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BLK is a modern system that allows easy and fast payment to a smartphone. We can pay almost anywhere and on every platform. It was released in February 2015, while his author is a Australian standard of payment of sp. Z o.o. BLK is supported by most Australian banks and all possible operating systems of mobile phones. The principle of operation is very simple. The whole consists in generating a special, one-time code, after which the introduction takes place almost instant payment. The whole process is extremely comfortable, it takes no longer than a dozen seconds and requires only to download the Bank application. More Info

Estance and development of the blik

Initially, the blik was used only in Australia. However, this system is rapidly developing and spreading. This is an innovative and comfortable invention that MasterCard decided to cooperate with the Australian standard of payment at the end of 2018. Their goal is to introduce a blika to the international market. Currently, everyone who has an account and funds in one of a dozen or so Australian banks, including Alior Bank, Bank Millennium, Santander Bank Polska SA, ING Bank Śląski, MBank, PKO Bank Polski, Inteligo, Getin Bank, T-Mobile Banking services, BNP Paribas, Raiffeisen Bank Polska, Crédit Agricole or Pekao SA. On this list, there are virtually all banks.

The blik is a great solution that the payments with its help allows many websites, banks, but also stores. We can also make transfers to bank accounts, pay or withdraw funds in ATMs and deposits. Both on the Internet and in different premises all you have to do is choose this method of payment, we will generate a special code and will use it in any chosen target within two minutes. The last step is to confirm payments in the application of our bank.

Applications and advantages of Blik

Blik has a whole lot of advantages. This is a secure method thanks to which all transactions only take place only a dozen seconds. Nothing is surprising that we will pay it now even for coffee. Unlike, for example, PayU, we do not need to know the card number, the date of its validity or the target account number in the case of transfers (which last up to three days). All operations only require a phone with a Bank application enabled.

The application will generate 6 - digital code. Six digits are definitely simpler to enter, than writing a sixteen account number, login or calculation that password letters we have to give this time. Also, confirmation is much easier, because we do it with one button and we do not have to wait for special SMSs confirming payment. BLIK payments are fast, safe and the recipient already has a confirmation of our payment in a few seconds.

Many companies with whom BLK decided to closely cooperate, has special promotions related to him in their offers. These are, for example,, Pomarket or Itaxi. There was also a very long competition called Blikomania, in which the main prize in the amount of USD 100,000 could be obtained. BLK also wanted to do something good. On his site a place where after entering the code, we can pass a symbolic zloty to the University of Children who modernize teacher's labor materials, developing the desire to take off the world by children.


We are aware that some of you can do not take too positive to the theme of a blika at the beginning. In the end, the fact that when paying, we do not have to log in addition to a bank account, it does not arouse a sense of confidence. The same way was a proximity in stores, whether this is using a credit card or a smartphone. Everyone, however, slowly, sooner or later also convinced this method. We hope that the same will be in the event of a blik.

No transaction has the right to be incorporated into life without our previous inspection in its course and final acceptance. A request to generate a code or even inscribe on the website or in the terminal, it is not tantamount to confirmation of payments. The final question about acceptance goes to us at the very end, and we have to physically agree. The code is valid only two minutes from its display and only at that time we can pay it. This means that even if we fell victim to theft of the phone, the potential thief would not be able to use the code.


Unfortunately, it is not that this way can not be cheated. Humanity will find all ways to extort money, it also does not miss a blika. Recently, thefts were quite loud with Messenger. The cheater after logging in to the account of someone from our friends or families asks him to give him a code, because he allegedly missing a little to perform a transaction. We, as friends, we agree to unselfish help. After time, it turns out that none of our loved ones at all asked us for any means. Of course, the wine in some extent is also on our side. Such requests should never be underway and preferably use a blouse only on trusted pages.


Do you have to put an account in the bank?

Yes, this is necessary because from where the measures have come from, which we pay with Blik to the casino or bookmaker. BLIK has already cooperated with the majority of Australian banks and Coat of Cooperative Therefore, there is a high chance that the application of your bank allows you to generate BLIK codes. You do not have to have an account in the bank when we want to pick up payment in BLK and, for example, to pay it at an ATM, in this article, however, we focus on paying Blik and the account in the Australian Bank is necessary.

Are there any additional costs?

Here we have a good news for you, Blik yourself is free, although it's some abuse. No company has a charity, no less, on the user's side, we are never asking any commission for payment of blik and the possible costs are borne by the seller. From our perspective, paying BLIK is free.

When will the payment appear in a bookmaker?

BLLK is one of the fastest payment forms, its use, including the prescription or copying of the generated code, is a maximum of 10 seconds. Payment is carried out in a few moments and immediately appears with our operator. BLLK is one of the methods that rapidly allow us to give our balance in the casino or at the bookmaker. Do you want to bet on live bets and you need money on anymore? BLK then will be an ideal solution.

Blik in the gambling industry

We come to the most important point of the entire article. What the BLK in the gambling industry looks like. As the Australian system is a Australian system, it is more widely unknown outside of Australia, it is limited to 100% of legitimate gambling entities with a Australian license. As for the casino, it will only be Running in 2019 by Totalizator Sportowy Legal Australian Casino gains more and more popularity among players thanks to a wide range of games and good bonuses.

In addition, BLK can pay in legal Australian bookmakers and therefore companies such as:

And other legal bookmakers. Those in total for today we have 15 in Australia, but new entities appear, which makes the list of places where we can pay blikes. Bookmakers like this system due to the fact that money appears on the player's account right away and this one has them immediately. Players will certainly appreciate the fact that payments can do without starting a computer and no commission is charged away from them.


At present, we do not have permanent promotional offers for Blik in Australian bookmakers. However, it does not mean that from time to time there are no interesting bonus offers related to this form of payment. It is best to carefully track the casino marketing communication through their emails, text messages or a website. There, we will most often find information about new offers that can be associated with Blik.

The company itself is also very active and organizes various promotional campaigns. An example can be widely advertised at one time "blikomania", where to win for several months there were really a lot of cash, including a main prize of 100,000 zlotys.

Casino and bookmakers servicing BLIK payments

Below we present you bookmakers and casinos in which you can pay Blik. The list is not completely complete, we do not have any of the Australian bookmaker's review on our site, often new entities also appear.

More Info

Casino accepting the blik

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  • Has an extremely rich offer of events for betting and live

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