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Trustly payments

Trustly was founded in 2008. His founder is the Swedish company Trustly Group AB. The whole is controlled by the Swedish Financial Supervision Commission, FinanceEnen. The platform operates in as many as 29 European countries. Trustly is a several-year-old system, thanks to which we can make easy payments on the internet. More Info

The essence of the platform is instant transactions. Compared to the ordinary bank transfer, which can last up to a few days, the payment through Trustly is even express and takes no more than a few minutes. This method is naturally fully safe, as hundreds of thousands of clients have found out, which ultimately translates into about 2 million transactions a month.

History Trustly

In 2008, three friends came up with an idea of how to facilitate online payments. Therefore, a special platform was founded in Stockholm, thanks to which you can almost immediately pay for all services or online shopping. The whole is currently wearing the name Trustly Group AB and works under number 556754-8655. From the very beginning of the activity, it was known that this system will be a real breakthrough. After two years, a millionth transaction was processed. This is a great result, considering that this type of novelty is most often accepted with a certain reserve. Currently, one million transfers is also supported, but monthly.

Among the almost thirty countries, Australia, of course, benefiting from this modern system. Trustly certainly does not support every Australian bank, but on their list we will find some of the most important positions. Alior Bank, Bank Millennium, Bank Pekao, Bank Millennium can serve, Bank Pekao, Bank Postal, BGZ BNP Paribas, Citi Handlowy, Credit Agricole, Eurobank, Getin Bank, ING Bank Śląski, Inteligo, MBank, PKO Bank Polski, Raiffeisen Polbank, Santander. All of these banks offer express payments, but the withdrawals are already limited by different limits.

Applications and advantages Trustly

Each of us probably knows that all ordinary bank transfers have their specified hours of outgoing and incoming sessions. Even if the transfer will be commissioned in the morning, the other party can note it in the afternoon or evening. This may be annoying, because ultimately waiting time can extend even until the next day. Trustly comes to us with invaluable help and allows you to shorten this time to a few minutes on orders the payment by us. The important thing is also that there are no fees here and our transactions will never be charged with additional costs.

The main application of Trustly is payments in online stores or for example in casinos. If we would like to do it in a traditional way, it would certainly bring much more trouble. When performing the most ordinary transfer in the world, after logging into our account, each individual field must enter yourself. Many simpler is present when we use Trustly, because any place of the form is automatically filled.


The data of our bank account is a very serious matter and we should usually not give them in suspicious places. This may end up theft or scam and they are never jokes. Therefore, you must first make sure that the page you entrust to login data is fully safe. Of course, Trustly will never do anything without your consent, and shops in which you do shopping, rather do not interest the company's employees. We are aware that such a translation may not hit each of you, but just look at all millions of satisfied portal clients. Trustly uses reinforced authentication. This means that a much larger number of data necessary to log into a bank account is required. Thanks to this, no transaction will take effect until the conscious customer just will not accept it.


How to use Trustly?

There is nothing simply existing in the world to use Trustly. Each transfer is preceded by an intuitive form and the only thing we need to do is follow the instructions. All you have to do is trustly as a method of payment. We do not have to install any additional applications, because the whole takes place on the principle of redirection to our Bank's website.

Is this safe?

The software is designed only to facilitate and accelerate transfers. The whole is still takes place through our bank account to which we have access and you will always have only we. Our data is secured, and the login and password will never get into unauthorized hands. Of course, at the very end, we must additionally confirm and accept.

What are the fees for using Trustly?

Trustly is one of these payment methods, for which we do not have to pay completely nothing. Both payments and placed a little later, they do not cost anything completely. Thanks to this, our transfers will never be reduced by any amount and we will always be able to enjoy them in full glory.

Trustly in the gambling industry

Trustly is used very broadly in the world, in Europe but also Australia, its use is mainly limited to the gambling industry. May him in really many bookmakers or internet casinos. One of the most known examples where this system is used. Unibet platform. Betsafe and Betsson also allow you to pay by Trustly.

When it comes to casinos that are limited only to being a casino, we can meet in companies such as Slots,, Gunsbet Casino or many, many other companies that have a decent payment offer. As this system, which provides a certain anonymity of bookmakers from Australia, rather do not apply and trustly it is difficult to meet in any national company although abroad is commonly used and from its use, the Poles are not excluded in any way.

bonus Trustly

Rather, we did not meet with the casinos or bookmakers organizing promotions specifically for users of the Trustly payment system, but this form of payment usually is not excluded from any welcome offer. So we have full access to all bonus offers and we can participate in them depositing a deposit through Trustly or paying our win by this system at the end.

Casino and bookmakers servicing payments Trustly

Below we present you bookmakers and casinos in which you can pay with Trustly. The list is quite extensive because Trustly is a relatively popular payment system. If you noticed that we have omitted some casino that uses Trustly and there is no list below, let us know.

More Info

Casino accepting Trustly

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