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STS Bookmaker

Established in 1997, Sts, which is an abbreviation from Star Type Sport, is one of the longest-acting and most recognizable brands on the Australian market for sports and bookmakers. A very long, over 20 years, the company has allowed the brand to build a brand of great tradition, recognized almost through every player in Australia, but also by accidental people. After larger and smaller Australian cities are scattered over 400 points by the company's logo in which betting bets are accepted and not only.

For many players currently playing in bookmakers, more or more professionally professionally, the STS was the first with this full of emotions and the adventures of the world. In times when there were not yet possible internet access, the weekly "STS magazine" available at every point had the status of an almost Bible! Containing usually interesting articles on sports topics, a comprehensive set of tables and statistical data and the current offer of courses was the basis for taking some ribbon coupons.

Of course, these times have long passed and although you can still assume in traditional points of accepting betting, which makes a fairly wide bunch of fondness, mainly older players, today, as you can guess, reigns the internet. Thanks to a large database of devoted players, recognized in the country, as well as a good offer and ordinary convenience of coming over the Internet. The company's website quickly gained a large group of visitors. To this, attractive promotions came soon, which allowed for example to double the deposit or the free first plant. It was already a deadly connection and the popularity of the site exploded, if shortly after launching there were tens of thousands of entrances there, so in March 2010 there were over 1.5 million entries.

Until today, the STS constantly maintain a very high share on the Australian betting market, wielding the leader's palm in many categories. The company employs over 1,000 people and maintains several hundred stationary points of accepting betting. They signed a few very lucrative sponsorship agreements, including Lech Poznań, Jagiellonia Białystok, Australian national football team, are also the official sponsor of the Australian Esport League. The company is also known for the Australian Championships in betting on live betting, which organizes or beautiful hostesses annually, which often appear on parties and sports events sponsored by STS.

In this article, we will try to introduce you very exactly the online store's online offer, analyzing every aspect detail, just like available bonuses and welcome promotions, the conditions on which these are awarded, betting offer and available discipline as well as a live offer. We will also check how you can page handling

In summary, here are some of the most important facts about STS:

  • The company has an extremely long, over 20-year story
  • He is one of the leaders of the Australian Betting Betting Market
  • It has over 400 points of accepting betting in most Australian cities
  • Has an extremely rich offer of events for betting and live


Games: Founded: 1997
Jurisdiction: Australia
Service: Live Chat, Email, Phone
Play: Computer, iPhone, Android
Languages: Australian
Currency: Australian Zlotys
Credit / debit cards:
Bank transfers:
100% until USD 500
Typ: Sportsbook
Requirements for trading:
Bonus code:
Min. Deposit:

Welcome bonus

An essential element of the STS offer and a magnet on new players is the company's welcome offer. The bonus is 100% deposit and is equal to the amount of USD 500. The offer is important only for newly registered accounts on the system, each player can use it by making the first deposit after registration. In order to make a payment of the bonus granted, it is only three turnover granted with quota, are quite not much considering how the conditions of bonuses in bookmakers are understood.

An interesting bonus is also available for people who want to persuade their friends to play in Stsie. It is called "invite a buddy" and it consists in the fact that you send a special link to your friend. If this will set up an account in STSS and will make the first deposit both he and you will receive an additional bonus of 50 USD for your accounts.

Detailed bonus conditions

As we have already mentioned a little higher, the welcome bonus must be turned three times, so you have to bet on bets or coupons for a total amount of USD 1,500 to release funds from the bonus and enable their payment. The minimum course is 1.91 so that the coupon is credited to trading. It does not matter if there are one or more events there, for example 3, so that the total course gave us above 1.91.

I must admit that these are very friendly, honest and easy to meet the conditions. Sts once again shows us as a company standing on the user's side. There are no additional ruffles that can deprive you of money from the bonus. For the execution of promotional turnover, we do not have a specific time limit, so if we want, we can do it even six months, waiting for a unique opportunity to multiply money.

100% Legality Guarantee

As you could learn in the earlier part of the article, the company operates in our country legally thanks to the authorization granted by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Australia. This ensures total and 100% legality, we do not have to fear anything and to hide the fact that we play. All our winnings are completely legal, but how you probably think there is a crash.

