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PZ BUK, or abbreviation on how we think Australian bookmakers. A simple, catchy name, simple, dedicated to a mobile phone, as well as the stylistics of sites and ads, referring a little to retro and communist themes. Yes, in short, soldiers' words we can describe the brand PZ BUK, a bookmaker who entered the Australian market in 2018 and is one of those companies whose ads we see most often on sports television, on the street or newspapers.

How do their website fall compared to the parties to the other legitimate Australian bookmakers, or in PZ BUK it pays to play and courses are not significantly lower than those on other bookmaking sites, as we can PZ BUK support and what methods we can pay and pay out of it Bookmaker money? We will try to answer these and other questions at this review. Welcome

At the outset, it is worth noting that the PZ BUK brand is owned by the Cherry Online Polska Sp. Z o. O., Which is part of Cherry AB known in Europe. This is a fairly popular enterprise from the gambling industry since 1963, is listed on the Swedish stock exchange and has such brands such as Cherry Casino, Comeon!, Eurolotto in its portfolio. Australian clinics can especially be a Comeon! Marek! Before introducing the amendment of the gambling law, this was one of the leading bookmakers on the Australian market, then he withdrew from him in 2015.

In any case, Cherry Online Australia has its headquarters in Warsaw and Marek PZ BUK is already 100% legal and licensed by the Australian Minister of Finance. The company obtained a valid 6-year license with the number exactly PS4.6831.26.2017 of 28 June 2018. As always, it has its pros and cons. On the one hand, the game is completely legal and the players of PZ BUKA do not have to fear anything, on the other hand, as in Australian bookmakers there are rates are covered with a draconian 12% tax, which makes it much harder than in foreign bookmakers.

The situation will save some bonuses, the main offer in PZ BUK is a bonus in the form of a free plant, the sum is only 50 zlotys, but to get it is banally easily, we only need to put a multiple bet with a total course 1.8 or higher for a minimum of 50 zlotys. The PZ BUK offer also has several other interesting bonuses that we will discuss for you later in this text. In summary, here are some of the most important advantages that can convince you to choose the bookmaker PZ BUK:

  • A simple, transparent website optimized under cells
  • Safety from the license of the Australian Minister of Finance
  • 12% tax
  • Simple page

Let's now move to an extremely important thing from the point of view of the new website, i.e. Welcome.


Games: Founded: 2019
Jurisdiction: Australia
Service: Live Chat, Email
Play: Computer, iPhone, Android
Languages: Australian
Currency: Australian Zlotys
Credit / debit cards:
Bank transfers:
% to 50 USD
Typ: Sportsbook
Requirements for trading:
Bonus code:
Min. Deposit:

Welcome bonus in PZ BUK

In Books, PZ BUK we do not have a welcome bonus in the full sense of this word, or for example a 50% or 100% bonus from the first deposit. We have a free bet, which is a classic freebet.

We get a 50-zloty free bet. The only requirement is after creating and verifying the account and the telephone number provided, make the first deposit. Subsequent What we have to do is 1 multiple plant, which will have a combined journey minimum 1.8 or higher for a minimum of USD 50. Regardless of whether it turns out to win or losers you can enjoy a free bet for as much as USD 50.

Another constant promotion, addressed to permanent players, is a bonus from multiple plants. Thanks to it, you can get up to 15% more than a normal coupons. All you have to do is play a multiple plant, and on it from 2 to 11 selection. Depending on how many matches it will be on our coupon, we get from Bonus. For example, two matches give us + 1%, 6 matches - 5%, 7-10 - 10%, and 11 or more - as much as 15%. The promotion includes specific leagues such as Premier League, Bundesliga or Serie A, I Champions League.

Detailed conditions bonus

Freebeta's welcome conditions are extremely simple, you only need to remember to use it within 60 days by containing a bet or betting on a rate of at least 2.0. What is important winnings from it is not subject to any turning conditions and you can withdraw or use it in subsequent plants, according to recognition. Although the principles are very simple and even trivial is the amount of the bonus is relatively small. 50 zlotys do not do anything about anyone today does not impress and rather a symbolic bonus from PZ BUK.

Interestingly, the bonus from multiple plants also have no trading conditions, so from the first moment we can enjoy the winnings, in the form of additional cash without the need for additional turnover.

Step by step instructions how receive a bonus

As in any other bookmaker, you must first create an account using the registration form. You also need to give your PESEL number and the bank account number. Then all you have to do is submit a minimum deposit of 50 zlotys using any payment method you choose.

