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A company that has been functioning many years as Moneybookers and is currently called Skrill is one of the leaders of payments to casino and other gambling sites as sports betting or poker. A popular internet portfolio has recently celebrated its 15th birthday and is on the best way to "age". In this article, we will look closer to the company itself and the most important aspects of its business and we will check how Skrill falls in the case of online casino account. More Info

More about Skrill

The company has a fairly long history that dates back to the beginnings of the so-called internet bubble from the beginning of the century. It was established in 2001 in Great Britain. Skrill, at the beginning known as Moneybookers was supposed to be a counterweight to the American Paypala and Neteller (as you will find out later, with this last company fate will combine them many years later). The assumption was to be quick and secure transfer of money on-line, paying in stores and for various services on the Internet.

Thus, in 2002, the website was launched at, which was the first step on the road to providing consumers with the possibility of transferring funds using the e-mail address and password. This idea in a sense ahead overtook her epoch and thanks to this he was really great. In Europe and around the world, over 2 million people have registered in the first full year of operation.

The company quickly began to earn money and plan subsequent investments. Even in the same year, the company obtained the first license in Europe a license of electronic money publisher subject to FCA supervision (British office for financial proceedings).

In 2007, the company was issued for sale and acquired by Investcorp Technology Partners for 100 million pounds. What was quite a bargain price, because at that time millions of users have already used the system. In 2008, the company has practically worked around the world, which means that in almost every country in the world someone had an account there. Certainly they provided their services to over 200 countries, having 40 different currencies on their website.

2009 was even more intense, because in the same year the company was sold again, after two years her value was trapped, cooperation with eBay was also established, which is one of the main partners of her greatest rival - Paypal. Very important if not the most important thing was to start cooperation with MasterCard. Thanks to her, the company has introduced prepaid cards in later years, which could be paid in stores, galleries or on gas stations, as well as natural, on the Internet. These turned out to be a great success in later years and only strengthened its position.

In 2010, however, the rebranding process on the name we know now, or Skrill (colloquially in the british slang cash, mammon) began. Also in the same year, there was a company to obtain the position of the fastest growing company with private capital in the Sunday Times Deloitte ranking. In 2011, Skrill has been extended for Pay by Invoice and Pay by Instalements, which sequentially facilitated payments for invoices and installment payments.

In 2013, the Skrill Group changed the owner, this time it was CVC Capital Partners and the sum of the transaction was EUR 600 million. Then the matter took the matter. Skrill took over Pay Safe Card, a leading European company serving pre-paid payments and Ukash, which basically dealt with the same and had a lot of users in Europe.

Currently, the company is a real giant e-payment. Skrill enjoys a trust of up to 36 million customers in over 200 countries around the world. Under the wings of Paysafe Group Ltd. there are other companies such aforementioned PaySafe Card or Neteller. All this makes their services so widespread that there is no practically casino that could afford to not cooperate with Skrill.

Registration of a new account

The assumption and running of the account at Skrill is completely free and available to every Australian citizen. Registration is extremely simple and will take you only a few minutes, you just have to give your real personal data and indicate the currency in which your new SKRill account will be carried out.

Of course, even though you send money with e-mail, you must also provide your address and all personal data because Skrill cares for safety and does not allow your system that breaks the law. Therefore, it is necessary to perform the account verification process. You can do it twofold, wait for a letter from England, where you will be a special code that should be given on the site or to power your SKRILL account from a payment card or a bank account registered for your name. The second way is naturally easier and we recommend it. Immediately after verifying your account, you can apply for the MasterCard card edition to your new Skrill account.

Deposits and withdrawals

Pouring and paying money using Skriil is equally simple, if not simpler than using the other forms of payment. There is no need to give a long payment card number or transferring money from the account that takes a very long time. Everything is limited to a few clicks and you have to give only your password in Skrill (if you do not remember it in your browser) and the amount you usually choose earlier.

Of course you need an active casino account that you are logged in and you have to make sure that it accepts payments by Skrill. The easiest way to check this in the regulations or directly on the payment page if there is a suitable tab. If so, after going to the cashier, simply click and select the sum you want to pay to the casino. You must remember that it is higher than the minimum required deposit in a given casino and also lower or equal to your total balance on the Skrill account.

