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On-line casinos using revolution

Surely most of us use traditional bank accounts. If everyone knows, having a bank account is a great solution, allowing you to pay your hard-earned money to a safe place protected by a password, pin and a whole range of other security, instead of keep cash forever. More Info

Thanks to this, we avoid wearing papers with you, but we also have access to multiple online payment channels. Unfortunately, accounts in traditional banks have their disadvantages in the form of various charges for the use of an account or card, the cost of curing abroad or fees for payment of cash at ATMs. Therefore, it is worth considering some alternative to a regular account. We present you, so revolution, thanks to which we avoid most problems related to classic bank accounts.

What is Revolution at all?

Revolut was created in July 2015 by a British company from the FINTECH industry. This is not a bank, so it works for some other principles. As the creators themselves praise on their site, their clients managed to save all tens of millions of dollars. All this is because conducting transactions in different currencies is completely free. Of course, the account in this company can not be our main account and replace it in the bank, although it is ideally suited for example when we leave for holidays abroad. Then it should also be poured into an account as much money as you may need to us. Now we can choose where only we want and enjoy the fast payment card in virtually any place in the world - Revolut supports up to 24 different currencies, from the most important ones, after these local ones.

The company's history

As we mentioned a little higher, this company was created in July 2015, so it is quite a fresh venture, even comparing it with Bitcoins or other cryptosals that have been on the market for several years. The company was established by Nikolaya Storonsky-ego, former trader in such banks like Credit Suisse or Lehman Brothers. As he told himself in an interview in 2015 he traveled a lot and lost a lot on currency conversions, he would like to create a service that would allow to maintain a balance in many currencies and exchange them at no extra cost.

The past in large banks and knowledge of the market allowed to shell perfectly into a proper niche. Revolution was convicted to success. He joined him Vladyslav Yatsenko, a man also with the past in great institutions as Credit Suisse or Deutsche Bank, won the financing of 3.5 million dollars for a curcking company and so everything began.

Business was gradually developed and new functionalities were added to it. As in 2017, when the company introduced the ability to open a bank account in the UK, with an individual IBAN number and moments later the same account in euro was introduced. Yes, Revolution allows you to receive and send transfers to an individual bill, just like a bank, although it is not a bank!

In April 2018, the company won another 250 million dollar financing, the investor turned out to be a DST Global Fund straight from Hong Kong, thanks to this, the value of the entire company increased to a dizzying 1.7 billion dollars. Revolut ceased to be a small developing application and began to be a serious player on the financial market with which you should count on. In June 2018, the company announced that she broke the threshold of 2 million users.

How to set up an account in Revolut?

The first step to use the Revolution application is of course the assumption of their account. We can do this by both a website and a specially prepared application for our phones. At the very beginning, we must provide the necessary data, or phone number, address, mail. Later, we invent the code that will protect our account against access to others.

When our account is already founded, we have the option of ordering a payment card. You can ask for a virtual card for internet payments, but also about physical, acting exactly the same as cards in real banks. Order of the card is available only after the first deposit in the form of at least USD 50. Delivery of cards to Australia costs 25 USD, while its duration is about 2 weeks.

The last step you need to do is quite a labor-intensive verification of our account. We are asked to send a photo of our documents as well as photos of our face. When we finally manage to link all data with our account, we can start using our new card.

Deposits, withdrawals and currency exchange

Money from Revolut We can pay and pay like from other electronic portfolios as Skrill or Neteller, if the online casino or any other service offers Revolution as the possibility of payment, it will usually take us a few seconds. In the event that you will need to pay in a different currency than a zloty, we need to enable the application on our phone and choose an amount that will need us. A moment later, the sum will be on our account, which we need in the currency we chose. Also remember that the currency of money is free, so here we see how much we can save using the revolution account compared to other accounts.

A certain brilliant solution to which the creators came up, is that we can have several separate balances in different currencies within one account and one card. Therefore, it is possible to pay various amounts for various bills and use them if necessary. Therefore, for example, we deposit for example 100 USD, 100 dollars and 100 euros, and the fee in the right currency is charged from our card depending on whether we are in the US, or for example in Spain.

