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Top 10 slot machines for Christmas

We hope that the Christmas Eve went as you wanted it. Probably some still eat earlier dishes or watch Christmas hits on television, but we have a proposal for all those who do not have a very idea of how to use an excess free time in a productive way. We described for you a few days ago The best festive slots that came out this year. We consider the holidays to start, therefore, according to the promise, today we come to you with a short list of the best games associated with the celebrations that have been spent over the last few and even a dozen years.

  1. Polar Paws

If Christmas, it's snow, and if the snow is necessarily polar bear. We want to present you an extraordinary game that has been entirely devoted to sweet polar bears. Polar Paws is a work designed by the creator of QuickSpin, who gave us a lot of other other, extremely interesting slots. Her charming, Misiowy Climate took us so much that we decided to mention Polar Paws first.

This is a five-minute game with 25 predetermined payments. The RTP automate indicator is 96.34%. We can maximize here to a 2,000x set rate. The special features of the games are Wild symbols, multipliers to win and extensive functions related to free revolutions.

  1. Santa’s Wild Ride

We chose another game because of the themes. In Santa's Wild Ride's Slot, we can admire Santa Claus, who instead of a reindeer team moves on a motorcycle. Apart from them, there is also a weary dressed Ms. Santa. The symbols of the game are festive dishes and cookies.

The game was released by Microgaming in 2010. The machine has the size of five drums and three rows, has been equipped with 243 potential withdrawals. We can win here a maximum of 1,900,000 coins. Additional functions of games are Wild and Bonuses in the form of gifts.

  1. Yule be rich

Our next proposal comes from the supplier 1 × 2 gaming. With the game, we move to the snowy world fairy-tale snowmen and gingerbread people. It is a small game that should, however, attract you to your charming, unusual aura.

This is a game that already has its years. Her prime minister took place in 2003. The game is made of five drums, three rows and nine payment lines. It has RTP at 95.31% and average variation. We can get up to 10,000 coins here. We will find here bonus functions, such as Wild and Scatter symbols, multipliers or free turns.

  1. Jingle Spin

Another Santa Game is Jingle Spin. This is a two-year proposal from Netent. Her action takes place in a wooden houses of Santa Claus, who, together with his helper, gives away players with gifts. Game symbols are cones, baubles and oranges with cinnamon sticks. The machine creates a great, warm climate.

The game consists of five drums, three rows and twenty payment lines. It has average / high variability and RTP in the amount of almost 96.5%. In addition to Wild Symbols or free Spins, we also have a special wheel of Fortuna, which gives us immediate prizes.

  1. Fat Santa

Fat Santa is the second two-year-old game. This time, we will focus on the production by Push Gaming, which is not yet so popular. Contrary to appearances, we will not recall the thick Saint Nicholas at all. Slot action is probably somewhere in Alaska. In the background we see a snow-covered land, a lighted wooden house and a powerful Christmas tree.

This sweet machine has been built from a symbol grid with a size of 5 × 5 fields. There are 50-fixed paid combinations here. At the maximum rate, you can win up to 160,000 coins. The game has different bonus functions, for example related to Wild or free spin symbols.

  1. Xmas Magic

The Xmas Magic game really looks magically. Its campaign takes place in the evening, and in the background you can see a large tenement house in which lights are shining. Among the symbols we can see Christmas decorations, bows, socks with gifts, but also Christmas delicacies, like hot chocolate, cakes. The game is interesting because it puts us in a similar mood that accompanies us immediately before the start of the Christmas Eve supper.

This is a game built of five drums and four rows, having 50 pre-set outpatients. It is a high volatility and RTP machine in the form of 96.5%. We will find here additional functions such as free spins, scatter and wild symbols. The maximum potential win is 1,000,000 coins.

  1. Rudolph Gone Wild

Next production also comes from a less famous creator, SG Digital. Rudolph Gone Wild is a game in which the main role plays no one else, as just Rudolf's reindeer. In the lower right corner of the game screen, we see not very satisfied Rudolf, who observes our actions. Symbols are here Mikołajów and decorated with gingerbread icing.

The game was built from the planner of the size of five drums and four rows. We have here at the disposal of 50 pre-determined payment systems. A maximum one can only win here to 5,000x of the selected rate. The game is equipped with bonus functions, such as Wild symbols in several different types or mode of even twenty free spins.

  1. Epic Holiday Party

This time Mikołaj moved to Las Vegas. In this case, it is also not good to call him Santa Claus, because Slot presents him as a normal man who likes to take advantage of mundane entertainment from time to time. The symbols of the game depict images of his workers and his same, dressed in an elegant, red suit. In the background you can see the neon capital of the world gambling.

The vending machine was created in November this year. His creator is a RTG artist. This is a game with dimensions of five drums, three rows and 243 payment lines. RTP game is exactly 95%. The game has several additional features, but the most important thing is the presence of a jackpot available in four different versions dependent on size.

  1. Secrets of Christmas

I think everyone has heard about a fairly popular legend saying that small children wanting to get a gift should leave a glass of milk and cookies on the table. If they go polite sleep, the next day under the Christmas tree will wait for them. The SECRETS OF CHRISTMAS GAME describes this phenomenon. The proper game is preceded by a nice intro, in which we see a room full of toys. The symbols of the game are socks in which small gifts are placed, candles and gingerbread houses.

The author of the slot is a netent. The game was created in 2016. Her RTP is 96.72%. The slot also has average volatility and was built from a planner with five drums and three rows. As additional functions, we have Wild and Scatter symbols here and free spins with multipliers to win.

  1. Taco Brothers Saving Christmas

The action of the next game takes place this time in Mexico. The proper game precedes Intro, in which to the further game introduces us covered with snow, smiling cactus, dressed in a distinctive, colorful hat. The heroes of the games are Taco Brothers, Paso, Pepe and Pico, who are members of the Mexican music band playing acoustic guitars.

Taco Brothers Saving Christmas is a slot by Elk Studios. The game was built in five drums and holds 243 withdrawals. RTP game is 96.4%, which is associated with comparable frequent, but relatively small winnings. Features of bonus games are Wild, free spins and numerous re-spins.

Naturally, christmas games there are much more and no way to replace them all together. In our opinion, we presented ten these more interesting slots that interested us due to unique additional options and the original theme and theme.

Christmas is the time of gifts. If you fertilize us, we can become personal Santa Claus our loved ones as soon as you can win in one of the presented games.

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