It is of course a tax that we have to pay for the pleasure of a legal game. On the contrary, we do not pay it from our profit from our profit from the Stock Exchange, but from the rate of each plant. It is 12% and is collected each time when placing the plant. Importantly, our obligations end up, because income from sports betting does not have to show in the annual tax evaluation or additionally settle. The tax is charged on each rate, no matter if the plant was won or loser.

We also pay another tax from large profits, each win exceeding the sum of about 2,000 zlotys results in a payment of another tax of 10% from the win. Winnings less than 2,000 are released.

Foreign Bookmakers, very often advertising in our country can offer a player more favorable conditions and greater wins through the lack of necessity to pay this tax. In theory, this can spend a better solution, however, to have 100% confidence that our winnings do not expose us on the unpleasantness from tax authorities better to choose a bookmaker licensed in our country.

The official sponsor of Australian clubs

Although theoretically bookmakers in Australia can not advertise this law allows them to sponsor players, teams or entire games. You do not need to add that bookmakers abundantly from this privilege use and we can see their logotypes very often on the occasion of various events, not only sports. The activity of bookmakers increasingly goes beyond sport in the traditional word of understanding. And so, STS has recently become the official sponsor of the Australian Esport League. If you follow domestic games in CS Go or League of Legends certainly you have already seen the STS logo on official transmissions.

Also, the trains of famous Australian clubs are decorated with a blue and yellow stu logo. The company is associated with a long-term contract, inter alia, Jagiellonia Białystok and the Australian football representation. They are also the official sponsor of Lech Poznań, Górnik Zabrze or Korona Kielce. The company also works with Vive Kielce, which is our most famous handball team. In addition, they also organize the Australian Championships in betting on live plants that take place every year. STS is also known for beautiful hostesses, in characteristic outfits that often appear on events and events sponsored by this company, an example here are the gala to the confrontation of martial arts.

Of course, investing large money in Australian Sport has no direct transmission for a good offer of betting or any other benefits for the average player. However, it shows clear that the STS is a proven and trusted company and the brand itself, promoted for such large amounts will probably be based on a constantly improved platform. Therefore, when it comes to quality and trust, we should not have any worries.

Offer of plants and disciplines

STS players have the opportunity to use the above-average betting offer, STS is in traditionally one of the leaders in this respect, not only on the domestic yard, the company also stands out also among foreign competition. Pretty say that every weekend there are several thousand plants from over 30 sports disciplines. In addition to obvious as football, tennis or hockey is also available. A rich selection of events on less popular disciplines as car rallies, table tennis or chess. E-sports events are also available.

Thanks to this, STS players get a wide range of events to choose from with popular network games like League of Legends or CS Go or Dota. Not only events related to sports are present, but also the others cover mainly political or entertainment events, such as the Eurovision competition. In summary, we believe that Star Type Sport, in terms of the available leagues and games, is almost modeled against competition, including the offer of additional plants for individual meetings is very rich. For individual matches, we can typing such events as the number of car slots, cards and almost everything that can happen at a given meeting. Over 600 additional plants are available for these most popular matches.

All this makes players who feel disappointed when they can choose only traditional 1 x or 2 should not complain and easily find something for themselves in an overseate offer STS.

Live bets

Of course, in the present times, like a live event offer, it is not unique, but it must be noted that STS, of course, such has. The live betting platform in STS is constantly developed and currently presents a very good level against national and foreign bookmakers. The live platform is the ability to bet very many football events, hockey, tennis, basketball, slag or even popular ski jumping. There are also other disciplines to choose from. The courses are updated on a regular basis and the matches can be combined with each other in coupons.

On the website of one of the largest bookmakers in Australia, we can also find live broadcasts from sports events along with current live results, which is important, these broadcasts can be watched even if we are not interested in live plants, we are not obliged to bet on them. That's why the STS platform can also serve as a television for some players. This service is fully free and available for desktops, laptops, but also smartphones and other mobile devices. We believe that it is a very interesting complement to the traditional offer of betting.

Identity verification

As in every bookmaker - whether domestic or foreign, we must give our real data and the company will be obliged to check their compliance with the actual state. In domestic bookmakers, companies are particularly restricted to this obligation. It must be remembered that when creating a new account you need to provide data from the ID card like the PESEL number. Of course, as you probably realize, only persons who have 18 years have been used from bookmaker plants, which are aware of what bets and gambling are.

