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Record winner in Great Britain

Great winnings light up our imagination. Nothing motivates to participate in all kinds of gambling games as the perspective becomes a millionaire in one day. On our site, sometimes we report you about record winnings in progressive jackpots or lotteries. This time, News concerns the latter in Great Britain fell a record win, which amounts to 170 million pounds, it fell in Euroloteria in the British Isles called Euromillions Jackpot.

Stake greater than in Australia

How we reported you A few months ago in Australia, a very large win in the Euro Jackpot lottery Co-organized by a sports totalizer. One of the Australian players trew the sum of 193 million, with the fact that, converting to Australian gold. The sum of 170 million pounds is a lot of over 800 million zlotys! It was all over one person.

Do you probably ask yourself from where such a huge amount? This is the effect of up to 20 accumulation. This is the highest win that ever fell in Great Britain and one of the higher winnings around the world. In Australia in Lotto, won with accumulation usually do not exceed several dozen million zlotys. No less, we do not know people who have not satisfied anyway.

What could you buy for it?

Human imagination is not always able to evaluate us so big sums, so it's worth reaching after comparison to things that could be bought for this money. For example, for example, you could buy 472 Latest Rolls Royce cars, and the winner of the lottery from the place would become richer, for example, from the famous British Music EDA SHEERANA. His assets are estimated at "only" 160 million pounds.

The winner of the lottery could also purchase 150,000. the latest iPhons or to build a highest-class football stadium. For example, the construction of ENERGA Gdańsk before Euro 2012 cost about USD 863 million gross, which is only a minimally larger sum than astronomical winner in the Euromillions Jackpot lottery.

Loteria Euromillions Jackpot

In the lottery Euromillions Jackpot can be played not only physically on the British Isles but also on-line from anywhere in the world. To do this, just set up an online account on the website - the site is available entirely to Poles and it is even in Australian.

Within each bet, you can choose from three to five rows, selecting your own numbers or using the "missed" option, which will randomly generate numbers - exactly the same as it works in Australian lotto. What varying Euromillions Jackpot from Lotto is the fact that coupons can contain for more than one draw, which is much more profitable. For example, you can buy at one time coupons even for another 52 draw, which seems to be a great offer.

In summary, as you can see, lotteries can be a really great opportunity not only to enrich but and become a millionaire. Are you so big wins and accumulation are able to motivate you to put coupons in lottery?