this day. Of course, you do not have to add that Ban for all financial transactions with casinos or bookmakers strongly hurt the company and meant specific financial losses for her, after all players from that state were a large majority of its clients. The company's income decreased from 240 million dollars in 2006 to around 44 million in 2010, which shows a huge scale of the problem with which the company's leadership came.

However, the crisis managed to survive, although part of the American players' funds returned to their accounts only after 12 months, in 2007. The company was taken over by Paysafe Group, which is also a skrill owner, another very well-known supplier, also widely described on our site. Together, these two portfolios have suggested the payment market and web portfolios on the gambling and casino market. It is estimated that most of the transactions associated with gambling passes over them.

However, on the American market, however, it was only in 2014 thanks to Optimal Payments Limited, however, a former item has never been rebuilt and currently deal with the processing of transactions for legal poker pages, but in nothing reminds the business scale from 10 years ago.

Currently, however, Europe and the rest of the world make the company develop really hard. Website and customer service are available in 16 languages, including in Australian. There is also a telephone support that responds in our native language. The company serves 19 different currencies (including of course USD 200) and is available in over 200 countries around the world.

A pre-paid card issued in cooperation with MasterCard proved to be shot in 10. To the account at Neteller, the player can order a Net + Prepaid MasterCard. This is an ordinary standard payment card, with a chip, signature and a PIN number that you can pay money at an ATM, pay at a gas station or in a shopping gallery or pay on the Internet. Particularly the latter manner can use casino players to fast and safe implementation of their payments. Casino, even those that do not accept Neteller are widely accepted by the MasterCard card.

In summary, joining Neteller you can be sure that your money will be safe and quickly reach the goal, they serve the entire mass of casinos, hence there will also no problems with deposits.

Creating a new user account

To use Neteller, it is required to create a new user account. As you already know, the company operates in Great Britain, which has a very excessive requirement for each entity dealing with payment. Therefore, Neteller applies very much attic to security. To register, you must only be completed 18 years. However, the registration of a new account is not too difficult or complicated.

The only thing you need to do is give all personal data and combine your new account with a credit card or a regular debit or savings account. Of course, before you can make a transaction in one or other way, the account must be verified. This usually takes place by phone, but other options are also available. Sometimes, therefore, the scan of a personal ID card, possibly a driving license or other document, for example a passport, is enough for verification. There may also be a document confirming the address of the residence, i.e., for example, the Cable TV account scan, electricity or an account from the bank account.

Verification is essential to fully unlock accounts and abolish limits to transactions. After completing this process, you can easily use your account, pay and pay funds, or order a MasterCard card.

Deposits and withdrawals

Here, again, the payment and withdrawal process using Neteller is simply trivial and everyone, even on average, a man, for sure, can not do it without any problems. The first thing you need to do is find a casino you want to pay money. This can make it easier for you to make our list of recommended casinos. Once you make sure that your company chosen supports Neteller is simply login and go to the cashier or payment page. In all casinos they look thicker similarly.

Just give the sum you want to pay to the casino, remembering that it is not usually within 10 to 20 euros and choose Neteller as a preferred form of payment. In the next pane you will be transferred directly to Neteller, you will be asked to give your Neteller ID or e-mail address (registered in Neteller), and you will also need your NETELLER SECURE ID code. You can also be asked to answer one of the auxiliary questions you added when registration.

That's all. Deposit transactions take place in real time, which is why deposits are usually implemented immediately. It is very similar with withdrawals. On the Neteller side are also immediate, that is, when the casino will send you money, they immediately appear on your account. However, as you know, the casino usually require additional verification before payment, hence it does not happen automatically and you will wait a bit. For sure, however, shorter than for bank transfer, because this, from abroad, can go even a few days.

However, the good news is that the verification process is usually only on the first payment. Next should be realized in about 24 hours. The process is very similar to a deposit. Select Neteller as the selected payout method and enter your Neteller ID or e-mail to process payments.

As you can see the payout process as well as the payment of money by Neteller was very simple and convenient. This is a dream form of payment to service casino, and thanks to an additional MasterCard payment card issued to the account, our winnings can immediately spend on any purpose.

Bonuses and other advantages of Neteller

As we have already mentioned earlier, Neteller is widely used by players around the world for transactions with casinos or bookmakers. Its management not only does not fight about it, but also supports. Therefore, on the NETELLER website, the entire catalog of various promotions in casinos, bookmakers or poker. Just click on the "exclusive offer" link page to make our eyes appear literally hundreds of various offers in various casinos scattered around the world. Interestingly, they are not related to casino offers for new players, these are exclusive offers for users using Neteller.