You will now be moved to the Skrill login page, where you must enter your email and early password and then confirm the sum and click "Pay". As you see the process is banal and even doing this for the first time you should not have bigger problems with it. After making a payment, you'll come back to the casino and money should be on your account right away on your account, if it does not happen, wait a few minutes and if you do not get these funds, write it immediately, because something can be wrong.

Withdrawals from the casino account operate in a very similar way, and all you need is a cash balance on a casino account to pay and its e-mail address registered in Skrill.

Payments and withdrawals from Skrill are often free in online casinos. Sometimes, however, the fee applies and it is always best to check this in case of casinos, in case it was unclear. In our own reviews, we usually exchange applicable conditions. Usually, however, these fees are minimal, within 0.5% and most casinos takes them on themselves.

Loading money to the Skrill account during payment from a credit card or bank account is unfortunately not free. Exact fees are of course available on the Skrill website, but usually do not exceed 2%. The company earns mainly in currency.

By making a payment or withdrawal from and to the casino, you must also consider the minimum amounts that you must deposit or which you can withdraw. They are naturally different between the casinos. Here you also have to remember the limit of the maximum withdrawal. There is always a transaction limit, no matter what pay method you use, but the casino can apply additional limits. In the case of large winnings you will have to check if you can withdraw the sum of the casino once.

It is also worth remembering that most online casinos prefers to use the same method for deposits and withdrawals. Skrill will not be a problem if you make it both a deposit and withdrawal.

Bonuses and other advantages

The account on Skrill is a modern electronic wallet with the money you can pay virtually everywhere, and from which you can also send transfers to other people. This is already a big amenities, because Skrill has a gigantic advantage over bank transactions, because transactions in Skrill take place in a few seconds, not, like bank transfers in a few days. Importantly, Skrill does not exclude gambling from its activities, it even encourages payments to casino, poker rooms or bookmakers.

Skrill, as one of the leading payment suppliers for the gaming industry, can therefore negotiate better offers with your partners. And yes, Skrill clients have the opportunity to use higher or available for better conditions of bonuses in online casinos. Currently, among others Bet365 Casino, Expekt Casino, William Hill, Casino-X and others. All of them offer interesting exclusive offers for Skrill users, such as 100% bonus up to $ 1500 in 888 Casino or 200 free spins and a 100% bonus up to 400 euros in Remember that in the future these offers can already be out of date. They will certainly replace them with some new ones and should not be worse than them.

Of course, this is not the only benefits that the use of Skrill brings as an intermediary of online payments. There are also a number of other advantages that you may interest you. The main one is convenience, maybe you can send and receive money, add cards and bank account, pay easily anywhere on the Internet only using your e-mail address and password. Commissions for these transactions are minimal and usually do not exceed 1% when obtaining funds.

Instant access to measures everywhere in the world also guarantees a prepaid card MasterCard, which is associated with your SKRill balance and which you can pay in stores or do a deposit in online casino. Of course, withdrawals from ATMs are also available, but these are loaded 1% commission. Everything is naturally 100% secure, because Skrill is subject to the same regulations as banks and other payment institutions.

In summary, we can finally replace a lot of advantages of using Skrill:

  • A Mastercard Card is available for an account that allows you to pay a balance with Skrill in stores and paying money from an ATM
  • A dozen different payment methods for customers from Australia, including quick transfers of transfers24
  • Very good customer service, you can also them in Australian
  • Cool page graphic and user-friendly interface
  • Instant payment to the casino, just give only an email and your password

On-line casino using Skrill

A huge Most online casino offers Skrill among its payment options. Even if the online casino only supports basic payment methods, Skrill can be found almost always among them. Sometimes the "Skrill One Tap" solution is also available, which makes transactions even faster and can be arranged with one click. An interesting fact is that even when Skrill is unavailable, you can continue to pay in this Mastercard Casino issued by ... Skrill. Therefore, virtually every casino in the world will work with your account at Skrill.

Therefore, we believe that finding a casino that use Skrill does not constitute a problem and a greater challenge will definitely be what cases best suits you and what additional attractions or bonuses can still offer. In case of problems, read our exhaustive reviews to learn all important things about the best online casinos.

If you have questions or suggestions, be sure to inform us about it.

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