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There is probably no man in the world who would not associate the Visa logo. Payment cards have become an integral part of our lives and are widely accepted for payments in stores, on gas stations or on-line. Visa, as a banner of the company's issuing credit card, is probably the best known. In this article, we will look closer to the company itself and the possible use of its products in and to online casinos. More Info

About company

The history of Visa Cards, which its name has obtained only many years later dating back to 1958, when the Bank of America in the US began to introduce the first cards that allowed non-cash payments. Bankamericard, because it was originally called, quickly won the popularity and recognition of customers, as it sued to postpone payment for purchases and other expenses. Nothing is strange that other banks in the 1960s and 70s began to introduce it at home.

Then it was also time for Rebranding and in 1976 Bankamericard referred to in Visa, a short and easily catchy name, which today escapes practically for a synonym for payment card. The then president of the shelves, Dee Hock, as it turned out rightly, believed that this name would be easily recognized in many languages and countries and that's how it happened.

On the wave of modernity and departure from paper money, payment cards have always gained on popularity and thousands of ATMs have been created worldwide. Almost every store, service point and restaurant to survive, they had to enter the terminal payments for cards. The Visa company itself also increased to the skimmed sizes. In their offices, the company employs over 11,000 people around the world, while one of the most recognized brands globally.

Although they do not seem their cards themselves and do not impose any fees and commissions, they benefit from the fact that almost all banks in the world offer their cards. The company provides only technology that allows you to provide comprehensive payment solutions. Thanks to the fact that cooperates with thousands of banks and payment institutions around the world earn a stock, in 2017 its income amounted to over 18 billion dollars. Company's income is publicly known because the company's shares are listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

In Europe, its subsidiary Visa Europe Ltd is responsible for the interests of the Company. Which has signed contracts with over 3,700 banks and other payment institutions across Europe. Currently, they are a leader in the world when it comes to the number of active payment and credit cards.

How it's working

In general, payment cards can be divided into two types, and therefore credit and debit. In the case of a credit card, the principle of operation is that the bank grants you a credit limit and then gives a payment card that you can spend money for any purpose. Of course, these money must then pay back, usually for a dedicated bill of your card in the bank.

The debit card is usually associated with some account, traditionally it is a bank or savings account. There is no loan here, you just pay in the money store that you have previously paid your account in the bank until you exhaust the funds. Below we will discuss both types of cards and we will also present the third, the youngest of them, i.e. prepaid card.

Visa credit card

Usually, the Visa credit card does not require you to have any money, it seems to her a bank that grants you a specific credit limit. As its name suggests, you have a credit limit awarded to a specific amount. You can allocate it on the network or in a shopping center, or simply withdraw money from an ATM. Remember, however, that the payment of a credit card from the ATM usually can equal to an additional commission in the amount of several percent.

Of course, as it usually happens in life, you must then pay off or spread your debt on the installments. In virtually all banks, once a month you receive an account from the bank issuing a credit card. It will contain a list of recently made transactions and a specific value that you must pay in a certain deadline. Usually, credit cards allow about 50 to 60 days without any interest. The credit card is granted on similar principles as a loan in the bank, this means that you must have any income and the bank will examine your creditworthiness.

VISA debit card

Visa debit cards are issued by banks and allow you to pay in stores, shopping galleries or paying money from an ATM. Debit cards usually do not have a specific limit you can not exceed, everything is because they are simply connected to the bank account and you can withdraw even all available balance on the account.

You limit you only your means. Here, no regular repayment or creditworthiness testing is required. That is why it is a great option for people who do not have regular income or simply do not like to use the loan for various reasons. Of course, debit cards are not free, usually fee from 1 USD to a few zlotys per month, but it can be discontinued if, for example, you will make a few transactions a month.

Karta Prepaid Visa

The third and last type of VISA cards. This is a typical prepaid card that can be bought online or in ordinary stores and use in the twin way as a credit or debit card because it has a 16-digit number required for online shopping. The Prepaid card, of course, has a Visa logo, just like these debit and credit.

On this card you can put as much money as you want, depending on whether you use it regularly or occasionally. This is a good solution when you do not want to have a credit card and percent usually associated with paying this card. Prepaid Visa is loaded with money that you already have, which means that you only use the available funds and you do not have a loan.

Deposits and withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawal with Visa card are a simple matter, one could say that even banana. The payment process itself does not differ in anything that we encounter in online stores. Such a deposit is very quickly reaching a casino account, this happens in just a dozen or so seconds and the deposit is already posted.

To power your Visa Casino account, you must log in and go to the payment page. It is usually marked as "cashier" by online casinos, there in the "credit card" tab, select "Visa". Then rewrite the 16-digit VISA card number and your personal data, exactly how you gave them in the bank, you will avoid rejection of payment. The last matter is to specify the CVV code, it has 3 digits and is usually on the back of the card.

As we mentioned, these payments are settled immediately, no matter whether you have a debit or credit VISA card. At first glance, paying with Visa cards has the pros. Are there any cons? First of all, not everyone feels good sharing the number of your card on the Internet, especially if we are outside the house and for example we use public wifi.

Some casinos allow you to pay to the VISA card, but some of them prevents it, yet another part may take additional fees for this purpose, so it is worth checking earlier in the regulations of a given casino. In total, in our opinion, the benefits predominantly over cons.

Bonuses and other advantages

Using the VISY card as a payment method usually makes all bonuses available to you, practically at every online casino. Rather, we did not encounter restrictions on the use of Visa cards to make deposits to obtain bonuses from online casinos. In our opinion, this is because the banks usually verify their clients thoroughly, the casino confidently that the payment is made by the person whose data appears on the card, maybe a little less fear of security.

At the same time, we never saw specific bonus offers that are only intended for VISA credit card users. Perhaps the reason is that they are so common that they are currently most payments made in casinos, for this reason, they simply choose a general bonus offer for everyone.

In summary, paying the VISA card, you can participate in welcome bonuses, promotions, tournaments and other promotional campaigns organized by the casino, without any restrictions.

On-line casinos that use Visa

As easy to guess, no problem find a casino that accepts payments using Visa, because it makes it a huge majority of them and nothing promises to make this situation in the near future change. Therefore, it is worth focusing that payment cards are supported almost everywhere and suggest, when choosing a casino, other important criteria.

It can help you with this list of our recommended casinos that we have examined in many respects. All of them support VISA card payments, hence you can be sure that you have a card without a problem will check in practice.

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Please let us know!

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