The currency exchange is always here after the most preferred course. When exchanging on weekends, a commission is added in the form of 0.5%, which is why it is worth thinking a little earlier and exchange on a business day. If we are in a country whose currency does not occur on the list of available, the amount will be converted after the interbank course, and collected from the account on the currently the highest balance. You need to have in mind that in some cases there are actually charged charges in the form of 1-2% exchanged sum. This depends mainly on whether this happens on the weekend or on a working day, but also in the case of less stable currencies, such as Ukrainian hryvnia or Russian ruble.

Other benefits from the use of Revolution

Apart from the above benefits from the Revolution account, there are plenty of additional options for customers. Here, it is worth mentioning a very useful and interesting option called Vaults. It aims to collect savings after each payment made. The sum paid always rounded up to a slightly higher, while the rest which in this way is created, is transferred to something like a piggy bank. In this way, small sums are collected that would not have much importance, but because it is regularly done, after some time we are collected by a greater amount of the goal set by us earlier.

Expenses can be divided into different categories, it is possible to add a receipt from payment in the store, which is why the full control of our expenses is ensured. After each transaction, we will find a relevant notification on our phone.

Cyclic payments are also possible. A very interesting option is the payment order without giving your account number. If someone has a transfer to our account, it is possible to generate a special link that we can send someone. Then the account of this person after specifying the data will be automatically charged with the amount, thanks to which all these payments seem to be even more trouble-free.

This is not the end of the benefits. Revolut offers its customers different types of insurance. This insurance includes the safety of our telephone in the case of screening or flooding, but also ours if you go abroad. Revolut also has a Premium option, paying 29.99 USD a month. Then you do not have to buy any insurance, because it is already included in the price. Travel insurance will be started automatically when our location will be outside the country. It will also turn off automatically after returning. In addition, the limit of payments from the ATM increases to 400 euros, not as in the basic version - 200 euros. There are also different additional options as the possibility of buying and storing Kryptowalut - Bitcoin, Etherum, Litcoin and others.

In summary, as the name suggests, Revolut introduces a real revolution on the market. This is a really great option for those who often make internet payments. However, in our opinion, it will best for those who like travel or are often on different foreign trips. No fees are conducted for the account, so if you immediately supply us a given currency bill, it will be on our account until its release. In addition, we can save a large amount thanks to him, that's all because the change of currency does not cost anything completely, and we can additionally put smaller sums. There is nothing to wait for, assume an account and in two weeks you enjoy your new, revolutionary account.

Casino bonuses for Revolut users

Due to the fact that Revolution is a total novelty and yet a small number of casinos have him at home and hello just thinks about his introduction, there is little dedicated bonuses for Revolut users at the moment. At present (this text is written in the end of 2018) only 1 company has a dedicated bonus for Revolut users - it is Betsson, which gives a 50 zloty bonus for payment with Revolution. The system is not very popular at the moment, but it does not mean that it will always and once revolution will stop being a niche system.

Thanks to the numerous advantages described here, the company has a chance to gain great popularity in the world on-line casinos and probably, on the way with its growing popularity also will also be dedicated to Revolut users in online casinos. For now, you must satisfy the standard offer available at a given casino. The good news is that the company verifies its users very carefully, which is why the casino will not be exposed to exclude Revolution users from the promotions and bonuses.

In summary, at the moment, what you can read below, the number of online casinos using Revolut is still relatively low, but we are convinced that over time will increase, then we can also expect special bonuses and special offers for system users.

On-line casinos using revolution

We are almost sure that thanks to their undeniable advantages Revolution will become common in many casinos on-line. For now (for 2018), the payment directly from Revolut accept such casinos as popular in our Betsafe or Betsson country. The current list of casinos that currently offer revolution payments for their users, each time you will be able to find this article. Look here regularly to see if any new company accepts Revolution.

Even if the REVOLUT electronic wallet is not supported in a given casino, you can still make a deposit there, from your funds accumulated on the revolution account balance. How is it possible at all? - You will ask for sure. Well, we're in a hurry with an explanation. Revolution for your users will make a fully functional VISA payment card. You can withdraw money from an ATM or pay in online stores or online casino.

This card is fully functional and no bank can not give way to anyone. What else's more interesting, Revolution allows you to accept payments for an individual IBAN account registered in Great Britain. Only SEPA payments are accepted, you can order a casino payment by giving this account number that generated Revolution for you and money within 3 days will go to your balance in the application, quickly and accepts.

In summary, right now, Revolut is one of the hottest brands in the world of finance, if you do not use it, you can make an account and try it out?

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