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Micro Knights


Micro Knights game is a new slot from a well-known developer of casino games, companies EVERY STUDIOS. When the sun rises over the distant tiers of the Chatoux Prix castle, Dragon King Chalcedon orders all knights to take power over the Kingdom. According to the king, to ensure the safety of the kingdom, all potential threats should be eliminated. The task rests on three brave knights who are the main characters of the Micro Knights game. This is a full action from the ELK Friends slot. This dynamic game offers a lot a lot to discover. The symbols are falling into a grid with dimensions of 7 × 7, it clusters and not paying lines generate a win here. These ones belong to decent, as the slot has a good rtt value also 96%. So we do not have anything else, how to invite you to the full review of this slot.

Basic information and topics of the game

As the game description says, the heroes are three knights who were a pillar of society in the Middle Ages and his symbol. Their names are Sir Charge, Sir Smash and Sir Count. Their task itself is also an archetype of their idealized behavior at that time. They must, on the order of the king, defend the land through large and small threats and restore order in it. Also, how their historic are suitable for this task prepared by having adequate armaments and plate armor. The environment also reflects the medieval climate with its rural houses with mill and a stone watchtower.

The symbols in the Micro Knights slot are falling to the grid with a fairly unusual dimensional dimensions of 7 × 7, where there are no standard payroll. They are clusters, 5 or more of the same symbols generate we win. There is also a queue of symbols that provides an additional, attractive dimension of the game. It collects reserve symbols ready to match the symbols on the grid to create new, victorious clusters. It is also able to strengthen existing clusters that generate even greater winnings. Any symbol obtained is exciting, and all wins, large or small, contribute and increase the chance to call the Flag's functions, i.e. the knights attack.

To start the game, players choose rates from 0.20 up to 100 euros on spin - in manual or automatic mode, which is called traditional plants. In the game, a group of 20 or more symbols are highly scored, which returns 2500 times the rate, this is the maximum win here.

Symbols and rules of the game

We do not have traditional rolls or payment lines here. There is one big blackboard and the payment is behind clusters, i.e. 5 or more of the symbols that affect. Micro Knights is one of those games in which you can get a good series of subsequent winnings. This is the best way to win in this slot, but to happen, you must activate as much functions as possible. The first initial turnover is a bit confusing, but if you have ever played other machines to play this type, such as Reactoonz, you will quickly understand what's going on. The winning symbols disappear from the board and the next ones are falling into their place, in practice it is therefore a free Respin after each win.

There are a number of basic symbols in the game, they give the following payments:

  • Cow - payment from 12.50 to 1250
  • Goat - payment from 10 to 1000
  • Frog - payment from 7.50 to 750
  • Rabbit - payment from 5 to 500
  • Muchomor - payment from 1.25 to 100
  • Stock - payment from 1 to 75
  • Well - payment from 0.75 to 50
  • Ham - withdrawal from 0.50 to 50

In addition, there is a Wild symbol that has the form of a golden goblet, its action is classic. There is also a SCATTER symbol - a gold crown. 3 Such symbols on the board trigger the Breadrops bonus game.

Distinguishing features of Micro Knights

Along with the winnings from the cluster, the meter won to the right from the grid of the game. Each winning cluster combination Moves this indicator Next, and if it is filled, starts one of the flags of the flag. This happens in the following order:

  • Inferno - the dragon burns all symbols with a low value from the grid.
  • Extra Wilds - randomly places from 3 to 15 Wild symbols on the grid.
  • Super Size - drops a large symbol up to 4 × 4 on the grid.
  • Charge - Transfer 2-5 rows of symbols to the queue.
  • Epic Charge - Moves all symbols to the queue.
  • Boosted Queue - uses all symbols in the queue to create winning combinations.

So how you see, the game in Micro Knights is quite dynamic thanks to a large number of additives. But this is not all, one of the additional features is also a queue. On the left side of the board there is a charging knight who randomly runs through a grid, drinking one row. This government moves below and the symbols set up in the queue. Symbols matching are grouped together. Symbols from the queue will fall on every cluster on the grid, which can make you the winner. New turnings remove all symbols from the queue. In the upper left corner of the grid there is Smashing Knight. He also enters the game randomly, and when he does, he increases one every symbol of symbols in the queue.

Appearance, sound and audiovisual impressions

The Micro Knights game starts with a beautiful animated intro, where we see images of three knights - the main characters of this game and a dragon. An animated way to implement and characteristic drawings betray us that the slot is not fatally serious and the struggle of knights with a dragon is treated rather in a humorous, funny way. Infographic with dimensions 7 × 7 has a vertical rectangle form, it makes the game look great on your cell phone in vertical mode. On the computer is already worse, you can not practically play with it without enlargement to the full screen. Otherwise you just can not see anything. The game has a beautiful drawing graphic that adds a whole unique character. We have a very delicate and non-invasive music, a delicate rudder after the guitar and wildlife. In addition, we will hear interesting effects while playing.

Our opinion about Micro Knights

Micro Knights liked it very much. This slot does not allow you to bored and breaks traditional schemes that apply to 90% of casino games. Everything in this slot is extremely well combined, from excellent admission to a very detailed graphic. Elk Studios made a lot of good job. There is really ton additives here, which makes the game in this slot experience quite the original. In addition, everything is a funny madman, playing Micro Knights, so it appears an irresistible desire to do it on.

Another thing that makes him fascinating, it is also the speed with which it all happens. Also because one rotation is enough to set a function of a function that will make the symbols fall on board even a dozen or so times. Although Elk Studios formed a pretty decent slot, he also has some disadvantages. The maximum winner, which elk is the biggest problem, for some reason, limited to 2500 times the rate. The game, however, has a huge potential and is hilarious. Therefore, we encourage you to test this slot yourself. You can do it for free on our website.


Mobile Free spiny
So So
line Bonus
Cluster pays No
Rollers Progressive
7 No
RTP Symbole Wild
96.00% So
Min. Rate Autogra
0.20 So
Max. Rate Multiplier
100 No
Variability / Frequency of hits Symbole Scatter
Medium-high No
- -

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