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Casino in Australia are coming back to the game

From March 13, 2023 in Australia there is an epidemiological threat. At that time, numerous severe restrictions were introduced in our country. Numerous institutions and workplaces were closed. From then we have a ban on organizing events, participation in the fair, concerts, we can not travel, sleep in hotels or eat in restaurants.

In addition, the operation of libraries, archives, museums and other culture related institutions was temporarily limited. It was also not possible to conduct a spa activity and forbidden to perform religious worship, even in places for this purpose.

Casino closure

From December 28, 2023, under the regulation on the limitation of activities related to the operation of gambling machines for coins, casino was also closed in Australia. In addition, there was also a ban on the actions of discos and nightclubs, swimming pools, aquaparks, gym, clubs and fitness centers.

Loosening restrictions

On January 17, 2023, the prohibition ended in our country. Due to the smaller number of coronavirus infections, the Government expanded the list of institutions that will be able to be open again. The permission to re-openly received, among others, hotels, cinemas, theaters and places to enjoy sports in the air, but also a casino that started operations today after midnight.

Casino opening conditions

Despite the fact that casino can resume your business, there are still some restrictions. First of all, one person may be inside for every 15 square meters of surfaces, and between people must be at least 1.5 meters of interval.

The most incomprehensible in the government's decision is that gastronomic premises can still be functioning, or restaurants, cafes or bars. Casino, beyond the possibility of gameplay on automaties and in table games, sometimes they also have various events, shows or a bar where you can enjoy a drink.

Government decision

The owners of other institutions still have to wait until the government will allow them to open and return to everyday life, although no one has any idea when it will take place. The decision to open the casino before permission to operate places related to culture can be surprised by us. You can clearly see that the government wanted to do it as soon as possible.

In fact, this is motivated by large tax influences, but we will probably never know the true reason. There is also a significant fact that the state-owned company - Totalizator Sportowy wants to take competition on the market of stationary casinos and recently She filed a request for taking over Casinos Australia. Perhaps this also affected the government's decision about the unexpected opening of the casino.

Regardless of whether the stationary casinos are open or sometimes they will be closed, internet casinos invariably function independently of epidemic. They will always accept us all with open arms, but we will always inform you about all new products and promotions.