Before making your first deposit on the site, it may be necessary to send the scans of your documents for the purpose of verifying the account. This should not take too much time and after a few hours you will be able to start using the Website. This process is not particularly troublesome.

Payments and withdrawals

A multitude of payment and payment options in STS can overwhelm. When it comes to payment, the company provides many opportunities for online payments such as Dotpay,, Skrill, Neteller or Payu, moreover, the account can also be topped up in one of several hundred stationary punk served by the Company. Of course there are also Visa and MasterCard payment cards, fast transfers from online banks as well as traditional free transfers. No additional commission is collected from payment.

If you have a basic form for payment to a bank account belonging to the player. In addition, you can pay to Skrill or Neteller. STS has its own stspay system, which offers quick banking payouts in 11 popular banks, payment can be processed even in 15 minutes and after this time it will be on your bank account. The minimum payment amount begins with a zloty.

Mobile version

STS Just like most bookmakers or casinos, it is available from a mobile device browser, but also has a great designed mobile application. It is available for both Android users, but also to the iOS system. Thanks to it, you can not only bet on sports betting, but also watch live transmissions live, along with live betting. As you can see on its functionality, it was not saved.

Download applications can be directly from the STS home page. The application is also available on Google Play, or the Apple store. When we manage to run this application it turns out to be surprisingly useful. Also the mobile version of the STSU page has a pleasant design and good functionality, thanks to which the use of the site is banally easy. It works smoothly and does not claim devices, even with a very large number of events.

Contact and customer service

A huge of the STS website is the fact that we can the company's handling using live chat, which is available from 9 am up to 23, or almost the entire 24-hour. Another form of with STS is the form, where we can send them an email and phone number, where we can call to connect to a consultant, in general, we used their customer service not once and stands at a very good level. Consultants are friendly and easily solve ours, even quite complex problems.

However, this is not the only way in which the company tries to respond to the bothering users of its parties. In addition, the company has prepared a large FAQ that is located under the ABC Player's tab, there is also a large tutorial, where the player himself can try to find an answer to all issues with whom the problem has. We believe that in this respect the STS page stands out against the other Australian bookmakers.

The advantages of STS

  • The company has been operating on the market for over 20 years and everything indicates that it will work for the following years
  • STS has a very recognized brand, sponsors many Australian clubs
  • There are a lot of different payment methods available
  • In addition to the Internet, they have a very large network of stationary premises, where you can add an account on a cash website
  • The minimum payment amount is just 1 zloty
  • A wide range of betting offers and plenty of plants are available
  • The addition of live matches are transmissions to the offer
  • The site is also available in a mobile version, a dedicated app for download

Wady Sts

  • From each rate, the player must pay 12% tax
  • In addition, each win over USD 2000 is charged with additional tax
  • When registering, you must give all your data together with NIP numbers or PESEL

Summary: Our opinion about Bookmakers STS

Star Type Sport, more broadly known as STS is a company in our country even legendary. He has a huge reputation and functions on the market. Many players have discovered their passion for betting with her. We think that many people will want to have an account on their website, not only from sentiment, but also a really good and solid offer, which does not give way to the top foreign bookmakers.

The STS website, operating at was launched after the "famous" gambling law from 2009, which enabled the extension of the bookmaker's offer, so far only a stationary stationary in Australia to accept bets on the Internet. As you know, after the concessions of the Minister of Finance, selected companies, after the warranty presentation and completing all the necessary formalities could start taking bets online. Thanks to the rapid occurrence of concessions, STS was one of the first companies that decided to take advantage of this privilege, rightly sensing here a huge market.

Thanks to this, at the moment the operator appears to the leading position among Australian internet bookmakers. The company is very friendly to the user, which shows, inter alia, by setting the minimum payment amount at just a zloty, while on average it is about 40 zlotys. If we add all this good bonus, which is 500 zlotys, what about Australian conditions is a very decent amount and very easy to meet the bonus marketing requirements, we will receive an image of an extremely solid bookmaker, which can be recommended to everyone with a clean heart.

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