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How to take care of your account on-line account

More and more things we do on the internet, from shopping after our activity in social media exposes us to a threat. Of course, you also enjoy the casino games online also means some risk, because we use our data here and pay real money to the casino. While computers and mobile devices are extremely comfortable and increasingly advanced tools, there is always a risk element and fear of safety. Someone can break into our account, come into possession of our personal data or even steal our money.

Many large companies, including social networks Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and several other companies, has experienced a violation of access or large theft of data over the past few years. On the occasion of such attacks, millions of users around the world have leaked. The common nature of this kind of procedure shows that even the largest players in the industry are not resistant to malware and hacking attacks.

For this reason, today we will offer help our readers. Councils to help protect your account in casinos from the nosy hackers and common cheats. These tips can of course be used to any online account, from the email box to Facebook account.

What are the threats await us?

Network threats is a lot. One of the most serious is theft of our data such as e-mail and password. This inconspicuous event can have very important consequences for us, if we use the same password on the post office or other sites such as Facebook or even internet banking. If someone breaks over our email box can easily reset access data to other sites. The loss of our Facebook profile can be painful and what if the wrong person will take over access to our online portfolios as PayPal whether Skrill? Maybe really unknown, right?

Another extremely sensitive element are our personal data, which we serve on each casino. In addition, in casinos and bookmakers registered in our country, we give a full set of data. From the names and surnames, through Maiden Mother's name, PESEL number, personal ID number as well as the bank account number. When such data flows out in a way of unauthorized hackers have our complete profile and all sensitive data. Taking a loan, credit or even some equipment for installments (and of course their unpaid) is simple then. This is one of the biggest threats with which we have to measure. On the Internet it was heard about dozens of cases when the bailiffs dealt with such false account loans and the estate of victims and those had to reach for years to court justice and prove that they were victims of attack.

Another thing that we need to be considered are payments. Very often we get various messages for email and a link to counterfeit the bank's website, PayPal, Skrill and the like. If we do not notice that we log in on a fake page are our money practically lost. The perpetrator when they come into possession of our access data can simply rob us and easily overwhelm our funds. We are waiting for a lot of stress and struggle with customer service so as to recover our money, which does not always end positively. So how do you protect yourself against these unpleasantness?

Choose the right casino

This is probably the most important note for a positive player experience and will affect all aspects of your game in each Online Casino. When it comes to security, this factor becomes key. The choice of the right casino may seem discouraging for new players - what I am looking for? What should I stay away from? Fortunately, there are many resources that can facilitate taking this pregnant decision.

A good way to check the credibility of a given casino is reading reviews. readers know that we offer unbiased and honest reviews of casinos and sites where you can bet on bookmakers. Of course, we are not the only portal on the web and if you do not find a description of a given brand, you can try to look somewhere else. A good review should contain all important information about the casino, including information on where it is licensed which payment methods are accepted and the like.

Another good source of information is a forum where users of casinos speak. If you see repeating complaints about, for example, bad behavior or bad customer service is a warning sign. Remember that just like the best restaurant in the world can have a bad day and serve someone weaker food, similarly casino and their employees. Disposable offenses are not a reason to worry, but continuously repeating the same problems by many different players definitely means that something is wrong.

Check if the casino uses any encryption technology

The renowned casinos put the security of their players first. Search for casinos that use SSL encryption to protect communication - this is the highest encryption level available at the time of writing and is used by entities such as banks and governments to protect sensitive data. The best and the most secured online casino will ensure safety thanks to encryption technology, such as SSL, which can be verified by means of a visible logo of the padlock on the URL. Its lack, i.e. that the connection to the party is not encrypted in any way and can get access to it, third parties is a very serious warning.

Check Licenses and Regulations

If the online casino has a business license, it should display this information on your website. The reputable and safe online casino always provides a list of licenses. The casino should also provide its accurate license number. You can use this number or casino name or its operator to search the licensing authority database to confirm the truthfulness of this license.

If you want to look closer to the casino offer, it is good to get acquainted with the terms, or the regulations of this casino. They should be easily accessible, even for people who do not have an account. Usually located somewhere at the bottom of the casino page. Indeed, if it seems that the casino made every effort to ensure that the conditions of use were difficult to find, this usually means that there are any ruffles that we should not know. In a word, a legal and safe online casino will have easy access to the regulations or privacy policy. Finding them on the legal casino side should not take a long time. If you can, read them to check if the casino principles are justified and understandable.

Safe online casino should work on a safe platform. As part of your online casino license, you must provide players with a certain level of protection, but the highest rated casino on our site usually even exceed the safety requirements and offer their players even greater protection.

Use secure payments

Before you start your account, you should check what casino data has been working with payment suppliers. Trusted online casino often displays this information in the footer, it should be available even without logging in. You should always strive to make payments and payouts in the casino through verified payment providers.

It will be best if you look for an online casino in which you can make payments using cards Visa, mastercard Can bank transfers and other secure payment methods. A reliable and safe online casino also do not charge unnecessary fees from players. So remember this and avoid online casinos that add fees exceeding transaction fees collected by payment providers themselves.

