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Golden Glyph


Golden Glyph is another game whose creators clearly inspired themselves with the subject of ancient Egypt. The Slot producer is a company QuickSpinwho is owned playtech. It was released in November 2019. The machine is made of a large, quite unusual grid up to 7 × 7 fields. A single game rate may have a height between 0.20 and 100 euros. Symbols are arranged in groups that have not been predetermined. There are many additional modes here through which the gameplay gives an exceptionally interesting impression. These combinations allow you to multiply the selected rate 250 times. RTP game is almost 96.2%. The game has been adapted to each type of devices, stationary and mobile. We will find it a large part of online casinos, for example unibet, Casino Euro i betsson.

Basic information and topics of the game

Unfortunately, you must admit that the topics of the game are repeated very often among various slots. Ancient Egypt is a happy motive and usually game in which it has been used is passionate. Examples are too much, Doom of Egypt, Max Quest: Wrath of Ra, Book of Dead - these are just some of games of similar themes. In Golden Glyph also at every step we see hieroglyphs, pharaohs, gold, precious masks. The action of most slots usually takes place inside the pyramid. Here we were transferred to the outside, thanks to which we can admire the beautiful, ancient city in the rays of the sun, instead of the chambers filled to the brim with precious gold. The presented architecture of houses or pyramids in the background are breathtaking and is difficult to describe.

The console screens on the bottom allows you to control the game. From the right side, it consists of a single rotation button, accelerating the speed of spin animation, automatic gameplay (up to 1000 spins or other, more accurate settings), the number of other coins will be displayed. On the left side there is a button with sound and image options and with bonuses, while next to them change the rate of rate - 0.20 to 100 euros.

Symbols and rules of the game

The general principles of the games look a little differently than in most other slots, but these more experienced players will definitely know this type of layout. Identical symbols must arrange in special groups where each element must be in the immediate vicinity. The introduced bonuses are based on the Wild Symbols of various types and mode of free spins. When it comes to symbols, it is seven. Each of them can repeat from five to fifteen or more times. From their number and height of the rate depends on the height of the win. Below we present you exact won values that can be obtained by playing for the highest possible rate:

  • Red Symbol of God - Win: 100 - 25 000 Euro
  • Green symbol of God - win: 50 - 10,000 euros
  • The blue symbol of God - Win: 25 - 7 500 euros
  • Snake symbol - Win: 20 - 1800 euros
  • Cross symbol - Win: 10 - 1350 euros
  • Eye symbol - win: 10 - 1250 euros
  • Ocean symbol - Win: 10 - 750 Euro

Distinguishing features of Golden Glyph

Already at first glance, a big wheel with different icons is visible on the left. This circle contains the so-called Power Up's, which occur in four different forms. Inside the winning group of symbols, a special Power Wild symbol is formed, activating Power Up's:

  • Power Up with Fire Symbol - a bomb appears in a random place place, which exploding removes the symbols in the vertical and horizontally, paying the twentieth part of the rate for each removed symbol
  • Power Up with a gold symbol - thanks to him on the board appears from four to ten wild symbols
  • Power Up with Horus's eye - all low value symbols are removed and other images appear on their place. One-twentieth rate is paid for each removed symbol

Another addition is a bonus symbol that is also on the wheel on the left. If you go to him, we will move to the free turnover mode for nine rounds. It is also possible to gain another, in the amount of three.

Appearance, sound and audiovisual impressions

In our opinion, the game looks great. A very good idea from the creators was to show the panorama of an ancient city in the background of the game. We see here ordinary houses built around a powerful river. The dense vegetation with a typically tropical character returns attention. On the right side, we see a bridge leading to the next part of the city, for which there are powerful pyramids. The whole creates a beautiful landscape combined with the setting sun. The first game plan is the right symbols. They are pictures knocked down on big stones. Animations fit for the whole, because they give the impression of a stone avalanche whose speed can be changed. You can clearly see that QuickSpin put a lot of work into the graphic setting of this slot. In the background you can also hear a dramatic music that this time is not hit and not very matches the whole game, of course, in our opinion.

Our opinion about Golden Glyph

Golden Glyph is a fascinating title that can be recommended almost anyone. The game will attract new players to casinos and those who have been playing for a long time. So many different types of mechanic have been added here that the slot will not get bored even after a few hours. A great solution is on the left side of Power Up's icon, thanks to which we can follow the bonuses awarded. Their acquisition is not as easy, but the game satisfaction is much greater. The fans of the ancient Egypt culture will feel extremely well here, because the game is entirely dedicated to her. Golden Glyph is therefore an exciting game whose individual additional modes and outstanding graphics will draw us for long hours.


Mobile Free spiny
So So
line Bonus
Cluster pays No
Rollers Progressive
7 No
RTP Symbole Wild
96.19% So
Min. Rate Autogra
0.20 So
Max. Rate Multiplier
100 No
Variability / Frequency of hits Symbole Scatter
Average No
- -

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