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Total Casino

Total casino reviews

A great day for the Australian gambling market came, our country has been enriched by the first 100% legally acting online casino, licensed by our Minister of Finance. The name Total Casino is a "delicate" reminder that the owner of this brand is a state-owned sports company. This is a quite unusual situation so that we have one casino in the country and in state additive, but well. You will soon change and the success of the undertaking will make other companies to be allowed to the table.

For now, however, the casino operating under the domain is the only online casino with a Australian license and we have an incredible pleasure to present you his full review. As standard, as in the case of foreign on-line casinos, we will check here the bonus bonus offer and we will analyze all components of the page as the usability and smoothness of the page, mobile application, with customer service or available payment methods in the smallest details.

The name Total Casino was disclosed relatively recently, but a year ago we knew that building a casino from the technical side would take care of the PlayTech consortium. This means no less than the Playtech games will be the only ones we will see in Total Casino, because they have exclusive for now. In addition, we also have slots from QuickSpin, but do not forget that this company was purchased by Playtech. This makes the games quite a small amount, because they are just a little more than a hundred, which in today's standards does not impress anyone. This also means that Total Casino is devoid of live games, because PlayTech has no such repertoire.

Is quite serious defects, and whether the casino has been invoked in 2018? Of course! In addition to what we have already mentioned at the very beginning, that is, being one casino registered on the Australian license, the advantages of Total Casino are:

  • Great welcome bonus 100% up to 1200 zlotys + 240 free spins
  • We get a package of 25 free spins already for registration
  • Fully Australian site, possibility of payments in zlotys
  • Speaking in Australian customer service, available through live chat as well as by the national phone number
  • There are also slots with jackpot that allow you to win numerous in hundreds of thousands of zlotys

So how do you see our domestic casino is not devoid of undeniable advantages. Therefore, it can not be surprised that this project at the very beginning has been quite warmly accepted by players who show it a huge interest. You can see how much Poles were thirsty free casino entertainment that you have previously prohibited you. Totalizator Sportowy went a little further and starts stationary points throughout the country, where we can play on one-armed bandits.

Betting this review we will spread the Total Casino offer for first factors and we will step by step to analyze their offer. We start from bonuses and promotions available for Australian players.


Games: Put on:
Jurisdiction: Australia
Software: Playtech, QuickSpin
Service: Live Chat, Email, Phone
Play: Computer, iPhone, Android
Languages: Australian
Currency: Australian Zlotys
Credit / debit cards:
Bank transfers:

Bonuses and promotions

If you thought that the Australian casino would be worse than foreign counterparts, you are in a thick error. In terms of bonuses is surprisingly well. The first offer in Total Casino is not a welcome bonus, but free spins. We are already asking them to register the account on the Website. Specifically, this is the requirement to verify him by Email or SMS. Then also the casino will give you 25 free spins and 20 Golden Chip. However, this bonus without a deposit is not everything.

The main course is 100% bonus, which allows you to pick up from our national casino amount of a maximum of 1200 zlotys in the bonus, we also add a package of free spins. 100% bonus can be picked up with a deposit of 100 zlotys. So, for example, when you pay to Total Casino 100 USD you will receive a USD 100 bonus from them, so you have a sum of USD 200 to play. In addition, for every 100 zloty paid to casino, you get 20 free spins. This is extremely simple. How easy to count with a maximum payment of USD 1200, you will receive another 1200 zloty bonus and together you have 2,400 zlotys. Maximum when depositing USD 1200 you can receive a full package of 240 free splashes on slots. In our opinion, as national conditions and debuting casino are a quite offer.

Free spins can be used in all games available in the casino and most importantly also in Jackpotes such as Jackpot Giant or Age of the Gods, which can give us a winnings of many thousand zlotys. The bonus itself, as you can read below, does not have too high trading conditions, which is why we consider him a very good offer. Below, we will try to discuss the details as you apply for it and how to make the required rotation.

Step by step instructions How to get bonus

Naturally, to activate this bonus you must set up a new account in Total Casino. Even if you have never installed an account in the online casino, this process should not scare you. The form is a little long at first glance, it is necessary to specify a bank account number or PESEL at the registration, so it is better to prepare a job.

Once you choose your login and password is an account created in Total Casino you will need to confirm by entering the code from SMS or Email. When you're able to log in to not log in, it comes time to make a first deposit.

