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Hades – River of Souls


Hades: River of Souls

Hades Automat: River of Souls will take over to a dark and dark, underground world. The game was created in June 2022, in the company's cooperation microgaming With yet not a well-known Fantasma Games company. The vending machine consists of five drums and three rows and has 10 predetermined payments. The game is equipped with Wild and Scatter symbols, a Lawin System, RE-SPIN MODE and FREE REGUES. The minimum rate, which can be played, is 0.20 euros, and the maximum - 50 euros. The RTP coefficient is exactly 96.56%. The game allows you to multiply the bet to 5,000x. Slot is available both in a stationary and mobile version and we will play in him in such casinos online, such as unibet, betsson whether betsafe.

Basic information and topics of the game

The subject refers to the kingdom of Hades, God from Greek mythology, which is the ruler of the underworld and the land of the dead. It was for his domain both ordinary polici citizens, as well as the Heroes of Greek. Many rivers also flow through his kingdom, but the most important was the styks, after which the Dark Charon Carrier swims, providing souls Transport to the Hades Krain. Hades was divided into three parts. Elizesjskie fields over which it was possible to give Persefon, Hades's wife and Demeter daughter and Zeus, who were a kind of paradise. ERER, a place of residence of the souls of ordinary people and Tartar, the place of eternal suffering, where staff were demons called Ericinia. This description seems quite dark, as you can expect, the climate of the game is exactly the same.

The game takes place on a 5 × 3 board, which seemingly standard. At the top, however, we have an additional field that also has a 5 × 3 size, however, shows completely different symbols on it. The game control can be found on the right side of the screen. The console consists of three main buttons. Central, the largest, serves a single turnover. In addition, we can use automatic spins, up to 100x or with a given limit of losing or winning. Below is a button to change the rate, from 0.20 to 50 euros. In the lower right corner you will find animation or sound settings and information about the rules of individual game modes.

Symbols and rules of the game

Regular gameplay mode is based on eleven symbols, arranging in ten payment lines. The game has several additional features that much diversify the gameplay. These are Wild and Scatter symbols, avalanches, re-spins, free turns. There are eleven symbols in the game that we can meet five, four or three times. The higher the rate, the higher the prize will be. For the highest plant, or 50 coins, winnings are presented:

  • Hades symbol - Win: 500, 175 and 25
  • Persephone symbol - Win: 437, 150 and 25
  • Cerbera symbol - Win: 375, 125 and 25
  • Helmet symbol - Win: 312, 100 and 25
  • Horn Symbol Abundance - Win: 250, 75 and 25
  • Red and purple pitcher - Win: 75, 37 and 12.50
  • Green, Blue and Yellow Pitch - Win: 50, 25 and 5
  • Wild Symbol - Win: 500, 175 and 25

Distinguishing features HADES: River of Souls

The biggest feature of Hades: River of Souls is a game box for which two boards consist. In addition, every winning turn will cause an avalanche of subsequent symbols falling from above. It has a place both in the usual mode and in additional spins mode. After paying out the winnings, symbols taking part in combination disappear to form a place for new ones. In addition, avalanches combine with multipliers in the Wild Souls Multiplier function. Every time a Wild symbol participates in the avalanche, a special multiplier is added to the whole win. A similar situation takes place in the mode of free spins, where the multiplier does not grow by x1, but x2.

Skull of Charon Feature activates when one or more skull symbols will appear on the drums. If it is not a winning combination, it will be removed from 2 to 10 random symbols that will start an avalanche. 3 Scatter symbols activate 10 additional spins. Each additional SCATTER symbol is 5 consecutive spins. Wild symbols give multipliers to winnings that always increase twice. This is unfortunately all the additional functions in the Hades: River of Souls game. As you can see, there are not so much of them, which makes you think that the huge potential of this slot has been a bit wasted.

Appearance, sound and audiovisual impressions

The graphics of the game clearly puts on a dark, dark style that will fit perfectly to the lands of the land for which life ended. In the background, however, the Delta River will probably be visible. As the icons, the image was used, among other things, Hades, his wife Persephone responsible for the Champs Elysées, the corner of plenty hiding in the treasury of Hades, Cerbera - Guardian entrance to the kingdoms of Hades and the Helmet of the Greek hero, perhaps even Achilles himself. Music also brings to mind the dark corners of the domain of the world. Therefore, the whole gives a great impression and clearly visible that the artists who created it tried to play outside many additional functions, also had a unique soul.

Our opinion about Hades: River of Souls

Hades: River of Souls is a new game that will certainly meet most of our expectations. Her motif is on one side repeatable and often found, because Greek mythology is very often repeating in various types of slots. On the other hand, the motif of her darker side only now was used. Instead of a clear, full light of mythology describing the gods, we have a dark land, to which according to Legend goes after death. Slot is equipped with several functions that can be higher winnings. We can get a free turnover, from which winnings can be multiplied. RTP game has an average value, but this does not significantly affect the quality of the game or the height of the win. In a word, Hades: River of Souls is the title of Warta Try and command other Greek mythology fans. Of course, not only, the game should try every person who likes good entertainment and high winnings.


Mobile Free spiny
So So
line Bonus
10 No
Rollers Progressive
5 No
RTP Symbole Wild
96.56% So
Min. Rate Autogra
0.20 So
Max. Rate Multiplier
50 So
Variability / Frequency of hits Symbole Scatter
Tall No
- -

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