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Age of Asgard


Age of Asgard is a game of how popular, themes of the Vikings and their beliefs. It is extremely popular in casino slots, therefore Age of Asgard faces a heavy challenge to distinguish themselves from the competition. The leaders of the legendary Asgard are prepared for a battle against the eve. It is played on a double grid with dimensions of 5 x 3 with a maximum of 40 payout lines from left to right. RTP this slot is 96.2%. We have free spins in this machine and other functions that can even give us withdrawals from 400,000 euros if someone will be the greatest win at the maximum level of the plant. Age of Asgard is one of the most impressive visually and addictive video machines issued in 2019. In this review, we will check what are the principles of this game, symbols appearing on the boards and what additives have developed a company for us yggdrasil gamingwho is responsible for this game.

Basic information and topics of the game

Games about the world of Vikings or mythology and their beliefs were really a lot. Asgard from Pragmatic Play, North Storm from Microgaming is just one of many examples. This shows that Age of Asgard will have a difficult task of piercing on this demanding market. In the Age of Asgard game you will find everything that loves the Nordic Mythology fans. This machine pay tribute to the power of God Odin and his mystical wife Frigg. The leaders of the legendary Asgard are prepared for a battle against the eve, they need only you.

The game in this game takes place at a fairly unusual grid, because we have 2 boards here, after 5 × 3 fields, which gives a total of 30 symbols on the board at one time. They arrange up to 40 possible payroll. Interesting symbols down are different than those on top. It's not much when upstairs and at the bottom meet the expanding wilders are fighting with each other. Below the game field there is a control panel where we have the option of selecting a rate, turning drums in ordinary and automatic mode. Players have the option of turning drums for the sum from 0.20 euros to 200 euros for a single spin. What can cause some doubt among slot enthusiasts is a medium-level variation in combination with a relatively low main prize of a 2444x rate. So do not expect violent fluctuations and high variability. The game has a decent but not the highest RTP ratio of 96.2%.

Symbols and rules of the game

This can limit your enthusiasm, which is why it is better not to see a table of payment, which, to be honest, does not make miracles for fans of the Nordic God. Age of Asgard automat is armed with eight low-level symbols and six high-paid icons - the payout table starts here from the card color symbols with a value from 0.2x to twice the rate. There are 8, four at the top and four below. They are made in a nice, rune way. There are also 6 high-size symbols, larger than 1 × 3 - 3 monsters below and 3 heroes at the top. These wonderful icons are worth 0.5x to 6x rates. Let's check how much the individual symbols pay:

  • Goddess symbol - win 1.6, 4, 12
  • Beast symbol - win 1.6, 4, 12
  • Symbol of warriors with a sword - Winning 1.2, 3, 10
  • Symbol of the Warrior - Winning 1.2, 3, 10
  • Symbol of Warriors with Topor - Win 1, 2.4, 9
  • Lower Runic Symbols - Win from 0.4 to 4

So what you see a payout, even for the best symbols in the number 3 or 4 is not impressive. Interesting begins to do it only with 5 of them. Fortunately, there are still additional functions.

Distinguishing features of Age of Asgard

At this point, the game becomes surprisingly good. Many slot machines have add-ons that overlap on each other - free spins or multipliers. However, little of them cooperates as well as this place in Age of ASGARD. Everything starts with Wild symbols. During the basic game, both boards have their own wildlife, a golden warrior or a golden beast. These things make them exceptional. First of all, they have a size of 1 × 3 tiles, and two, even if they do not cover the entire roll while landing, they can move up or down to do this.

When they cover the entire roll, block and start additional free spin. If both boards have full Wild symbols opposite each other, they collide what causes the dispersion of additional random Wild 1 × 1 symbols throughout the game field. If small wildlings land on a highly paid symbol, the entire symbol will become a wild.

If you get 3 scatter symbols on top or on the bottom field, they start 10 free spins for you. However, if 3 scatter symbols will end up on both sides - 3 at the bottom and 3 at the top are Ragnarok's turnover. Here, the mesh also combine as before, but the player receives up to 20 free spins. What's more, they are only filled with high symbols. Finally, the so-called Randomiser. Here you can get either 10 free spins, or a consolation prize of 50-fold as much as the rate.

Appearance, sound and audiovisual impressions

Age of Asgard game, just like all other slots from Yggdrasil Gaming, presents a very good visual setting. In the background we have snow-capped mountain peaks, the images of Nordic gods and magical fires that have different colors. In the background you can see slightly trying snow. The entire machine has a wooden setting and you can see the warriors based on it. The infographic itself is a bit unusual, but it will work well on the vertical screen of your mobile phone. Also, music is ideally focused on the climate of this slot, it is mystical and mysterious. In moments, when we win or on the board, good and bad symbols becomes more dynamic and heavier. In terms of the audiovisual luminaire, you can really accuse this game.

Our opinion about Age of ASGARD

If you feel like a little mystical atmosphere and you love viking vending machines, this new Age of Asgard automat from YGGDrasil will provide you with a lot of entertainment. This game is equipped with a unique set of double drums to play with good and bad symbols, which fighting with each other. Additional winnings. Additional features like a free ragnaroka turnover, clash or draws make the game do not give us bored. Age of ASGARD has a maximum payment equal to 488 860 euros at a maximum plant. The game has a little low RTP, amounting to much over 96%.

However, thanks to exquisite graphics, high interactivity and great motifs and sound effects Age of AgeGard we recommend to anyone who likes to delve into Nordic mythology.


Mobile Free spiny
So So
line Bonus
40 No
Rollers Progressive
5 No
RTP Symbole Wild
96.30% So
Min. Rate Autogra
0.20 So
Max. Rate Multiplier
200 So
Variability / Frequency of hits Symbole Scatter
Average No
- -

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