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YGGDrasil Gaming casinos. Compared and reviewed

YGGDrasil Gaming is a well-known company about Scandinavian roots, which is an on-line casino software provider. He is best known for one-armed bandits, but he has lotteries, Keno and scratches on his account.
The name of the company, or Yggdrasil we can translate as a tree of life. This is an analogy for Nordic mythology and Viking beliefs. There, Yggdrasil, or a tree of life on which all 9 Nordic worlds were located (part lived through gods, part by people). The tree is also in the company logo.

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On-line casinos with games from Yggdrasil

We have an extremely extensive list with recommended casinos on our site. This list is extremely helpful because it includes several dozen companies that have been provisionally checked by us and are fully recommended for players. Practically all of them have Yggdrasil games, which only testifies to how the company has a large market share.

Their games can also be found in many other casinos part of them have not yet been described on our site, because there are very much, a lot. Yggdrasil develops very dynamically and constantly sign new agreements with various casinos. The main area of their specialization is a great quality slot game, but some other casinos also have their Jackpots.

Players love Yggdrasil games. We hope that you also really like you, you may want to tell us whether it is really like that?

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History of the company

The company was founded in July 2013, i.e. its history is a slightly shorter than many competitive creators of casino games. The company founded Frederik Elmqvist, who previously worked with successes for NET ENT, which also derives from Sweden. There is nothing to cheat, it's a very good reputation that Elmqvist has allowed the elmqvist to succeed with his own company and it's practically right away.

Cherry AB became the main shareholder almost immediately as YGGDrasil Gaming was appointed to life. However, the company had a great sense of market and from the beginning knew that the mobile games are a future. In 2014, Yggdrasil has created its mobile framework, called Isense, which allowed it to change technology from Flash to HTML, thanks to which the games could be played without any obstacles on cells. In later years, it managed to develop thanks to the use of HTML 5, so ISENSE 2.0 was created on which, after this day, the company bases its games.

Generally, this company is very strong for innovation. They invented a number of tools to increase and improve the player's experience while playing their games. One of them is a tool, called Boost ™. It was launched in 2015 and allows the Casins offering the YGGDrasil Gaming game to use special promotions. This tool turned out to be a great success and allowed the company to achieve large profits and convincing the players to himself.

In 2016, the company introduced the Brag system in turn. He focuses on fashionable and growing social media. How does he work? It allows you to share your winnings in social media, for example on Facebook or Twitter and praising yourself with your games in games, thanks to which other players have the opportunity to improve and compete with the player.

For his innovative approach, the company gained a number of prizes, from the most valued organization in the gaming industry. This is an impressive, looking that they gathered them in less than 4 years. These are among others:

  • Software Software Software, Emergency Star - EGR B2B Awards 2015
  • Game supplier of the year - Iga 2016
  • SWLOT supplier of the year - EGR B2B Awards 2016
  • Innovator of the Year - Iga 2017
  • SWLOT supplier of the year - EGR B2B Awards 2017


Games: 40+
Founded: 2013
Licencja: Malta (MGA), United Kingdom (UKGC), Gibraltar (GRA), Denmark (Gambling Authority)
Languages: English, Svenska, Nederlands, Norsk, Australian, Italiano, Magyar, Suomi, Čeština, Россию, Español, Deutsch, Português, România, 日本語, Français

Portfolio greed

In the YGGDrasil Gaming portfolio, slots dominate, or machines. Earlier, when the company has only offered a variety of games, including Keno, lotteries or scratches, but now, from what we see in the casinos their offer is limited to slots. In a sense it is good, because the company thank you less crushing and more can match your offer. At the time of writing this articles have 38 slots in the portfolio. This is not a shockingly large number, but two things must be taken into account. First of all, the company is quite young and it is constantly developing and two that there is a better number of gambled games than a large bad.

Our favorite titles from Yggdrasil Gaming include games like:

  • Vikings Go Wild
  • Vikings Go Berzerk
  • Orient Express
  • Nirvana
  • Seasons
  • Wicked Circus
  • Super Heroes
  • Double Dragons
  • Incinerator

There are also many new products, there are, for example, Rainbow Ryan, Valley of the Gods or Jungle Books. Currently, in the test phase there is a Sonya Blackjack game to attempt to gain table games by Yggdrasil Gaming.

We have been looking at their offer for a long time and comparing the present to their first slots, such as Magic Mushrooms or Dragles, which were simple, you can see giant progress and innovation that made in their productions. Graphics, music, smoothness All these elements have been significantly improved.

Currently, the company enjoys a large estima and each new game is extremely waiting. Of course, all the best casinos turn it on to your offer, often adding some additional free spins to them, but you can read this later.

Jackpot Yggdrasil.

The first game with Jackpot, which Ygdrasil was launched by Holmes and The Stolen Stones. It was not a Jackpot combined with other casinos, but only a small progressive jackpot, which only receives counterabilities from the casino players in which he is. Therefore, the winnings, as usual in such cases, are not impressive and here also never exceeded a dozen thousand thousand. After all, this win is still a good treat, and the machine is really cool to play. There are many ways to get a jackpot and very many different combinations and bonus games.

