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Paypal in casinos online

A well-known and liked PayPal company is currently one of the largest e-payment service providers or electronic portfolios. Thanks to the latish on the market, today it is very difficult to find a person who has not heard about PayPal. If you've ever bought something on eBayu, you probably already have such an account. We write about this company on our site because there are a number of online casinos that use PayPal in settlements with your players, thanks to this text you will learn more about them and about the company itself. More Info

About PayPal

The origins of PayPal date back to 1999, when the company was established by Confinity. Its further fate, as you will learn in a moment, but they are more interesting.

In 2001, she was acquired by Elon Muska, who a dozen or so years later, as it turned out to create a tesla, which is currently one of the highest valued companies in the world or Space-X, which has a bold flight plans to Mars. After the brief entrepreneur, the company combined the Internet, which caused incredible development. Of course, partly Boom caused an eBay that decided to enable payments with PayPal to its offer. Then something was incredible, PayPal grew so fast that in 2002 he bought ebaya himself, after a dizzying, like a sum of 1.5 billion dollars on that time.

Over the years, both companies were practically one whole, but eBay after some time decided to let PayPal to act on his own. Thanks to this, the company has developed incredibly and became the leader of on-line payments, serving millions of payments from both companies and ordinary people. Currently, thanks to the commissions from transactions and other activities, they generate billions of dollars of revenues, so they can continue to develop, so that they are constantly remained on the leader's seat.

Registration of a new account in PayPal

As with other internet purses, it is necessary to provide your full personal data here. This is necessary due to EU law to whom PayPal, a company that operates in the European Union obviously subject. For this reason, the e-mail address and password are not enough, although of course they are also of course required. It is also necessary to choose the way you will merge your new account, it can be a transfer from a payment card or from your bank account.

You can choose one of several dozen currencies. Interestingly, you do not have to limit to one, because Paypal will allow you to have different currencies on your account. You can have, for example, balance in USD, Euro and USD and make quick transfers between these currencies, no commission. This is an extremely convenient solution if you plan to play casinos that support different currencies, you do not have to lose money on currency. In addition to casinos, of course, other companies are widely used by PayPal in their business, it does over 7 million enterprises around the world, so you will have many opportunities to use your account in online shopping and private transactions.

As in the case of other payment solutions, it is also necessary to verify your account before you can make transactions. However, it lasts very briefly and is trouble-free. You can either present a scan of your proof or make a transfer from your bank account or payment card registered on you. After making the verification process, you can take full advantage of your PayPal account. Remember that registration is fully free.

Deposits and withdrawals in online casinos

PayPal can be found in many online casinos, usually you must confirm this on the casino website or in their regulations. If they accept payment using PayPal, you will probably find it in the user panel when making a payment. After entering the appropriate amount you want to deposit into the casino, simply select PayPal as a preferred method of payment. In the next step, you will probably be moved to PayPal, where you must log in with the username or email address provided earlier and your password you choose.

The last window that will jump will ask you to confirm whether you really want to transfer such a sum to the casino account. There are two options, you can cover your receivable or from your account if you have a sufficient balance on it, you can also make a payment by a payment card that you have connected to the PayPal account. Usually transfers are immediately on your Casino account and there is no need to wait. If after a dozen or so minutes the money is not still on your account, some mistake has come and you should the casino operation.

When you follow a payment, you also have to choose a PayPal casino as the preferred payment method. Remember that it is good to apply for payment to the same method that you have made a deposit so that the casino did not suspect money for money. Also, remember that the e-mail served in the casino must agree with the one to which you set up a PayPal account, because usually your winnings will translate on this email. Such a transfer can hit your online wallet immediately, but the transfer can also take even a few days, if account verification is required, a lot also depends on the efficiency of the casino chosen by you. When you process your order anymore, the money is usually sent during a few seconds.

Bonuses and other advantages of PayPal use

Rarely when special bonuses are offered to players paying money to the casino just by PayPal. Nevertheless, they are and such casinos, so maybe you can find this kind of bonus. On the other hand, the casino do not cross this company, because usually deposits by PayPal are not excluded from their bonus offers.

This is usually here that Paypal well and effectively verifies new users, a self-respecting casino that care for safety and legality, very much. Therefore, paying by PayPal, you should not worry that you will lose your chances of a bonus from the first or subsequent deposits. You also gain a number of other benefits that have considerable importance for everyone, not only casino players. These are among others:

  • Speed, because money sent from the account to your account usually get within a few seconds
  • Confidence - The company has been online for over a dozen years, this is the most well-known e-payment processor
  • High universality - from PayPala uses 7 million businesses scattered around the world
  • Prices and transaction commissions, Property - all this is more favorable than the competition
  • The solution recognized around the world causes the casinos not afraid to accept deposits by PayPal
  • No additional commission from the casino for payment by PayPal

As you can see, you will know the effect of the scale. PayPal, which could be a monopolist thanks to its position than the competition, this happens due to the huge number of users that the company has. Thanks to this, it can offer lower fees than competition and despite the more earn more. However, thanks to its long history, it provides the highest credibility that guarantees universal acceptance of their payments.

On-line casinos that use PayPal

Despite the fact that PayPal is one of the most popular payment processors in the world and is widely available in many countries, when it comes to services related to casinos, plants and sports games, or generally broadly understood gambling, the availability of their services is often limited. This is happening for several reasons.

First of all, PayPal, as a company, must stick to a certain legal framework in a given country, wanting to compete with traditional banks, can not break or bend local law. Therefore, the company must first verify that the service of a given casino are legal on the territory of a given state - PayPal will only cooperate with such companies that work legally and have valid licenses, allowing the game to citizens a given country. It happens that PayPal blocks all gambling transactions if there is no certainty that they are 100% legal in a given jurisdiction.

However, if the Casino data offers payment by PayPal, you can be sure that it has been checked and verified by it. This adds another point that confirms the credibility of a given casino and you will definitely not be afraid in this case any fraud.

On the other hand, you must remember that PayPal in casinos is not as common that you would take it too much to the heart and reject the casino data, just because it does not support the PayPal system. Because, as we mentioned, the service of this American company is very picky and cooperates only with selected companies.

Below are a number of casinos, where you can pay and pay money using the PayPal system. Be sure to take a look at our reviews, they will tell you what interesting will also find in a given site.

Be sure to let us know if you have any questions, doubts or suggestions.

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