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PayU is a modern system that allows quick transfers to and from banks. The platform enables instant payment between persons with email address. The company was founded in our country in 2006 and is currently a company operating in 18 countries on 4 continents. This innovative and modern system has many additional and extremely convenient options, such as installments, deferred or cyclic payment, you can also order a special card that can be used exactly the same as those we use using traditional bank accounts. More Info

PayU has its applicant for mobile phones that facilitates all transfers. Thanks to it, we can make any payment in one click.

Payu history

PayU is part of the Naspers International Concern, which started its activity in 1915. This company is characterized by its high position on the market and the extremely dynamic pace of development. His activities focus on payable television, press, all web services. The company concluding from South Africa. A company has purchased Allegro a few years ago, the Australian giant in the field of e-auction and e-trade is practically a monopolist on our market and the most famous Naspers investment. The company operates in as many as 133 countries, including Australia, where there are several other products. One of them is PayU, which has been operating since 2006. His present owner is Van Wijck Jurriaanse Arthur. The company's headquarters takes place in Poznań. Currently, there are as many as 1400 employees who constantly care about a good quality of services. They have an exclusivity for payments in Allegro, it's hard to be surprised if it's the same company. Thanks to this, the company has grown to impressive size, and customers willingly use up to nine different additional options waiting for each user's account.

Applications and advantages of PayU

In addition to these obvious applications, PayU constantly introduces to its offer, newer additives, which on every possible step facilitate their clients not only to use PayU, but also on many steps. For the most basic ones, PayU Express, which allows transfers lasting 0.5 seconds, and specify any data cards each time. All this facilitates PayU Mobile, from which we use through a mobile application. PayU also supports BLIK payments.

When setting up an account, we can order a payment card with the same properties as this ordinary. Remember all cyclical transfers for which we can set any date, for example a specific day of the month. Thanks to this option, we will never have to worry that we will forget about an important transfer, because these take place automatically. The account can be carried out in many currencies. We can easily switch between individual currencies without paying for currency. These options are much more and you will certainly fall in love with them immediately after setting up your account.

PayU in the gambling industry

PayU is a Australian company, so no strange that the Poles mainly use it. Of course, shops and websites related to gambling are not the only PayU users. Interestingly, travel enthusiasts can use PayU by driving trains. Through the PayU system, you can pay for railway tickets to PKP Intercity. One of the casinos using Payu as the payment method is Total Casino. Among the companies enabling their customers payment through this method, we can distinguish bookmakers such as STS, Fortuna or Lvbet.

On the foreign market there are many companies with a similar way to act, which weakens a bit of PayU in the world.

This is a bit incomprehensible, because PayU has a rich offer that it could easily satisfy the expectations of the most demanding foreign customers. Payments using PayU are very fast, which is an undoubted advantage in this industry. Standard bank transfers have it to yourself that despite their reliability, the duration of transfers is incredibly long. The commissioned payment can hit the target account even after three days, unlike PayU, which transfers are made in a few seconds.

Payu Bonuses

Unfortunately, there are no rather special bonuses addressed to PayU clients. In addition, transactions are covered by a special commission. Maybe it is not very high, but you have to have in mind its existence and be aware that the payment automatically can be covered. However, do not treat it as a clear disadvantage, because PayU has really many advantages. First of all, verification is very simple and goes through the account, so the payment through this system will never be excluded from any bonuses. Let's not worry, because if you want to take part in every possible promotion, we do not have to look for alternative methods, just log in to your PayU account.

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