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Fans of strong impressions, supernatural beings and Satanic pots will be especially pleased today. Today we will tell you about a certain interesting slot, this time created by the company Play’N Go. The game was released at the very end of September last year. The game is characterized by amazing, hellish graphics that will introduce an appropriate atmosphere of horror from the first moments. This machine has the size of the exact five drums and three rows. Winning determines the presence of up to thirty payment lines. In addition to the standard part of the game, there are extras such as free turnover, but also portals and amulets with special properties. Of course, the game is available on any type of stationary and portable devices. We will play with it, inter alia, in such online casinos as Playamo, Mine whether Zazamba..

Basic information and topics of the game

When it comes to the subject of the game, this time the direct inspiration was taken from the world of music. Metal music enthusiasts certainly know the British team called Demon. The group played mainly heavy, heavymetal sound gaining numerous fans. The team was particularly active in the 1980s, but officially works to this day. At his crew, six members consisted of those who are immortalized in the described slot. The broadly understood metal must associate with hell. Such Satanian climates can be found in the demon machine. In the background, of course, he could not miss a strong music in a suitable species, along with demonic roki.

At the bottom of the screen you will find all game control. Traditionally, in its middle, there are buttons to set the stakes we desirable for subsequent spins. The minimum plant is 0.30 coins, maximum - 90. On the left side of the game there are all kinds of animation or sound settings, but also accurately described the rules of individual bonuses. On the right side, we see a single spin and automatic game button that can be set according to your own preferences. An interesting addition is a playlist that allows you to change songs played in the background.

Symbols and rules of the game

There are ten ordinary symbols that are dependent on the game. We will hit three, four or five times for individual symbols. Each of them creates one or more winning, specified in advance payable combinations. In addition to the normal gameplay mode, numerous bonuses have been added that activate the game at a specific moment. Thanks to them, the game is much more interesting and allows much higher win. In practice, these are mainly free spins or often occurring Wild symbols.

Below are you the values of winnings for individual game symbols. These values refer to the highest possible rate, i.e. 90 coins:

  • Symbol of the vocalist - Win: 900, 225 and 90
  • Cross symbol - Win: 750, 150 and 60
  • Devil Sculpture Symbol - Win: 600, 120 and 60
  • Symbol of a man in a mask - Win: 375, 75 and 60
  • Women's sculpture symbol - Win: 300, 75 and 60
  • Letter symbols (A, K, Q, J) and tens - win: 150, 75 and 30
  • Wild Mask Symbol - Win: 1 500, 300 and 120

Demon distinguish features

The three main bonuses that we find in the demon game are based on free revolutions. The first additional mode of this type is called ONE HELLUVA NIGHT FREE SPINS. This happens when a special amulet will be on the first and fifth drum, while on the middle - a symbol of a golden mask. Then we will get six additional spins. If during this mode you will be able to hit the mask symbol again, we will get an eleven turnover additionally. During ONE HELLUVA NIGHT FREE SPINS, it is also possible to obtain a multiplier to win. This is awarded in random moments and allows you to multiply a win up to eight times.

When two amulets appear in free spins mode, a special portal will be open, which will take us to the so-called Hell spins. In the middle of the board, Pentagram will appear, which multiplies each of the winnings in this mode twice.

When it comes to special symbols, these are two types. Amulets are Wild symbols and can replace any other symbol in winning combinations. The second symbol is a mask, which is particularly important in additional modes. He can turn human symbols to his likeness and behave like an ordinary Wild symbol.

Appearance, sound and audiovisual impressions

You can not deny that the demon is a great-looking game. Dark, overwhelming colors here are dominated, mainly in the muffled, purple colors. In the foreground there is a part of the correct game where symbols are displayed. It is interesting because the frames around it were decorated with black stone sculptures of closer to an unidentified form, but effectively awakening an anxiety. We still see majestic mountains, all in the fog. At the bottom, the plants are restlessly on the wind. When loading, we see hands, similar to human. The whole looks really demonic. When it comes to sound, the music of the title team was used. Individual songs can be changed using the playlist in the lower left corner. Of course, this is a metal music that perfectly complements the whole work.

Our demon opinion

It is obvious that the demon slot will mainly recommend fans of metal. Current all the time in the background Music makes every meter will definitely want to spend a daemon during the machine. Naturally, this is not the only argument that speaks in the demon. The game is equipped with quite a lot of additional modes that allow you to enlarge your budget up to 2,500x multiple rate. RTP game has an average value and it is about 96%, i.e. virtually the same as most present released on the market of slots. Despite everything, the slot is worthily solved and you can see it after a few of the first revolutions. In addition, the game is available in our language, which significantly facilitates the gathering of the game.


Mobile Free spiny
So So
line Bonus
30 No
Rollers Progressive
5 No
RTP Symbole Wild
96.50% So
Min. Rate Autogra
0.30 So
Max. Rate Multiplier
90 So
Variability / Frequency of hits Symbole Scatter
Tall No
- -

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