For example, on the page we see a 100% bonus up to $ 1500 at 888 Casino, 200 free spins and 100% bonus up to 400 euros in or 200% bonus up to 200 pounds in William Hill Casino. Offers, although current at the time of writing this article, can change in the future. We provide them for example that it is worth interested in the party to promotional offers in Neteller. In the future, they will probably replace them with others, but they will definitely be a similar caliber, or even even better. Firms cooperating with Neteller are plenty, thanks to these offers have an additional promotion, because millions of players from around the world enjoy this system.

Also the casino, on their pages often have special offers for players deposited by Neteller. It can be an additional, greater sum of the bonus, or a nice addition of free spins. Always something interesting will go and sometimes it is good to review the promotion page in a given casino so as not to miss any interesting offer. On the other hand, a number of online casinos do not allow you to use Neteller as a deposit method for your first method if you intend to use the welcome bonus. You can, of course, use Neteller for subsequent payments and withdrawals, but this can be excluded as a method of payment when using the initial bonus.

In this matter, unfortunately, you have to read the regulations very carefully. We, from our site, usually mention this in our online casinos reviews, but always check if something has changed. Neteller exclusion from the promotion is obviously associated with the system ensures anonymity. None of your data is disclosed to a casino except your portfolio in Neteller. For some companies are a defect, because they do not have detailed information about you, but for you, as a user wanting to keep their anonymity should be an advantage.

The payment system from Neteller also has plenty of other advantages. The first and very important is the universality of its application. Payments in Neteller take literally practically all on-line casinos. It is also widely used in online purchases, sports betting, poker or forex brokers. Overall there are thousands of places where you can pay with Neteller.

With your account in the system, you can also order a MasterCard card account. There are two types available, namely real and virtual. You pay the second one on the Internet, because the system generates only its number. A real card is a regular pre-paid payment card that you can pay in the store, on a gas station or wherever you want. This means, of course, much greater availability, because you can pay in virtually every casino, even those that NETELLER supports. Of course, such a card can also be withdrawing money from an ATM worldwide, it involves a minor fee, but it means that Neteller can be used almost like a real bank account.

In addition, Neteller offers our opinion the best standard of customer service in the industry. It is also regulated by British banking law, which belongs to the most restrictive in the world. Therefore, choosing Neteller player is sure that his funds will be 100% secure.

In summary, we can list the following advantages of using NETELLER:

  • Available real and virtual MasterCard card for account
  • 16 different payment methods for customers from our country
  • Probably the best customer service on the online payment market - many channels, quickly and reliably respond
  • Very nice graphic luminaire and a transparent interface after logging in
  • Very fast payment to the casino, all you need to do is enter the account number and answer your security question

On-line casinos using Neteller

In truth, it is harder to find on-line casino that does not offer payments and payouts in the NETELLER system. They have signed contracts with such a large number of brands that the casino that does not offer Neteller is already uncommon. Usually, in such a company, it will be possible to do a MasterCard deposit issued by Neteller, it will be worse with a card payment, because not every casino allows it.

From the aforesaid reason, when choosing an on-line casino, you should direct the remaining criteria and assume the payment of NETELLER will be supported. The best and recommended casinos can be found on our site in the Casino Review section, these highest rates will be adequate for your needs.

Be sure to let us know if you have any questions, doubts or suggestions.

More Info

Casino accepting Neteller

USD 2000 in bonuses
USD 2000 + 200 free spins
200 Free spins
  • It is available entirely for Poles and it has been translated into Australian
1333 USD in bonuses
1333 USD + 99 free spins
99 Free spins
  • Numerous bonuses and promotions of newly logged in to the user's website
USD 2000 in bonuses
USD 2000 + 200 free spins
200 Free spins
USD 2000 in bonuses
USD 2000 + 200 free spins
200 Free spins
  • The company offers not only casino games, a live casino but also sports betting and betting betting
€1000 in bonuses
- Free spins
  • Extremely generous bonus from the first deposit, you can get up to 1000 euros to receive a 400% bonus
USD 2000 in bonuses
USD 2000 + 200 free spins
200 Free spins
  • A huge number of as many as 1200 diverse games from many manufacturers will provide unforgettable entertainment for long evenings
€1000 in bonuses
- Free spins
  • Behind the registration itself, without the submission of any deposit, we get a free 10 euro
600 USD in bonuses
600 USD + 100 free spins
100 Free spins
  • Draws attention to impressive title games on offer, the number of slots themselves is nearly one thousand
€1000 in bonuses
€1000 + 20 free spins
20 Free spins
  • Sensational bonus offer for new players, moreover, regular promotional offers for existing users

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