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Australian online casino PaySafecard

PaySafecard is one of the most famous companies enabling online payments on the Internet. Especially useful, for example, when it comes to transfers in games or paying for a variety of online services. Their flagship product, i.e. prepaid card, allows stress-free and primarily secure payments. In addition, this product occurs mostly casinos around the world, bookmakers, as well as companies offering poker rooms. In this article, we will present you how exactly the process of making payments by paysafecard and compare it to other popular payment methods. More Info

The company's history

Founded in 2000, the company is characterized by the fact that it provides us full anonymity and security when paying online. In addition, it turns out that you do not need to provide personal or bank data or credit card number when making transactions.

Initially, it was only used in Austria, but already a year after the company's assumption, the activity was also developed for the German area. In 2002, the company also introduced EKUPON, beyond the ordinary physical card. Two years later, PaySafecard online was also added. In 2006, the range was extended to many other countries, such as Greece, Slovenia, Spain, Great Britain or Slovakia. In 2008, the company gets permission to issue electronic money. Then she also realizes over 15 million transactions, which is undoubtedly a great achievement for her. A year later, PaySafecard obtains a MasterCard license, which allows it to use the products of this enterprise. The activity also started in many other European countries, but also in Argentina, as the first country from outside the European Union.

Since 2010, PaySafecard users can use it from anywhere, where only the MasterCard card is accepted. At that time, on the occasion of birth, the opportunity to use it also receives Mexico, which in total already gives the number of 27 countries around the world. In 2011, a smartphone application is introduced. In 2012, PaySafecard starts operations in Turkey, Italy, Croatia, Hungary, Malta and Canada. In Italy, a resolved called My PaySafecard is also introduced.

In 2013 - 2014, the range is extended about Gibraltar, Australia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, and later also Peru and Uruguay. In addition, we are introduced online payment of My PaySafecard allowing to manage purchased PIN, i.e. your money, as part of your account. Then the place has the premiere of new products. This is, for example, a prepaid MasterCard card. In addition, the company offers its clients a new loyalty program, offering various prizes or attractive offers.

2015 was also the beginning of activities in New Zealand and Kuwait. At that time, the company becomes a member of the International Paysafe group. Currently, the payment method is available in as many as 46 countries around the world, in more than 20 currencies.

How to use PaySafecard

As it turns out, using PaySafecard, you do not have to have a bank account at all, or set any special accounts on the manufacturer's website. The only thing you have to do to start using it, go to one of the PSC sales points, and there to buy a special carton with Pin-AMI. This is a characteristic option for this payment method and millions of users use it. Numerations that are on the tab match the measures on it. When it comes to amounts, for which you can buy a card, in the case of Australia they are successively 20, 30, 50, 100 or 300 USD. This option turns out to be quite favorable. No transfers are needed on it, besides you can pay cash in the store. The 16-digit PIN code that you get can be used several times, as long as funds are available on it. You can pay in this way with a voucher you will receive or prepaid card. The only thing you need to do is give it when paying. In this case, for example, you must provide this number when you make money on your account in online casinos.

Currently, it is also possible to set up a special account on the website. Thanks to him, you have an insight on how many means you have accessible on your account and how much has already been issued. There is also a payment history, so you know well what your PIN has been released.

Payments to online casinos using PaySafecard

A large part of the casino accepts PaySafecard as a method of payment. Thanks to her, you can pay money to your account. This is in no case a complicated operation. The only thing you need to do is go to the dealer in any game, and then choose the amount you want to deposit. You will then be asked to give PIN on your card. Then you also need to enter the number in the appropriate fields, and the amount you have chosen will be automatically downloaded from the account.

You must also be aware that PaySafecard can only serve and only to deposit money. You can therefore pay money with online cases, but it is not possible to pay funds for example from won. PaySafecard is not a real, physical account for which transfers can be carried out. When choosing a PSC as a method of paying money for casino games, where there is also a big chance of winning, you should also be provided with a real account to which external transfers can be implemented. The casinos always offer a money withdrawal option, and a bank account is needed for this purpose. This works for every online casino, which is why we remind you that the deposit method is not available unfortunately for payments.

Bonuses and other amenities

Unfortunately, we did not find out in Casins online No special bonuses directed for PaySafecard users. Such may, of course exist, although we do not have information on this subject. If you know something about casino benefits for PSC users, write us about them.

However, after entering the PaySafecard page, you will find a subpage devoted entirely to various promotions for users. Currently, there are no special bonuses for online casinos, but you can also sign up for the PaySafecard newsletter, so you will always get current information on any promotion.

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest advantages of PaySafecard is full anonymity with transactions, for example when it comes to deposits in online casinos. Users pay for vouchers without giving any personal data or account number. When paying for services with PSC, only numbers are given, the card is not assigned to a person at all, which would require personal and financial data. Even if we want to use a pre-paid card, there is no verification need. Pre-paid cards also give you the opportunity to close your funds. However, financial resources on the card purchased is exactly as much as you bought it in the store. This means that there are no fees for using them, no commission is cut off. You do not have to be afraid that the means really are less than the value of the card, as it works in the case of a bank account for whom use most often pays.

Pre-paid cards you can have how much you want, but first we recommend thinking about buying a second. In our opinion, one is enough. Checking more than one card can become problematic, and in the case of one, it is much easier to control your funds. In general, Prepaid cards are a very secure option, because the only data provided for payments is a PIN number, and this one you have only and only you on your own card.

Online casinos using PaySafecard

Finding an online casino that would not use the possibility of paying through PaySafecard, it is almost impossible. Of course, as we have already mentioned, it is always an option to pay money, and we will never pay, but at least we will find it in virtually any casino that we will blur.

Of course, when choosing a suitable online casino, you should guide several important criteria. On our site you will find an article on how to find a casino corresponding to your expectations when searching for. As you know, payment methods are also very important when making decisions in which the casino should play. If you find those who offer you to pay money through PaySafecard, you can start to look a bit closer to look at him. If you decide to use this method of payment, you must look at the list of casinos and their reviews.

Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.

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