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Druids’ Dream


Druid’s Dream

Druid's Dream is released in 2022 with a slot, thanks to which from the first moments of the gameplay, we will join the inseparable bond with the Nature Mother. The game is built in a 5 × 4 field boards and has as many as 40 desired payment lines. In addition, the slot is equipped with Wild and Scatter symbols, the function of free spins, re-spins, the Nudge and Wild Charge function. The variability of the game is small / medium, and its value return to the player is exactly 96%. This means that we can count on often won a smaller height. The height of the plant can be set to range between 0.20 and 400 euros. Druid's Dream automat has its version for desktops and portable devices, and find it in such casinos online, such as Energy Casino, unibet whether betsson.

Basic information and topics of the game

The theme game refers to a spiritual caste occurring in tribes from the circle of Celtic, Germanic and Slavic civilization. These were strongly related to the surrounding nature of nature, as well as often identified with different animals whose figure was able to accept. They also met in the so-called Druid circles. Druids are even iconic for ancient forest, where these tribes occurred, or among others the area of today's German, France, Scandinavian countries, the Czech Republic or Australia. Their occurrence is mainly ancientness until the Catholic religion spread. A aura mystical mystery is connected with Druids, which perfectly reflects graphics and music game Druid's Dream.

The game control is at the bottom of the screen. In its middle, there is a single rotation button, and next to it accelerating the speed of animation and automatic game settings, up to 1000 self-spins. On the left, there is a change in the rate of rate for a given rotation, which must be between 0.20 and 400 euros. In the lower left corner there are settings for rotation and display and information about each of the additional modes. On the right, the height of the last win and the remaining number of coins are displayed.

Symbols and rules of the game

Regular gameplay mode is based on the presence of forty specific payout lines, numbering from the left to the right. In addition, the game has several additional modes, i.e. wild and scatter, free turnover, re-spiny, Norgeon and Wild Charge function. There are eight ordinary symbols here, each of them can repeat five, four or three times. The higher the rate chosen by us, the higher the value of the potential prize and for the highest plant looks like this:

  • Wilk symbol - Win: 2,000, 1000 and 400
  • Symbol of the Owl - Win: 1200, 400 and 200
  • Bębenka symbol - Win: 440, 200 and 100
  • Symbol of a strange item - Win: 400, 200 and 100
  • Red Crystals - Win: 240, 80 and 60
  • Yellow Crystals - Win: 200, 80 and 60
  • Green Crystal - Win: 160, 60 and 40
  • Blue Crystals - Win: 120, 60 and 40
  • Wild Symbol - Win: 2,000, 1000 and 400

Distinguishing features Druid's Dream

Wild symbols, whose task is to connect to other symbols into paid combinations, can occur in a single and extended version. Their action here is so standard. A regular Wild symbol may appear in the main game for 1, 3 and 5 drums, on the third in Re-Spin and 1 and 5 in free rotation mode. Symbols enlarged can occupy all drums partially or entirely. Scatter symbols may appear under or over enlarged Wild symbols, on the fourth drum in the usual mode and on the third in re-spin and free spin.

Enlarged Wild symbols appear in the main game. If we find them on the other or fourth drums, we will get RE-spin. When a Scatter symbol will appear on a second or fourth row during re-spins, the Norge Feature function will be activated. We will get 6 free spins thanks to it. All Wild and Scatter symbols participating in it will change into Wild symbols that will be in place until the end of the free turnover mode. Unfortunately, all additional options present in this slot, as you can see, unfortunately there are not too much.

Appearance, sound and audiovisual impressions

In the background of the game there is a tree that can be a holy tree for God whose servants are druids and a representative of one of the surrounding great religious letters in which druids resided. In this tree there is still MENHIR - a stone also about religious significance with prayers written in Runnex with warning or protective importance. Nearby, we see stones that are probably some element in rituals, and which are marked with Runni. The graphic of the game looks outstanding and modern. A whole beautiful, naturally looked graphic is accompanied by a calm, calming music with a slight, magical color. The same applies to animations that are light but non-aggressive and complement the vision of a relaxing game with elements of magic. The whole creates a very coherent whole that perfectly reflects the climate and themes of the game.

Our opinion about Druid's Dream

In our opinion, Druid's Dream is another interesting title that definitely worth trying out. This is the next novelty on the video market, thanks to which it is pleasant in the game, due to its numerous, fashionable additives. The machine has several bonus modes that allow you to significantly enlarge the selected rate. RTP game has an average value, but these bonuses are what should bring high prizes. The subject matter also may also like, because it is a typical fantastic combined with ancient rituals, which is a frequent motive in various types of games. Druid's Dream is therefore an extremely peaceful slot whose natural theme will certainly capture you, calm down and let you rest for a moment thanks to ubiquitous greenery.


Mobile Free spiny
So So
line Bonus
40 No
Rollers Progressive
5 No
RTP Symbole Wild
96.00% So
Min. Rate Autogra
0.20 So
Max. Rate Multiplier
400 No
Variability / Frequency of hits Symbole Scatter
Medium-low No
- -

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