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Cash Pump


Slot Cash Pump will take us to typical American wild. The game was released in 2019 by a well-known developer of kasna games, a company Play’N Go. However, it consists of four separate plans of the size of three drums and three rows. There is a total of twenty payment lines here, which means that for each board it is exactly five layouts. Slot allows you to select a rate from 0.20 to 100 euros. As bonuses, Wild, Scatter symbols and special multipliers were added here. The highest possible reward is the Multiplicated 10,000 instant office. The game is available in most online casinos, among which are described on our website unibet, betsafe whether betsson. Of course, the machine has its mobile version and has been translated into almost forty languages.

Basic information and topics of the game

The topics of the slots concern the whole envelope of travel and freedom. The screen preceding the gameplay presents a motorcyclist, a harleyer released from under the dome of civilization, and rather a city noisle. He is alone with a route on his faithful machine. And the machine you need to feed every now and then, hence the theme of the gas station as a specific travel point, from where it gets fuel for a further journey, but also meets people who extend its horizons. People with whom and through which he can fully experience adventures that the road set before him. If you look well, the game resembles a classic species of one-armed bandits in which fruits and other characteristic symbols dominated. Game background is practically reflected 1: 1 views from Arizona and Nevady along with the local roads, in this case it is possible that this is part of the popular road 66.

The game console is at its bottom. In the middle, the rates are displayed, from which we can choose the height of the plant. The minimum height is 0.20, and the maximum - 100 euros. On the right, there are single spin buttons and automatic game options, up to 100 revolutions or with a specified win or losing rate. On the left, the remaining cash balance and information about the game rules are displayed. The machine itself has an unusual appearance, it's like a classic drum slot, but we have four separate drums in the game screen.

Symbols and rules of the game

Despite an interesting and unusual solution, the rules of the game are not complicated at all. Four quarters that have been divided by the screen can be treated as one large size board 6 on 6. for each part specified in advance payment lines in which six ordinary symbols do not have additional functions.

In addition, there are such bonuses such as Wild and Scatter symbols and related multipliers and free spins. Each symbol can only be found three times, which results from the specifics of the board construction. The amount of the prize depends on the rate chosen. Below are you exact won values for each game symbol and when choosing the highest possible bet, i.e. 100 euros:

  • Bar symbol - Win: 500
  • Symbol 777 - Win: 250
  • Watermelon - Win: 100
  • Symbol of Plums - Win: 50
  • Orange and Cherry Symbol - Win: 25

Distinguishing features Cash Pump

The first Additional Cash Pump game is called Stacked Wilds Feature. Wild symbol has a motorcyclist in a helmet and replaces all other symbols in paid arrangements. The mode occurs each time three Wild symbols will arrange vertically relative to each other. In this situation, this symbol will appear on each of the four slot boards, increasing the chance to win four times. Another additional symbol is Scatter. If you can find it four times, seven free spins are activated.

Each subsequent scatter symbols gained during free spins add five additional spins. At the top of the screen, a special scoop with multipliers shows, which increases with each subsequent four scatter symbols and can have a volume of x2, x3 and x4. What's more, multipliers associated with the Wild symbols arranged will also increase and there are no restrictions on this. As such, you can win an impressive rate, even in the amount of 10,000 times your rate, assuming the receipt of free spins with several large multipliers.

That's all when it comes to distinctive bonuses. It must be admitted that they could be a bit more, but maybe this simplicity is what in the Slot Cash Pump will capture us.

Appearance, sound and audiovisual impressions

The Cash Pump automat looks great. In the foreground, the game can be seen a great fuel distributor who is associated with stations situated somewhere on American villages. Distributor has a bright red color, on the left side there is a great, orange light, while on the right - a pistol for pouring gasoline or oil. In the middle, instead of a refined amount of refueled fuel, there is already a gameplay, below which we have all its control. In the background you can see exactly what we could expect, or wilderness, long, extending hundreds of kilometers of road, and even further - high mountains on the background of the sun. In addition, you can hear the rock music that adds all the flavor and very well closes the atmosphere and perfectly fits into the intended effect. The whole looks beautiful and works fine.

Our opinion about Cash Pump

The value of the RETURN coefficient to Player in the Cash Pump game is exactly 96.86%. On the seemingly, this is the average size, which we should not feel that. Winning turnover has been on average every third spin, so quite often. The quadruple game of the game turned out to be a big , which adds her attractiveness. The game will certainly attract classics fans to each other, which was additionally shown in a non-lubricant way. We will not find here so many modes, but probably it was the creators. Instead of multiplied with a multitude of more or less desired slot modes, here we are dealing with an ordinary gameplay, which will draw each time for long hours. Add-ons is a little bit, but not everyone wants to play extensive, complicated slots.


Mobile Free spiny
So So
line Bonus
20 No
Rollers Progressive
3 No
RTP Symbole Wild
96.86% So
Min. Rate Autogra
0.20 So
Max. Rate Multiplier
100 So
Variability / Frequency of hits Symbole Scatter
Tall No
- -

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