Here, fortunately, no bonus code is needed, all you need to do is make your first deposit using one of the available payment channels. Remember that the minimum amount that is required to activate the bonus is only USD 40, that is relatively little. However, a little damage does not take advantage of this unprecedented offer, because only the first deposit is a bonus, so it is worth paying to Total Casino. After payment, the bonus will be automatically activated on your account.

Also pay attention to that free spins in Total Casino in full number, i.e. 240 they are granted from a maximum deposit of USD 1,200. A smaller deposit will unfortunate with a smaller amount of free spots.

To make won payments from this bonus, it is necessary to rotate the bonus amount 30 times in games available in the casino. You have a relatively much, because 30 days. The required turnover is 30 times the amount of Bonus, i.e. quite well, comparing this with competition operating in Western Europe.

Software, games on offer

We will now go to the game description we have to choose from. We will admit without beating that we had a lot of fear in this regard. As it was announced last year on the occasion of tenders - the exclusivity have a playtech game in Total Casino, however, it turns out that we also have slots from QuickSpin. It should not be a surprise, because this company, some time ago was purchased by Playtech, which of course presents its exclusivity. In any case, currently the most popular in Total Casino Slots are:

  • Wins of fortune
  • Big bad wolf
  • Mayana
  • Phoenix Sun
  • Stars Ablaze

At this point, the number of games available in the casino does not exceed 100, unfortunately it seems and is a tragically small number. Although these games that we are great done and seem to be built on the basis of modern technologies, but there are little diversity and some themes are very poorly represented. A percentage of all games are different versions of poker video, other card and table games, this is various releases of roulette, blackjack and other card games. A wide range of this type of games is particularly important in the face of the next point.

Live casino

We would like to describe widely available in Total Casino. A live casino. Unfortunately, in Total Casino, none of the games are available in a live version, that is, such a true dealer. Unfortunately, PlayTech, which has exclusively in Total Casino Games live is not in its offer.

So we only have a lot of table games from Playtechs like Blackjack, Baccarat or Roulette. There is also Caribbean Stud Poker or Casino Holdem and a classic poker video available in many variations. Unfortunately, these are ordinary games, or vending machines where we play with a computer. There is a lack of live casino and such fans will be disappointed. This is a serious defect of Total Casino and we hope that the management righs their imminent introduction.


In Total Casino, progressive jackpots are present. At first throwing their offer is very good and tempting, however, after a closer look, this little bit. Due to the exclusivity of PlayTech and its daughter company QuickSpin, we will only be sentenced to games of these two producers. This means that we will not see here the most popular progressive jackpots as Mega Fortune from Netent or Mega Moolah from Microgaming, in return we get games such as

  • Jackpot Giant
  • Age of the gods
  • Purple Hot
  • Jackpot Bells

So the most popular jackpots look in our national casino. In total, there are 11 of them, but most of the various variants of the Age of the Gods slot, that is, De Facto is much less. Pules available to win are relatively high, because we can win a progressive jackpot in the amount of 100 or 200,000 zlotys, it's extremely much as for Australian conditions. Unfortunately, in Total Casino is quite little slots with a jackpot, a slightly greater diversity is missing.

Sports Betting

Total Casino only has a casino license and there is no chance for sports betting. In the portfolio of Totalizator Sportowy is the Company. Trip - Zakłady Mutewny Sp. zoo. However, it deals with the organization and sale of establishments for horse racing and for a while not planned by offering companies, for example, for football matches.

Customer service

Under this Total Casino falls very decent, even reference, because it has 3 forms of with customer service on their site. The first is obviously active every day from 8:00 to 24:00 live chat with a Australian consultant. A second form, from which we can also use daily a special free phone number to which we can also call from 8:00 to 24:00.

If the above for such a reason it was not enough, this is also given an e-mail address to which you can manage all your questions or suggestions regarding the operation of the website. In summary, support in Total Casino works without any problem, it is reliable, efficient and we will never stay here without answering our queries. Support is available in Australian facilitates much, in addition, a wide section of questions and answers is available as well as recommendations for safe game or exclusion.