After some time, the company has created a progressive jackpot that divided the pool between casinos. And it was just something! The game was called Joker Millions. Although her appearance did not cheat on an absolutely no detail, because it was a simple, classic slot based on fruits, it made it really big winnings. The goal of the player was to collect as many jokers on the drums to win a big jackpot, which of course managed very few.

In 2016, Yggdrasil added Jackpot Empire Fortune to his offer, which is not only connected to other casinos, but also shared a pot with a progressive Joker Millions jackpot! This means that less than more that the game in both slots now has one and the same jackpot that is gigantic. Pules are really astronomical sizes.

Perhaps you have already heard that in July 2017 a happy player won the biggest jackpot in Empire Fortune, winning the stunning amount of over 5 million euros for his winning combination in this game.

Joker €2 841 940 PLAY
Fortune Empire €2 841 940 PLAY
Holmes and the Stolen Stones €63 739 PLAY
Holmes & The Stolen Stones €55 275 PLAY
Ozwin's Jackpots €11 899 PLAY
Ozwin's Jackpot €8 946 PLAY
Ozwin`s Jackpots €7 022 PLAY

Cell games thanks to Isense 2.0

As we mentioned earlier, the company is very eagerly put on new technologies and are not afraid of them. Therefore, very much attention to your ISENSE and currently ISENSE 2.0, which was based on HTML 5. How may you know, HTML5 allows programmers to simultaneous production of games on desktops and cellular computers. They are consistent and there is no need to create two different versions of the game, which means that new versions of games are available immediately on computers and mobile devices. This is a real revolution, because it means full availability of new titles on cells.

Sure minus applies to older YGGDrasil games that are not yet optimized at an angle of HTML5, usually can not play on no mobile devices, the company has already abandoned the development of some of them and focuses entirely on new products. And these are impressive. The Isense 2.0 system means not only that the games are charging faster, but they also look much nicer, they are better to scale and less load the phone processor or tablet, making the battery in the mobile device longer.

Of course, the company puts on full professionalism and that the system is called Isense does not mean that it works well only in the Apple system. Their games are adapted to all platforms so well work on both Apple devices, but also Android and Windows Phone.

Trust and security

Despite not the longest of history, the YGGDrasil Gaming company escapes in the network as fully trusted and has almost crystal clear feedback. They have a real plenty of licenses, because they are also licensed in Romania and Gibraltar from Great Britain.

Therefore, we believe that their games can be included in the safest, because they are carefully checked almost in every respect, not by one or two, but for four regulators. Besides, as it declares the YGGDrasil company, they do not resell their games to anyone, but only to the most trusted casinos about the best reputation and rating. Therefore, we can have almost 100% confidence that no one will make it at their code.

And if we are already at the code, they are audited by various independent organizations as iTechlabs, which has its information Security Management System (ISMS) and annually screens participating in it. Tests did not show any deficiencies, it did not work out in them that the YGGDrasil Gaming game so far have very good RTP at the level higher than average and it is 96%. Let's remind RTP to pay to the player.

Bonuses and promotions

Among the smaller creators of YGGDrasil Gaming Games are undoubtedly the largest and most generous player when it comes to casino promotions. Bonuses will be paid from time to time to play Yggdrasila, but usually depends on individual casinos. This may be the offer of free spins when the game will be included in the offer. Or share in some greater offer or tournament. For example, Leo Vegas offers very often such a new game.

The company's strength is really in promotions conducted under its internal network. A specially developed Boost ™ tool allows programmers to launch excellent promotions to which customers have access via the YGGDrasil casino network. Let's add, on the exclexibility.

Generally, we distinguish two types of promotions. In the first of them, players usually collect various types of tickets, or collect badges, thanks to the fact that they play games for a certain amount of time, or thanks to the specified sum of money. This is how the tournament classification is created. Usually, the first 10 or 100 players are awarded in such classification. The division is a large sum of money, but also casino bonuses or loyalty points, there are also material prizes. Sometimes this competition is elongated and another group of players has a chance to play prizes. Sometimes, some games are built-in bonus and just achieve a certain combination to get it. Thanks to the Boost ™ network, these offers are interesting and diverse, and above all, the division is usually a really big sum of money.

The second type of promotion are missions. Once again, one or more Yggdrasil games are required to participate in the promotion, but the goal is to win a mission in each of these games. This may be to achieve a selected combination, collect specific symbols during the game or unlock the mini bonus game inside a given slot. This all allows the player to get points, and then land on the Leaderboard and fight for the main prize with others.

Promotions for games Yggdrasil are currently often conducted in online casinos, especially in connection with new gaming releases, but not only. Casino, in which you will meet these promotions, for example Boaboa, Leo Vegas i Raspberry.

News from Yggdrasil

I must admit that YGGDrasil Gaming is very often guests in the news. This happens because it is still a young and dynamic company, very often releasing new games and these are titles very happy to be adopted by all casino ointments, with the best inclusive. Therefore, we recommend you regularly to view our section with news, in this way you will learn the first about new games, promotions and interesting offers.

Very often casino such as Leo Vegas, Buran Casino, Malina Casino. Do the new games from Yggdrasil join your offer. This company cooperates closely with the best on the market and usually a very short time passes, from produce games to join them to the offer of these and other casinos. It's an interesting way to earn a very good bonus offer.

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