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A Dark Matter


A Dark Matter

And Dark Matter is a bit of misleading, in the first time he can associate with physics, universe and mysterious dark matter. Nothing more wrong. Slot a Dark Matter is a story taking place in Victorian times, where we have a dark mystery theme. This is a 5-reel automaton, quite unusual because only with 5 fixed paylines. He is the fruit of the cooperation of Slinghot studies together with the industry giant or microgaming And it was created in 2019. This slot is available to play on all devices from 0.05 euros up to 50 euros for a single rotation. It contains such Invading Wilds functions that can lead to 3 Wild symbol blocks. We also have a function of free spins in which you can receive a 2x multiplier and many additional free spins. So we invite you to the full review of Slot A Dark Matter.

Basic information and topics of the game

A mysterious story and Dark Matter takes place in Wraith Manor, a hundred years old Victorian residence in the secluded English village of Stonehurst. Strange things happen here and a difficult task is facing the detective to discover a dark matter that haunts that house. It also spreads on rollers a well-scratched game window. Different characters, each with their own secrets, gathered in a manor and no one is safe, you as a player you have to help them to leave him.

So roughly the outline of the plot looks. Technically, it is quite standard slot with a layout of 5 for 3 rollers. Only the number of payment lines is unusual, because it is only 5. This does not mean that this slot is poorly payable, on the contrary. The game allows you to win as much as 120000 coins. An interesting feature is that payable lines can be activated on both sides, both from the left and on the right. As you can expect after only a 5-line game, it has quite high variability and RTP this slot is 96.18%. The game enables us to put from 0.05 to 50 credits for a single rotation. The interface itself is quite typical though very simplified. Placed on the right is the Spin button and all extras as selecting the coin values or Autoplay are hidden in the drop-down menu.

Symbols and rules of the game

We have standard symbols and only 5 payment lines. 3 horizontal lines and 2-shaped lines and the same inverted. It's pretty little, unusual is a feature that makes them activate both from the left and right. This is quite rarely encountered in classic slots. No less, even if you have such symbols from the right side in line - you win. Your win depends, of course, what value has a given symbol and these look like this:

  • Lord symbol - winning 1200, 40 and 4.8
  • Symbol of an elderly lady - winning 320, 32 and 4,4
  • Symbol of an elderly man - win 240, 24 and 4
  • Symbol of a young woman - winning 160, 16 and 3.6
  • Detective symbol - Win 120, 14 and 3.2
  • Lower symbols A, K, Q, J, 10 - Win from 32 to 1.2

As you see, the amounts are very diverse here, if the top symbol in the number 5 pays up to 1200 coins, so already 5 symbols K or q give us about 20 coins. All this makes and Dark Matter is not called a big variation game.

Dark Matter Dark Features

And Dark Matter is quite a classic slot. For this reason, there are many additions, modern widgets and almost no thinning. There is a functions of free spins here, it is started when you get 3 scatter symbols "free spins" on drums 2, 3 and 4. Then the door to Wraith Manor will open and start the round with 12 free spins. Each additional SCATTER symbol landing on the game field during the function is awarded with 1 additional free rotation - no restrictions. A multiplier 2x will apply to all wins in this mode. While so in the basic game you can win up to 1200 times the rate for each turn so thanks to the multiplier 2x in the Frequent Rotation function you can get 2400 times the rate for each free rotation - this is the maximum win in this game.

To help you win more, there are also Wild symbols that work exactly the same as in any other slot. Their special feature is that they are also specially placed on drums 2 and 4. When the full Wild Symbol will appear on drums 2 or 4, he will jump over the adjacent drum and will change it in the same full wild. Wildlife on drums 2 and 4 will make the drum 3 to complete the Wild symbol - this is known as the Invading Wilds and will also increase our winnings.

Appearance, sound and audiovisual impressions

Graphics and the entire climate of the game makes it a cheerfully similar to another hit of the same brand - Immortal Romance from 2011. The graphics of the game is not modern, it is more classic and drawing although made with care and great attention to detail. All history would deserve a broader describing, maybe some intro would help at first, but nothing here is here. Player must only guess what's going on. In the background, after starting the machine drums, you can hear dark and slow music that only intensifies the mysterial mood. When we do not turn it, you are quiet and you hear mysterious night sounds. You can not say that Dark Matter delights with graphics. Yes it is not, but it is certainly very climatic and perfectly writes in the climate of the slot.

Our opinion about A Dark Matter

And Dark Matter is rather a game for everyone. First of all, it has a fairly unusual layout of only 5 payment lines, the fact that they can be activated on both sides - both left and right. In spite of everything, the winnings fall here for this reason, quite rarely, although they can be higher. However, high variability excludes from this slot of impatient players and those who have a relatively small budget. After all, the game has a pretty decent RTP amounting to 96.18% and the maximum win is 2400x our plant. It's quite a lot and it can be a gaze bitter for everyone.

Visually reminds the Immortal Romance visually, which in the end is from the same publisher. So if you speak such dark atmosphere and you like a few mystery as much as you should try and Dark Matter.


Mobile Free spiny
So So
line Bonus
5 No
Rollers Progressive
5 No
RTP Symbole Wild
96.18% So
Min. Rate Autogra
0.05 So
Max. Rate Multiplier
50 No
Variability / Frequency of hits Symbole Scatter
Tall No
- -

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