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Twin Happiness


Twin Happiness is the latest slot from the company netent - a leading developer of casino games. This slot is stylized on Asian pray. We have a symbols decorated with traditional Chinese characters and in the background we see Chinese lanterns. There is no story and heroes here, but the developer would give us back to casino classics. Twin Happiness is a slot that has a classic layout of 5 for 3 fields, quite typical symbols including an inseparable bar and quite a good RTP coefficient, which is 96.55%. The slot variability is determined on the average or larger means that the game is intended for more patient players who prefer to wait longer to win, but they expect that it will be high. You can find this slot in all casinos that have slots from Netent. These are, for example, a well-known casino in Australia betsafe whether betsson or described on our website

Basic information and topics of the game

Unlike 90% of Netent games, we do not have an extensive plot or a clear guiding theme here. So what does the name Twin Happiness refer to, which we literally translate into Australian like double happiness? Well, each spin begins with identical, adjacent twin rollers that are connected with each other. The unique function of synchronization and combining rollers that appears with each spin makes it much easier to win here. And if we are talking about winnings, there are 243 ways to win, because we have so much payment lines exactly. This means that an exciting game is guaranteed and great fun involved with frequent winnings on this machine.

The look of the game is classic, you could say that it's an exaggeration when we look at her interface. It reminds the Slots of Netent, which appeared a few years ago. This is good news for people who do not like changes because they will find here without a problem. We have a AutoPLAY option here, where we can choose up to 500x or 1000x repetition of spin and modifying the rate. The game allows you to select until 10 default levels of the plant and coins from 0.01 up to 0.5 euros. The default minimum plant is 0.25 and the maximum plant is 125 euros. It is worth emphasizing that we have as many as 243 ways to win, because there is a number of paid combinations.

Symbols and rules of the game

In the game we have 243 permanent payment lines and symbols as it takes place in the case of classic slots lay in them from left to right. In the game we have 11 different symbols and the symbol of Wild, which in itself does not give wins, but it is a substitute for others that give the best paid combinations. The amounts for particular symbols are of course different and are as follows:

  • Symbol of the Golden Hat - Win 1000, 250 and 50
  • Symbol 7 - Win 500, 150 and 30
  • Bar symbol - win 400, 100 and 15
  • Bar symbol - win 400, 100 and 15
  • Lantern symbol - 250, 75 and 10 win
  • Fruit symbol - 250 winnings, 75 and 10
  • Letter and digits symbols - win from 40 to 3

Distinguishing features Twin Happiness

As we have mentioned above several times Twin Happiness is a very simple slot. We have a Wild symbol here, which works exactly like in all other slots and probably the only additional issue to discuss here the Twin Reel function. Thanks to her, every spin begins with two identical, adjacent twin drums that connect to present the same symbols. Randomly selected twin reels can expand, giving you three times, four times and even five times - all of them will have the same symbols.

Of course, this has a very positive impact on your winnings, because if you can do it with the highest value symbol (symbol of the golden hat) then you put up to 1080 times your original rate! 1000 times the rates for the symbols up to 80 times the rates for the first spin, thanks to such a win even the lack of progressive jackpot ceases to be a problem.

Appearance, sound and audiovisual impressions

What can you write about the appearance of the game? Slot looks practically as alive transferred from 2010 or 2015, even buttons and the entire game interface are virtually unchanged as classic Netent slots from the years. The appearance of the game is classic and drawing, practically the entire board occupy drums with symbols and the background is reduced to a minimum. Worth emphasis are nice animations when drumming drums and with winning when the payment lines are highlighted. When it comes to sound, according to the assumptions in the background, the traditional Chinese folk song is drawn to us. Music is climatic and relaxing though very typical, we suppose that after a few hours of the game you can have a pretty. When drumming the machine and winning, we also have delicate sound accents, but very quiet and discrete.

Our opinion about Twin Happiness

The Twin Happiness Slot from Netent is not undoubtedly a show of the latest technical capabilities or developer's new products. This is a reference to the classics in the full sense of this word. Also, such slots are needed, because some players prefer a simple and uncomplicated entertainment. Not every game must delight us amazing 3D graphics. Twin Happiness clearly refers to players and Asia, Market, which in recent years is constantly growing in strength. Twin Happiness is a relatively simple game with average variation - if you want to have a lot of additional features and add-ons better look for another slot. If the above does not reject you, the game will offer you quite a good RTP in the amount of 96.55%, which will allow you to generate quite good winnings. So you can count on a nice entertainment in Asian climates. The prospect of winning 1000 times Your rate is also not without significance.


Mobile Free spiny
So No
line Bonus
243 No
Rollers Progressive
5 No
RTP Symbole Wild
96.55% So
Min. Rate Autogra
0.25 So
Max. Rate Multiplier
125 No
Variability / Frequency of hits Symbole Scatter
Average No
- -

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