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Gold Money Frog


Gold Money Frog is another company's attempt netent To conquer the Asian market. This slot is made in the climates of Far East and has the assumption to bring traditional Chinese values to mind. From the technical side is a very simple machine with a classic 5 × 3 layout, where we have quite typical symbols and features. What distinguishes him, however, is a progressive jackpot that can achieve very interesting values. Will Gold Money Frog repeat the success of another new Jackpot Netent Grand Spinn Superpot and permanently sign up in online casinos? Answer You will help you in this review. In a new game, we will play in such casinos as unibet, betsafe whether betsson And also the whole mass of others that have this developer game offer.

Basic information and topics of the game

Game Gold Money Frog does not have a clear history, stories or a guiding theme. We do not have any heroes or no thread here. The game is built under the climate and there are no plot as it. The leitmotif is China here, not in this modern but traditional edition. In the background you can hear a peaceful music that can bring a trip around Zen. Golden trinkets and symbols of cards make the slot clearly as an Asian character, with lotus flowers and historic Asian architecture visible in the background apparently fits into the last trends. The economic situation means that China now now has its 5 minutes, so it's strange that the developers of casino games are trying to make games that will appeal to the local players. Nothing prevents the Gold Money Frog to play in Australia.

Technically this is a classic slot pain. We have a certain number of symbols that lay into payable combinations from the left to righteous. Payment lines here are 50 and we as players can choose from the rate starting up to 0.25 euros up to 50 euros for a single bet. Regardless of how much we will put a chance to play a pole from Jackpot. There are 3 progressive pools, the highest is about 12,000 euros at the moment, but the game is still new and we do not know how much her pool will grow in the future.

Symbols and rules of the game

This game has very common rules. The drumming drums are arranged in the payment lines, which is 50. If we have a minimum of 3 symbols from left to right in the correct laying, we win. Here's what value has individual symbols:

  • Symbol of the Golden Frog - Win: 375, 125 and 25
  • Symbol of the Golden Bat - Win: 75 and 25
  • Symbol of the bridge - Win: 375, 125 and 25
  • Kite symbol - Win: 75 and 25,
  • Letter A - Win: 75 and 25
  • Letter K - Win: 75 and 25
  • Letter Q - Win: 75 and 25
  • Letter J - Winning: 75 and 25
  • SCATTER symbol (in the form of a lantern) - Win: 2500, 375, 75 and 10
  • Wild Symbol - Win: 7500, 2000, 200 and 5

As you can see the biggest winnings you can achieve thanks to the Wild symbol. They pay a gigantic rate and additionally form lines with other symbols. In the game there is also a symbol of a bonus having a figure of a fortune wheel. As in other slots with progressive jackpot after collecting a minimum of three bonus symbols, we can play with said jackpot.

Distinguishing features of Gold Money Frog

This progressive Jackpot is the main special feature that distinguishes the Gold Money Frog slot. Of course, as in other games with Jackpot, we have a few variants here, in this particular game there are three. Minor, major and great. This first usually should not be less than 50 euros, the second one, in turn, less than 500, the third, i.e. Super has a minimum height set to 5000 euros. In practice, all Pules are progressive and grow over time until someone does not reach for the jackpot. These sums, we hope will be much higher. At the time of writing this text (when playing a few weeks after the premiere) Major is over 1700 euros and the main jackpot has a sum of 12,000 euros.

To gain the opportunity to play a jackpot, we need to get 3, 4 or 5 symbols "Bonus" on the machine's drums. We get access to a mini game, that is a spinning wheel, we can hit Jackpot or coins. This solution is a charming similar to this used, for example, in Mega Moolah. There are also free spins in this slot, we get them thanks to the SCATTER symbol. With 3 such symbols we get 10 spins, at 4 and with 5 as many as 30 free spins. Scatter symbols themselves also give quite a good payment.

Appearance, sound and audiovisual impressions

Colorful symbols on the drums game combined with harmonic, calm music in the background can create a unique atmosphere in which the player feels almost like the emperor. The quality of graphics and sound will inspire players looking for expressive impressions from the game but let's be honest, graphically this slot does not refer to the top production we see recently in online casinos. We do not have 3D graphics here, this present in Gold Money FROG is flat, drawing. In this respect, the game stands out from the latest slots, however, it must be remembered that this is simply its character. In terms of music, much good was done.

Peaceful music in the background you can praise. She is calming and adds the entire game of the right climate. Very nicely stressed here. The music is stopped for a moment and hear a stringant.

Our opinion about Gold Money Frog

The Gold Money FROG slot may not be revolutionary in any way. We do not see here literally any innovative solutions, nothing that would make the game can be determined as technologically advanced. However, not all games must be super-modern and have futuristic graphics. Part of production as well as Gold Money Frog is designed for enthusiasts of simple, classic games. In this role, the latest Jakcpot Netent will work perfectly. It is difficult to determine what will be won from the largest jackpot from the three available in the game (at the time of writing this Pula was about 12,000 euros) but certainly the game should give a chance to get really high winnings.


Mobile Free spiny
So So
line Bonus
25 No
Rollers Progressive
5 No
RTP Symbole Wild
92.31% So
Min. Rate Autogra
0.25 So
Max. Rate Multiplier
50 No
Variability / Frequency of hits Symbole Scatter
Short No
- -

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