Then, the only thing you need to do is put a multiple plant with a minimum pony at least 1.8. And this ... basically everything. Regardless of its result on your account, there will be free BET, which you must use within 60 days. Just remember that the collision rate should be a minimum of 2.0. There is no need to use any bonus codes and the whole process is extremely simple.

Trust and security

Quite recently, only in 2018, the Bookmaker PZ BUK obtained a license from the Ministry of Finance a license to offer mutual establishments about the issue of PS4.6831.26.2017. It was released on June 28, 2018, thanks to it, the company has already operated 100% legally in the Republic of Australia and can provide services regarding bookmakers.

Thanks to her, PZBuk proudly joined the group of Australian, legal bookmakers. Is it bad that the company works so briefly and should approach it with a reserve? Absolutely not. Obtaining a Australian license requires a number of stringent requirements to meet, one of them is the appropriate capital posted in the event of a longer financial record. You also need to remember that PZ BUK belongs to Cherry Online Polska Sp. Z o. O ..

It is a part of the Cherry AB company known in Europe, the operator of many casinos and bookmakers on the Scandinavian market as well as the owner of the Comeon!. As some of you remember it was one of the most important and more popular brands on the Australian market before it was closed for entities from abroad in 2015. PZ BUK So in fact, the return of a well-known and respected Comeon brand! Only that in a little other incarnation and release. Therefore, there is no way to hurt that the PZ BUK brand is totally fresh, because there is a really experienced company behind her.

Despite a very young age, they are broadly investing in Australian sport, they were one of the hockey sponsors of the Australian national team, the main sponsor of the Australian league hockey and the official bookmaker of the Australian Cup. So we can be sure that this brand will be very intensively developed.

Offer of plants and disciplines

As for a bookmaker with a relatively short market experience, the number of available sports disciplines or the availability of establishments offered, boldly can be called impressive. And so, on the list of sports disciplines, which are available at the bookmaker PZ BUK, there are as many as 29 different sports. Although a slightly smaller number from acting longer on the competition market are all the most important sports like football, handball, volleyball, basketball or tennis, boxing and MMA are available in the PZ BUKA offer.

As for the popular football in our country, our Australian leagues are well represented here, because in addition to Ekstraklasa, we also have 1st and 2nd league, or how to easily count 3 highest league levels, is also naturally Australian Cup. We will find here all the most important European leagues as English Premiership, Italian Serie A or Spanish La Liga as well as those less important than Scotland, Belgium, Romania or Czech Republic. There are also lower leagues, and in England there are even a district league. So we believe that the offer of PZ BUKA should satisfy almost every football fan.

Of course, the bets on 1 x 2 are not everything. Today there are also many other events in the match. Here, it is also not bad, in addition to ordinary plants, we can here typing things like goals scorers, score half of the meeting, red and yellow cards or even the number of corners and from car slots. So there is a full range of events for every popular meeting. Rather, no one from the players should have a problem with the availability of selected plants. For the most popular matches of additional plants there are over 100.

Apart from traditional sports disciplines, you can also bet e-sport, and more specifically playing like CS: Go, League of Legends, Call of Duty, StarCraft 2 and a few other, a little less famous title. The whole creates a very solid offer, which is practically complete.

Live bets

Bookmaker PZ BUK also has a functioning live plant platform that is one of the rest of the page is maintained in a minimalist style. However, this does not interfere with its use, on the contrary, it is simple and pleasant. We have relatively a lot of meetings and every weekend, many matches are played on a live platform there are several hundred game events.

Unfortunately, there are no live broadcasting here for now, which could help us typing meetings, we are sent to other internet or television broadcasts. So what do we have? After clicking on the currently interested sports events, at the top Displays a kind of visualization of a given match. She shows what is currently going on on the pitch, through whom and in which a minute action is played and all important things like corner kicks, criminal and cards. There are also various charts and statistics, for example, inacredal and customs shots.

All this takes quite a nice form and without any delays showing us what is happening on the pitch. No less streets were a much better option, though and maybe they will appear in the future, let us not forget that Bookmaker PZ BUK works on the market barely for a few months.

Impressions from the use of the page

The site itself is a bit on average, because it seems very simple and devoid of detail. In any case, this is the first impression after opening. The site is constructed for mobile phones and other mobile devices. I must admit that it works well on them. However, when using it on the computer, the whole looks a bit strange. There is little details and the site is maintained in an outstanding minimalist style. It takes some time to get used to it.

