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Reel Rush 2


Reel Rush 2 game is a continuation of published in 2013 by netent Reel Rush game. The first Reel Rush was a very unique slot. The game was released a few years ago and then it stood out quite an unusual gameplay. Today, players are still not used to such a type of game that presents us Reel Rush 2, but maybe in this madness there is a method? This slot is extremely colorful and exciting. What can we say about the game itself? Reel Rush 2 is an extremely fast and intense slot machine with medium or high variation, with 5 rollers and until they can be won 3125 combinations. The game contains wilders, random functions, re-spins, free spins and super free spins. It really expanded on the max slot - the game contains up to 8 random functions and 2 different types of games for free spins - one of them is with a growing multiplier. All this is connected perfectly and delivered in a fun and colorful way. RTP game is 95.53% what she is heralding substantial winnings.

Basic information and topics of the game

Reel Rush 2 game just like her predecessor from 2013 is a fruit slot. These games are simply a classic for casino vending machines, however, apart from the theme, nothing here is as in traditional slots. Reel Rush 2 slot will lead some elements from mechanics inspired by social games and looks in a sense like a social application. Her appearance is inspired by games, we see some clear references to Minecraft.

The game board is not a typical 5 × 3 arrangement, which we meet in most slots. It is a 5 × 5 system but 12 extreme fields are blocked by default - they are unlocked only during the game. At the bottom we have a moving platform on which we have different bonuses and modifiers. In addition, the game interface itself is already typical, we have a button to run a machine and Max Bet and AUTOPLAY, which will easily let us play for the entire possible rate or more turnover. When it comes to the first ones, we can set them from 0.20 euros up to 40 euros for single twisting. In addition, in the game field we see the number of tokens and stars on the basis of which free spins are awarded - these functions will discuss more widely below.

Symbols and rules of the game

Reel Rush 2 game Despite the non-standard layout, it has standard symbols. Although they are made in effective 3D technology, they are perfectly visible that they present fruits. We do not have standard payment lines here, but almost infinite systems that are over 3000. Nevertheless, individual symbols have predefined values. Here they are:

  • Strawberry symbol - Win: 200, 50 and 10
  • Orange symbol - Win: 100, 25 and 8
  • Lemon symbol - Win: 30, 15 and 7
  • Watermelon - Win: 30, 15 and 7
  • Berries and grapes symbol - Win: 20, 10 and 5
  • Lower symbols - win from 12 to 1

Every time you hit the winning combination, the game awards a re-rotation or so-called Re-Spin. We also have a Wild symbol here, which in itself does not give a win, but connects with others creating paid combinations. It's not all, there are a whole range of symbols that do not show up on the machine's drums, but they introduce many modifications to the game. Details below.

Distinguishing features Reel Rush 2

Reel Rush 2 slot is really incredibly expanded. The game contains votes of wild, random functions, re-spins, free spins and super free spins. Free spins appear when you unlock the whole game area. Then the FREE SPINS screen appears and you will have three options: Buying super tokens, play with super token or just start standard free spins. This gives players a decision-making stage that introduces a selection element. Each time the whole game field is unlocked, you get extra chips. 2000 tokens will take you directly to the Super Free Spins function. In this mode, all wins are multiplied by the progressive pointer on the right side of the game area.

In addition, we have such functions as the second chance, Block Breaker, Random Wilds, multipliers of symbols, symbol improvement, additional free spins, additional super tokens, increasing the multiplier. So it's time for a brief presentation of these functions. The first thing you should notice are railway tracks going underneath drums. There may be random functions that we exchanged above - you never know what you will get. And so, for example, the Block Breaker function unlocks 2 or 4 blocks. When this is happening, the game area is growing. The symbol upgrade function transforms the selected symbol into another symbol of a higher level of payment - according to the payout table. Additional super tokens are also possible to get in this way, thanks to this function, more tokens are added to the super token meter.

Appearance, sound and audiovisual impressions

Reel Rush 2 has a very modern graphic setting. The game is maintained in a funny style but thanks to graphics it seems full of life and colors, thanks to which it is very easy to feel into its climate. Symbols on the board are stylized, cubic shows. In fact, the whole world of the game is stylish and refers to computer games like Minecraft - which suggests the background. Juicy candies, cube-shaped fruits and very vivid colors. In short, we could describe the appearance of this slot.

As always in the case of Netent casino games, the graphics perfectly harmonize with sound to ensure an unforgettable experience. You will certainly want to immerse in this game and discover her world. Sound is quite difficult to describe, we would describe him as a bird singing in combination with a catchy, melodic song.

Our opinion about Reel Rush 2

Reel Rush 2 is a slot with a great modern graphic and sound luminaire. Its themes are trivial, because it presents classic casino fruits, but thanks to the unique netent approach, he was really worthy of interest. RTP this slot is 95.53%, which can not a record result, but numerous additional functions make the high win here very easily. This is a game of quite high volatility, which means that we can happen to us with longer periods without winning, but when this one is finally a chance that it will be in an above-average height. This can even be 25,000 times greater than the rate, the machine can therefore attract jackpot hunters and not only video games enthusiasts.


Mobile Free spiny
So So
line Bonus
3125 No
Rollers Progressive
5 No
RTP Symbole Wild
95.53% So
Min. Rate Autogra
0.20 So
Max. Rate Multiplier
40 So
Variability / Frequency of hits Symbole Scatter
Medium-high No
- -

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