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Ancient Fortunes: Zeus


Ancient Fortunes: Zeus to Slot by company microgaming They were created in 2019. As the name suggests, he treats him about Zeus and Greek mythology, referring to such charts like Rise of Olympus or Divine Fortune. The ancient Greece and the gods are quite tightly covered in online casino games, but the developer tries to breathe a bit of freshness. Technically, the game is very standard, has 5 rollers, 3 rows of symbols and a 10 payout line. You can play with many of many popular online casinos. That's why we do not have anything else but to invite you to a detailed review of this slot.

Basic information and topics of the game

Ancient Fortunes: Zeus is a game about ancient Greek gods. As we know their boss was Zeus, who lived on Góra Olimp - there is also the action of this game. In Greek mythology Zeus is the most important god, the ruler of heaven and land, also called the "father of gods and people". His attributes were lightning, eagle and his children were Athena, Aphrodite, Hermes, Ares or Apollo. Some of them also appear on symbols of this machine. As the most important deity of the Greek Pantheon Zeus there are almost all Greek myths. It is not surprising that his fame survived to this day and it often appears in populite or in games.

Returning to the Ancient Fortunes: Zeus slot, it is based on 10 payout lines, but they work both ways from left to right. We do not have the possibility of modifying the number of bound lines we can only affect the value of the coin, the minimum plant is 0.10 euros and the maximum is 70 euros. In the game after each win, we get free re-spin, they will win. Thanks to multipliers, free re-spins the maximum possible win in this game is 1399x our rate. At a maximum establishment of 70 euros, it gives almost 100,000 euros to win in a single spin.

Symbols and rules of the game

In this slot, we only have 10 paylines, but they are activated from the left and from the right. What is always a delicate . Without a surprise on the drums of the machine, we will see Zeus and the whole Pantheon of Greek gods. Roll symbols also include various creatures such as snakes, panthers, cracks and vultures. You will see Dionysus here, Poseidon, Hermes and Ares. The latter, Ares (God of War) is the most intrusive, giving you 62.5 times the rates for 5 symbols in the payline. Zeus is a Wild symbol in this slot and replaces all symbols, but it does not give me a payment. Here's how they present to pay for the other symbols:

  • ARESA Symbol - Win 62.5, 8 and 3
  • Symbol Poseidon - Win 30, 6 and 1.5
  • Dionysus symbol - winning 12.5, 5 and 1.2
  • Apollo Symbol - Win 7.5, 3.5 and 1.2
  • Symbol Sępa - Win 5, 1,2 and 0.7
  • Craften symbol - win 4, 1.2 and 0.5
  • Panther symbol - 3.5, 1 and 0.3 winnings
  • Snake symbol - 2.5, 0.8 and 0.2 win

Distinguishing features of Ancient Fortunes: Zeus

Probably the most important in the game Ancient Fortune: Zeus is Rolling Reels, which offers won in both directions - when you receive a winning combination in a basic game, symbols that contributed to it are removed to make a new place. This can lead to new winnings. More importantly, each subsequent win will increase the multiplier to 2x, 3x, and then 7x. This type of re-spiny "on steroids" are particularly profitable.

This slot also has a function of free spins that is started when you receive 3, 4 or 5 zlotys - they give 10, 15 or 20 free spins, respectively. Of course, you can restart this feature (scattering 3 or more scatter symbols during a series of free spins. There are a maximum of 50 additional free spins to get - it means that you can play together with 70 free spins. What is interesting, also during free spins the Rolling Reels function applies . Here, however, the values of the multiplier are even higher - starting from 3x, they increase to 7x, 11x and finally 21x! Thanks to this, you literally gain the grace of the gods and innumerable wealth.

Appearance, sound and audiovisual impressions

It must be said that the Ancient Fortunes slot: Zeus is beautifully designed - you can enter the Mittical Land of Olimpu, located in the clouds, where Almighty Zeus and other gods live. The symbols on rollers look like pulled in stone and removed from the ancient temple. They cover various creatures such as snakes, panthers, krabes or vultures, you will see Nań also gods, or Dionysus, Poseidon or Hermes. For fans of ancient Greece, it's definitely a big treat. Slot background is a stone wall temple with golden decorations and the bottom conceals mysterious fog from clouds. Subject is exactly as you could expect after this type of game. A little mysterious and mystical, in the background sometimes you can hear the sounds of thunders - apparently cast by Zeus from Olimpu.

Our opinion about Ancient Fortunes: Zeus

The Ancient Fortunes slot: Zeus undoubtedly a successful production that will certainly appear for many on-line casinos on offer. Ancient Fortunes: Zeus is a medium volatility machine, where the win is a maximum of 1399-times the rate at each spin. We always hope for the greatest potential of winning, but it is nicely balanced here and is one of the better results among Microgaming slots. If you like Machines with Zeus or those treating with ancient Greece, of course there are many of them to choose from, but Ancient Fortunes: Zeus certainly has the potential to become your favorite. The game is made very aesthetically and multipliers and free re-spins make it easy here for large and exciting winnings.


Mobile Free spiny
So So
line Bonus
10 No
Rollers Progressive
5 No
RTP Symbole Wild
96.02% So
Min. Rate Autogra
0.10 So
Max. Rate Multiplier
70 So
Variability / Frequency of hits Symbole Scatter
Average No
- -

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