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Baron Saturday


Baron Samedi is another interesting slot from the company Yggdrasil. Games from this producer are known for a fairly extensive plot, but are somewhat complicated, but very addictive. The game was established in November 2018, i.e. relatively recently. We can meet it in such online casinos, like Raspberry Casino, Playamo i unibet. It consists of three rows and five drums, so that at first glance, the board seem to seem quite small. However, this game is not only on traditional paid lines (which we have here 25), only on a special card system. RTP this slot is 97%. You can also play on your Android and IOS smartphones. The game is translated into many languages, including, of course, on Australian.

Basic information and topics of the game

The game is based on dark and dark climates. The leitmotif is the subject of voodoo, shamania and mysterious icons. Samedi Baron in religion Voodoo is the leader of all ghosts, Mr. Underground and Master of Magic. Most of us associate the character of Samedi, his black jacket and a cylinder. The owner of the Samedi Baron is considered necessary for the rituals associated with ghosts and with the deceased. The game also preserved in similar climates - we see the world, coal, animal skulls, necklaces or cubes on the table. All this adds to the game a little thrilling emotions, but above all you will appeal to the fans of the subject related to zombies and strange cults with a place somewhere in Haiti.

The game is preserved in a typical style for this manufacturer. In the foreground we have the right gameplay, and under it there is a bar with all available options. In the middle, there is a button to make a single rotation, next to it, we can set the number of automatic spins, for example at 10, 25, 50 up to 1000, and even their infinitely. On the left, we select the coin value where the minimum is 0.004, and the maximum - 4, which corresponds to the value of 125 euros. On the right, the winnings from a given trading and the remaining amount are displayed. At the bottom, we will also find settings, such as game information and its principles, change the volume of the game or the speed of animation.

Symbols and rules of the game

The game basic is based on symbols arranged in special combinations. Their patterns of course we can see in information about the principles of the game. However, these layouts are not everything. The game has a fairly interesting mechanic of cards, and besides, it gives you the opportunity to get free spins, responses, multipliers or additional coins. Of course, there is a Wild and a mysterious symbol that we have our functions in the game. When it comes to these basic, they give a winning dependent on whether we meet them in drums 5, 4 or 3 times. Here they are:

  • Red Symbol Samedi - Win: 120, 50 and 15
  • Blue Women's Symbol - Win: 115, 45 and 15
  • Yellow Voodoo Doll - Win: 105, 35 and 15
  • Green Doll Voodoo - Win: 100, 30 and 15
  • Red Crystals - Win: 35, 15 and 5
  • Green Crystal - Win: 30, 15 and 5
  • Blue Crystals - Win: 25, 10 and 5
  • Purple Crystal - Win: 20, 10 and 5
  • Wild - replaces each other symbol
  • Mystery symbol - appears in rounds of free spins / re-spins and at the end of each spin changes into a random symbol
  • Free Spin Symbol - Runs Free Spiny

Distinguishing features of Baron Samedi

The game has a lot of additional options that are associated with different bonuses. At first glance, these options will be somewhat troublesome, but you can finally get used to everything. First of all, when we hit two free spin symbols, we will get one re-spin. When we will see three such symbols - the Voodoo Re-Spin option will turn on. Three or more such symbols activate rounds of free spins, but also gives additional coins. In each free spin there are always three function cards. This is presented as follows:

  • 3 Symbols - 7 spins + 50 coins
  • 4 Symbols - 12 spins + 375 coins
  • 5 symbols - 15 spins + 25,000 coins

A very important part of the game is a collection of cards that we collect all the time. You can also hit the same card several times, the quantity will be displayed at the top of the card. These cards also have their power, where and is the weakest, and VI - the strongest, but also the most difficult to get. Each card has a specified function. We can watch your card collection. When the Voodoo Re-Spin option is turned on, the cards will be distributed, at the top we will see three. Features from these cards will be applied to the board, which will give us additional bonuses or many other benefits.

Appearance, sound and audiovisual impressions

The graphics of this type of games are never somehow beauty. This is not about it in casino slots. However, if it is a game of Baron Samedi, it must be admitted that it was also taken care of its appearance. In the foreground, we see the game, and on it symbols in the form of crystals and voodoo dolls. Under the right for this, there is a table on which the cards were scattered. In the background, you can hear climatic music, whose sounds were played on traditional drums. Of course, the game has been equipped with numerous animations adding her additional charm. However, if these animations are bored, you can always shorten their duration in the game settings. Thanks to this turnover will have a much shorter time. However, with the longer, the game takes on more magic, and this is a large extent to her.

Our opinion about Baron Samedi

The game is definitely not an ordinary, classic slot. In addition to these normal options, known from most other casino games, there is also a very interesting system of collecting cards. Baron Samedi's game is an example that ordinary one-armed bandit can also be a kind of art and does not have to limit yourself to the stitching plot. It has quite a high RTP in itself - it is at least 97%. The graphics may like, it is preserved in a dark tone, but it is fully safe for your eyes.

This slot will be interested in some people for whom the subject of zombies and various secret rituals are interesting. However, when it comes to the opposite direction, they should not complain, the game is not a boring and repetitive slot, has several elements that create an exceptional game with it. As for our opinion, we would definitely recommend playing new players, but also more experienced in online casino games.


Mobile Free spiny
So So
line Bonus
25 No
Rollers Progressive
3 No
RTP Symbole Wild
97,0% So
Min. Rate Autogra
Max. Rate Multiplier
Variability / Frequency of hits Symbole Scatter
Medium-high No
- -

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