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Durian Dynamite


We decided to write about the next game based often in casino grams of fruit. This time, the company came to this quite already covered QuickSpin. The slot was created in April 2019 is the first game in the portfolio. Game made in 3D technology. The creators, as they write about themselves, are extremely proud of this type of production. The vending machine consists of five drums and three rows, it has 20 payment lines and as many as four additional gameplay modes. The betting rate may be from 0.20 to 100 euros, and it is possible to multiply it up to 2515 its height. RTP Durian Dynamite game is exactly 96.22%, which is a result of rather satisfactory.

Basic information and topics of the game

The main motive used in the game is the previously mentioned fruits that we associate primarily from classic casinos. This type of place is full of single-armed bandits, where among various types of games, these fruit machines are most and are already even a kind of tradition. It is the slots with the fruit motif stand with the foundations of the whole species and thanks to them the industry of one-armed bandits has gained such popularity. When it comes to the game from QuickSpin, we only have fruit and colorful letters. On the other hand, well-known symbols, such as sevens, gold and other bars are missing. The fruits are combined here with dynamite, explosions and explosions. Such combo probably did not happen in the world of online slots and it praises - the game can not be called boring and exactly the same as most.

When it comes to control, all necessary buttons can be found on the bar, at the very bottom of the game. As a standard, as for Games from QuickSpin, the drums are rotated using the right, large buttons. Next to it, we have the opportunity to select fast spins and change the automatic game settings. From the left, we have settings and game rules, the remaining balance and the number of paid lines, the choice of the bet height and the possible height of the win.

Symbols and rules of the game

The basic gameplay in Durian Dynamite should be more standard. By playing, we try to get five, four or at least three repeating, identical symbols. From their number and kind, the amount we won the amount we win, but this condition also determines the plant. Pictures are arranged in one or more specified in advance, paid combinations. These layouts exactly twenty. In addition to the usual mode, we have a Wild and Free Spiny symbols here, and with them interesting options of evolution we talk about a little later.

Below, however, we present to you won values depending on your symbol. These sums are given assuming that the highest rate will be selected by us, i.e. 100:

  • Watermelon - Win: 2500, 750 and 75
  • Orange symbol - Win: 2000, 625 and 75
  • Symbol of Plums - Win: 1500, 500 and 75
  • Grape symbol - Win: 1000, 500 and 50
  • Cherry symbol - Win: 750, 375 and 50
  • Symbol A and K - Win: 500, 250 and 25
  • Symbol Q, J and 10 - Win: 375, 125 and 25
  • Wild Symbol - Win: 5000, 750 and 75

Durian Dynamite distinguishing features

As befits playing with dynamite in the name, something exploding something was put here. Such an exploding character has, for example, a Wild symbol that evolves in various forms, depending on the place where it will be. Wild symbols are divided into two basic groups. The first is ordinary, single symbols, which, except that they take the form of each other picture, bring specific amounts of coins. The second group is the so-called Dynamite Wild, which exploding decomposes on two regular wild. Dynamite Wilds can only appear on Dynamite REELS (middle drum) and in Dynamite Supply, i.e. a scoop located on the left.

Dynamite Launch Feature is an option that is activated when Wild symbols are falling from Dynamite Reel. Then also with the measure of Dynamite Supply on the drums will fall all the symbols gathered there. If there is a situation in which the symbol strikes with Dynamite Supply will hit regular symbols, the whole will expand into two or three symbols. Additionally thanks to scatter symbols, we have a chance to gain up to six free spins. So how do you see this slot has quite a lot of additives.

Appearance, sound and audiovisual impressions

Overall, rather the graphics of the game is not an outstanding or exceptional. Slot is rather flat and not divided into first and further plan. Instead, next to the fruit drums, we have several meter pipes with valves and practically as much as it comes to the description of the production appearance. However, the creators probably did not mean to create a unique artistic work or plot. The game can be called a kind of test, because this is the only game on your supplier's offer made entirely in 3D technology. In terms of technical terms is very good. Pictures are correctly rendered, but we will also not meet any cropped. Of course, the game was equipped with some animations and a loose and a hypnotic muscle in the background. The music theme is not particularly sophisticated, but it harmonizes well with all and gives it a little loose character.

Our opinion about Durian Dynamite

In summary, Durian Dynamite is certainly not certainly belonging to those games in love with the subject of the subject close to our heart. Unless we have such great casinos here that they will be in full focus, they looked down to the next title, which was based on classic fruits. This motif for years managed to become hard "captured". Game, thanks to the application of 3D graphics seems to be an experiment. On the question or successful or you have to answer yourself. Regarding Gameplayu, there is a little better, although we would still not expect wonders. Slot has several interesting modes, but it is extremely difficult to hit them. RTP This title is slightly over 96%, which is a value rather medium. There is no point, however, look at the numbers themselves, which are not always supported by practice. Maybe it's worth playing a slot yourself to see what really has us to offer?


Mobile Free spiny
So So
line Bonus
20 No
Rollers Progressive
5 No
RTP Symbole Wild
96.22% So
Min. Rate Autogra
0.20 So
Max. Rate Multiplier
100 No
Variability / Frequency of hits Symbole Scatter
Tall No
- -

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