Payment methods

The casino offers a sufficient number of various forms of payment, this is another element where she surprised us. Although there are no competitors on the Australian market, but apparently they did not rest on their laurels. So we can pay our first and another deposit by Dotpay, which is the intermediary of payments with the majority of popular Australian banks, there is also a blik, which will allow you to send quick payments from most banks. What's important blik you can pay by a mobile phone and send a transfer will take you less than a minute. There are Visa and Mastercard cards, unfortunately there are no internet portfolios like Skrill or Neteller, but this is understandable, because the casino focuses on Australian citizens, holding money in Australian banks.

Drawing the tiny minimum deposit and withdrawals, which is only USD 10, which is practically as much as nothing. However, the withdrawals are carried out on the Total Casino website only to the bank account, which is a serious downside, due to the long waiting time for payment. It is also necessary to verify the account before the first payment, but this standard is not only in Australian companies.

Impressions from the use of the page

The first impression after opening the website of our national casino is very positive. It also maintains further with the party. It is extremely transparent. Her pleasant colors. The colors are toned not very crying and does not throw in the eye. So exactly as it should be. I must admit that the Totalizator Sportowy and Playtech company made a lot of great job.

We like the logo of the page that has a gold color and looks great and also colors, or a combination of zloty with a blue color, which is very nice and rarely found. The site itself, also gives the impression of thought out, for example, we have to add a given game to your favorite possibility, so as to get a quick access to it in the future and also change the view view of the list or thumbnails with descriptions.

Although the registration form is quite long and complicated, we must give, for example, the number of our bank account or PESEL number, but probably there are legal requirements and we will not change it. The user's panel seems to be quite well thought out and we can find here the necessary options on how to make a payment or changing settings.

Games in this casino are very nicely presented, the most important and most popular have a larger miniature. A very nice thing is also shown for every game with a jackpot growing the sum of progressive pool. However, there are no division into thematic categories, unfortunately it involves the fact that games is a little bit.

Mobile side

While the full version of the page for desktops is made great and with great care for details, we have the impression that when using the Website on your mobile phone and other mobile devices as tablets the topic has been treated a bit after Piecoszem. In Total Casino we have no mobile application to download, but it should be noted that the service is very fresh when you write this review and this may occur.

Of course, as almost in any case, when we open the page on a mobile phone in a mobile browser, we get a different, more simplified version. Sometimes it is difficult to close a window about Rodo, which pops up. The mobile side itself seems to be fine, although in our opinion a lot is missing to the best mobile platforms that have a top foreign casino. A mobile version would be a little more transparency. There are no problems with the operation of games on the phone, because all are modern written in HTML5, not in Flash.


  • A very nice bonus offer that gives a 100% bonus up to USD 1200
  • Additionally, at the first payment, we can receive up to 240 free spins
  • There is also a bonus without a deposit for registration itself, 20 free spins
  • The site is fully available in Australian
  • Also customer service on live chat is available in Australian
  • In the casino, modern games are available in HTML 5
  • This is the only 100% legal casino in Australia
  • Winnings are not charged with any tax!
  • A very low minimal sum payment and withdrawal, which is only USD 10


  • A serious downside is to make payments only to bank accounts
  • No application for mobile phones or tablets
  • Little availability of games, just about 100 titles
  • Games only from Playtech and QuickSpin cause that casino live here
  • Also, the offer of progressive jackpots is not impressive and contains only a few titles
  • The registration procedure is long and must be given an account number or PESEL


Certainly, the offer of Total Casino illustrates well that it's a pretty young casino. They have huge aspirations and a powerful company stands behind them, but the product itself is still not perfect and very lack of such things like a live casino or a wider offer of progressive jackpots.

We do not know if you only limit your Playtech and QuickSpin games is a good idea, because it causes only 100 titles in the casino. It's quite enough according to modern standards and the opportunity to play, for example, Netent would give Total Casino a huge .

No less, this is the only 100% Legal Casino operating on a Australian license, a is the fact that we will not pay any tax from the winnings. For some, it will also be no significance that help, FAQ department and each element of the site is in Australian and with customer service, we can communicate in Australian and in many ways.

There is also a welcome offer without significance. Total Casino gives us a great 100% bonus up to USD 1200 and a robust package of 240 free spins. Requirements about the marketing of this bonus are funny, because 30x rotating the bonus itself is no condition and we can not forget that the casino is available without a deposit - 20 free spins for registration.

All this makes the basics to make Total Casino really a solid casino when he master numerous shortcomings resulting from his baby age. Despite the lack of competition, we think that the casino from a sports totalizer will be constantly increasing popularity and attracted new players.

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