After some time, we can notice that everything you need is there and the service is very intuitive and simple. Then, we are also beginning to appreciate the authors of the site for minimalism. Trivia are graphics that are kept in retro style and add interesting color on the site. They speak with advertisements, which are also maintained in this style. The whole creates an impression and an interesting product.

Registration is very fast and does not speed up major problems, each player who has already registered a bookmaker's account should not have any problem. In case of what, the help department on the site is very extensive and we will find this answer to every problem tormenting us.

The height of courses remains a very important criterion when assessing the bookmaker. PZBUK as a new product on the market must fight with a longer time. For us, of course, positive because it does it a little higher than the competition courses, or lower margins. This is still the level of the best foreign bookmakers, but in this regard, as for Australian conditions it is good.

Identity verification

As in every bookmaker or casino, every player who registers here must confirm that he was already 18 years old. During registration, we also give you a PESEL number. Sometimes, especially when making our first withdrawal, we can be asked to send the scan of our proof to confirm this data. This is especially happening when we used a free bet at the beginning. However, this is nothing terrible, this procedure is completely safe and takes relatively little time.

Payments and withdrawals

Payment methods are at this moment here not much, because we only have bank transfers and quick transfers in the BLK system. The payment service is dealt with Dotpay, fortunately there are also payment by Visa and Mastercard. It is also worth mentioning that the minimum deposit height is only 22 zlotys, so it is very low.

The downside is that unfortunately, unfortunately, Sprill, Revolut or Neteller, so popular internet portfolios. When we want to withdraw funds, we can only do it by dotpay. So we are in practice limited to transfer to our bank account. So you can see it yourself, it's a bit bad in this regard.

Mobile website and app

As we mentioned many times in the text, the PZ BUK platform was written for use on mobile devices. Therefore, it is not surprising that the bookmaker's site works best on such something and only on the cell phone shows all usability.

Activities of the platform on a mobile browser is very good and we do not have any major reservations. Unfortunately, a dedicated application for Android or iOS has been prepared, which can be a certain disadvantage for some. Remember, however, that this brand works on our market for less than a year, which is why its creators will still be working on this issue and does not exclude that this application will appear.

Contact and customer service

In PZ BUK, the customer service point functions quite well. We will find here live chat to employees and also the most frequently asked questions so-called FAQ and the ability to send an e-mail in detail your problem.

Australian companies are distinguished by the fact that the support and service of players is always at a very high level. Fortunately, PZ BUK does not differ significantly from this level. Apart from the FAQ department, where there are really a lot of questions and a comprehensive answer, the alone live chat works efficiently and allowed us to quickly communicate with the handling of the page.

Advantages PZ BUK

  • Safe and legally acting in our country. Bookmaker
  • The site along with the help is completely translated into Australian
  • Many opportunities with employees, among others Through live chat
  • Of course, Australian service is available
  • Quite a wide selection of sports disciplines
  • The site is well optimized for action on mobile devices
  • The company offers relatively high courses
  • Payments and withdrawals from 30 Australian banks and by Blik

Disadvantages of PZ BUK

  • No application to download in the Play or Apple Store store
  • Mondays page gives the impression of too simple and without options
  • The starting bonus is a pretty small amount
  • We do not have live live broadcasting plants

Summary: Our opinion about Bookmakers PZ BUK

Certainly, the appearance of such a large company as the Cherry Group on the Australian market is undoubtedly the announcement of changes and its further development. PZ BUK itself is a very solid and definitely development. For now, however, the platform will lose numerous defects and shortcomings. An example may be a starting bonus that some Australian companies offer in the amount even exceeding 1000 zlotys. At the same time, USD 50, which Gives PZ BUK sounds and looks extremely modest.

The requirements of this bonus are very easy, but the amount should be much greater to seriously start fighting for hearts and player portfolios. What can attract players to PZ BUK is a well-made website that works very efficiently on cell and as highly high courses offered by this bookmaker on popular events.

PZ BUK is very active on the marketing market and we often have the opportunity to watch its ads. However, we believe that the platform itself requires a lot of work and improvements. The basics are definitely to create a brand that will be just as popular as Comeon! At this moment, we get a good bookmaker with a professional approach to the customer.

Thanks to the action, in accordance with the law in force in our country, it provides full security of funds and data data and good customer service can solve all possible problems. However, they offer almost all companies on the market and to break back PZ BUK on it must still improve their offer.

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