Internet wallets such as Skrill, neteller whether PayPal They are also safe as long as you have a long and unique password for them and you use the so-called Two-component authentication. The point is that in addition to the password you have to enter the code generated on your phone or received by SMS.

Receive login notifications

Receiving alerts or notifications related to logging in is another, very important layer of security. In this way you will learn if someone will try to access your account without your knowledge or consent. To do this, do not forget to select the option to receive login notifications on each login attempt. You can quickly capture unauthorized access and block your account before the theft occurs.

Never forget to log out

If you play a computer to which other people have access to a mandatory practice is to log out immediately after completing the game. Sometimes, however, you will do it. What if someone tries to take your account in this way and make unauthorized transactions? This is the reason why you must log out. Some sites will automatically log you after a certain period of idle on others you can be unconsciously logged in for a long time.

Watch out for phishing tests

The so-called phising, or exudation of information means that the attackers send false e-mails, giving links to a false login page on which you collect your login data. It can be a lovely similar to the page of your bank, an intermediary of payment or even a telephone operator.

Never log on to such suspects. Remember that legal sites do not send e-mails asking you to click or verify your identity. Return accurate attention to the page address and whether there is a padlock in the browser's address bar, meaning the aforementioned SSL encryption.

Set yourself a secure password

Hackers earn life thanks to a stolen user, selling them at the highest price for bidding or using them for their own purposes. When even large companies and online business giants fall victim to these attempts to do not notice the fact that hackers become extremely good at what they do.

Under no circumstances should we help them and facilitate tasks. Therefore, setting a secure password makes their work a bit more difficult. If you choose as a "password23" password, you will significantly help you. Hackers use so-called "Brute Force" attacks that quickly enable this password. "Brute Force" attacks are simply repeated trials, usually using an automatic script, guessing the most likely names of users and passwords. With such an easy password you do not have to wait a long time for a correct combination of the script.

Safety experts in the network offer several suggestions regarding the creation of the perfect password. These are:

  • Do not use something simple, which can easily guess, for example birth date or a variety of your name
  • Use great and lowercase letters, numbers and punctuation, if you allow this casino site so that the password is the most complex
  • Longer passwords are more difficult to remember, but also harder to break

Of course, there is no ideal password, below we will tell you how to choose the best.

What are the good practices of passwords

If you have already set a nice long password to your casino account. You made sure that you do not write it anywhere in which someone could find them unauthorized and now you feel quite happy with your safety. What else can you do?

There are a number of things that you can do to make your password remain unnimated and known only to you. The first of them is ... His change! We do not mean to do it right away, but from time to time it is worth changing the password on your any online account. Hold on the same rules as before - use a long phrase, consisting of letters, numbers and additional punctuation symbols. Every few months, create a new password to add an additional layer of security to your account.

Let's go back to the theft of access data for a moment. Suppose you used the password "Casino1234" to protect your account at the online casino. If, therefore, there will be a database on Twitter or another page on which you have an account, your casino account is safe if you have not used the same password to secure your account on the attacked page.

Hackers attack large companies assuming that many users secure several accounts using the same combination of e-mail address and password. If you used "casino1234" to secure multiple accounts, suddenly all of these accounts are exposed to theft. Even if you use the same password for several online casinos, when it leaks all are in danger. Although its scale is of course smaller than when you used the same password everywhere, including e-mail and bank. The response to these problems is to use different passwords for each site or accounts. It can be a headache, but there are certain password management programs that can reduce stress. An example here is a chrome browser that allows you to generate a difficult password and remember your password for each site.

Another way to improve your safety is to make sure your devices are 100% secure. If your phone or laptop is stolen, you will have to deal with not only with the loss of the device, but also with the disclosure of passwords stored on it. Block your phone using your fingerprint or password, and, if possible, lock your computer on your computer using a password. By placing more obstacles on the way to potential thieves, you will gain enough time to minimize damage if you lose any of your devices.

So-called two-component authentication is also a different way to ensure the security of internet accounts. This is particularly important in the case of e-mail, which can serve to reset all other accounts. After entering the password you will have to add another puzzle element to unlock your account. It can be a code sent to your phone or USB token to which you only have access. This is a great way to protect online activities when using a public computer or one that does not belong to you. This is a bit complicated procedure, but it makes our account almost 100% secure.


The security of your personal data is extremely important. This is important to realize that all casino players must take responsibility for their own data. Although violation and burglary for different services can be out of our control, we can do a lot to minimize damage and inconveniences caused by websites that often fall victim to such attacks.

Casino players, in particular, should maintain full vigilance in their safety practices, because the account hacking is not only a certain nuisance inconvenience, but it can also mean loss of winnings, often even very significant sums. And this is definitely not an ideal perspective for any player.

The thought of hacking the account is definitely not pleasant, but when protecting your password, you do everything possible to properly protect your casino player account so that this thought does not spend your sleep from the eyelids.

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