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Wild Chase: Tokyo Go


The Wild Chase: Tokyo Go

Production of The Wild Chase: Tokyo GO, by famous developer of casino games, companies QuickSpin, will take us today to a slightly more luxury world. The game was constructed in a fairly unusual way. The board has an irregular shape and if it starts with something in the form of a tree, it ends on the ordinary layout of the size of five drums and five rows. Variable look for a peculiar property, or changing number of winning configurations. In the highest possible arrangement, they will therefore exactly 259. Released in October 2019, the game is characterized by one additional mode, based on re-spin on wins. We will play in the slot on almost every portable or stationary device and find in such online casinos, such as those described on our site any, any or any.

Basic information and topics of the game

The game shutter treats the police fight with criminals, where the visual luminaire allows you to think that we are located after the criminal side of the barricade. Where rapes on behalf and without order, drug trafficking and crazy chases and shootings are on the agenda. The first glance on the game allows you to see a strong inspiration to a series of fast and furious films. Also fans of computer games like Need for Speed or Grand Theft Auto should find here without any problems. A place of action game is a great Japanese agglomeration - Tokyo, in the background, the metropolis itself was shown. In the foreground, we see a sports car resembling Ferrari or Lamborghini. Game icons depicting handsome men and beautiful women. In addition, there are champagne and watches that are probably from high shelf. It was also not forgotten about the best friends of all women, diamonds.

The game control is at the very bottom of the screen. From the left, these are the game settings and information about the rules of individual bonuses, change the rate of the rate (where the lowest is 0.20 euros, and the highest - 100) and information on the current win or the remaining number of coins. On the right side we see a button for single turnover, change the speed of animation and automatic gameplay, allowing for up to 1000 self-spins.

Symbols and rules of the game

The game has an unusual configuration of the board, with 3 symbols in the first two columns, 4 symbols for the next two and 5 symbols for the fifth. Creating winning combinations is possible with matching symbols that appear on subsequent drums, from left to right, at least three times. Unlike the known symbols known to us, in the case of The Wild Chase: Tokyo does not find a predetermined payout line. Instead, an interesting system was used, according to which winning combinations are created by adjacent to each other symbols. In addition, the shape of the game changes with each re-spein. With him also changes the number of winning combinations:

  • First re-spin - 90 combinations
  • Second Re-Spin - 154 Combinations
  • Third Re-Spin - 164 Combinations
  • Fourth Re-Spin - 259 combinations

There are seven basic symbols in the game that can be divided into higher paid in the form of people and below paid in the form of stolen artifacts. Each symbol can repeat from three to five times. Below are you won values for the highest possible rates, or 100 euros:

  • Men and Women Symbols - Win: 250, 150 and 75
  • Women's symbols in the mask and policewomen - Win: 150, 100 and 50
  • Symbols of diamonds and gold - Win: 125, 75 and 40
  • Watch symbols, Ring and Champagne - Win: 100, 60 and 30

Distinguishing features The Wild Chase: Tokyo Go

In addition to the Wild symbol, which replaces each other symbol in paid combinations, the game is characterized by unfortunately only one additional mode. Of course, I am talking about the previously mentioned Re-Spin. Each paid combination starts Re-Spin mode. With each re-spein, the number of paid combinations is growing. Each time the game grid is also growing, giving in a last resort, a 5 × 5 fields. In this case, the place has the so-called Super Re-Spin, activating on the fourth of the winnings. The winning symbols are then in their place, while the others rotate along with the game drums until the board does not appear next matching symbols.

Despite the fact that the entire Re-Spin System seems inconspicuously interesting, we can still only regret that it is a virtually the only addition, which the creators made us happy. This is definitely not enough compared to other slots. Of course, this is not the newest machine on the market, but in 2019 many others have been created, much more technically advanced games.

Appearance, sound and audiovisual impressions

Graphics of the game maybe at first seeming simple, too little complicated, moments can even slightly archaic. All these associations are probably accurate, but the creators probably had the idea of creating something that will be made in a rather fairy-tale comic style. This treatment went, and it's pretty good. If we look good, animations allow us to feel a dynamics that perfectly fit into the intended effect and, most importantly, the subject of the slot. In the background you can see a big city-lit city. The music here is the ideal complement. This is a typical Electronics in a strong Asian style. All this has been connected with each other so optimally that the game chases it quickly and there are no problems with the animation trim.

Our opinion about The Wild Chase: Tokyo Go

This popular QuickSpin production slot allows you to multiply a selected rate of 2 757x and in the best arrangement offers 259 paid combinations. It's relatively not much compared to other games. There are also no bonus options. We only have one additional mode that starts every time we win. This mode is quite well developed, but it does not change the fact that there is only one here. In itself, he adds a dynamic game and a significant variety. So if you do not scarify such a vision, you can truly try happiness at the Wild Chase: Tokyo Go. In our opinion, this is a fairly simple game, deprived of unnecessary scners, but with a completely interesting general mechanic. The gameplay is very dynamic and production fans such as Need for Speed or a series of fast and furious films will feel here at home.


Mobile Free spiny
So So
line Bonus
76-259 No
Rollers Progressive
5 No
RTP Symbole Wild
96.54% So
Min. Rate Autogra
0.20 So
Max. Rate Multiplier
100 No
Variability / Frequency of hits Symbole Scatter
Medium-high No
- -

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