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Jade Butterfly


Jade Butterfly

Jade Butterfly was made in July 2018 Slot by famous studio Pragmatic Play, the author of such hits as Wolf Gold, Sweet Bonanza or John Hunter and the Aztec Treasure. The game consists of a board with dimensions of five drums and four rows. Instead of traditional payment lines, there is a slightly different system here, which gives a total of 1024 winning combinations. In addition, there has been a completely interesting mechanic related to re-spets, but also classic free turns. The machine allows you to select a rate from 0.30 to $ 150. The game is available in many online casinos, such as, for example, described on our website. Casino betsson, betsafe whether Euro Casino. The slot also has a version adapted to portable devices of all types such as cell phones or tablets.

Basic information and topics of the game

Jade Butterfly is a beautiful game that has been transferred to the Far East from the first moments. The topics of the slot is very strongly associated with Asian culture, which, apart from dragons and fire, are also associated with peaceful, characteristic, bent, richly decorated roofs, constituting one of the most characteristic elements of architecture and above all the ubiquitous balance and harmony. Cherry trees along with your flowers can suggest that we are in Japan. As a symbols, beyond the title butterfly, colorful flowers were used, among which there is Lotus - a flower uniquely associated with Japan.

The game control console is located on the belt located at the very bottom of the screen. In the lower right corner we will find a large button for a single rotation to the drums. From his left and right side there is a change in the height of a given plant, where the smallest is 0.30 dollars, while the largest - $ 150. Below you will find automatic gameplay settings up to 1000 self-rotation. Here we can also set the speed of animation. In the lower left corner there are information information icons and detailed rules for each of the bonuses.

Symbols and rules of the game

General slot rules are very similar to those we are dealing in most other types of games. The difference, however, is that there are no other payment lines set here. Instead, the winnings are determined through the symbols in neighboring drums, which gives a total of 1024 winning configurations. In addition, the game has been equipped with two additional functions based on Wild and Re-Spin symbols.

For each of the eleven ordinary symbols, we can hit two or three to five times. Among other things, our win will be dependent. Below are you award values for individual symbols assuming that the highest possible rate will be selected:

  • Yellow flower - Win: 20,000, 2,000, 200 and 50
  • Purple flower - Win: 6,000, 600, 100 and 25
  • Orange flower - Win: 3,000, 150 and 75
  • Green flower - 1,000, 100 and 50
  • Blue flower - Win: 500, 50 and 40
  • Literka A and K - Win: 400, 40 and 25
  • Literka Q and J - Win: 300, 30 and 15
  • Symbol 10 and 9 - Winning: 200, 20 and 10
  • Free Spins Symbol - Win: 15,000, 1 500, 300 and 150

Distinguishing features Jade Butterfly

Already at first glance, we can see a certain interesting option that does not meet other games. It consists in turning one, chosen drum game. After a given turnover, the RE-SPIN selected drum can be performed any number of times. This means that if we want our win be higher, we can risk and turn on. The RE-SPIN rate is displayed under each of the drums and varies depending on the height of the plant and the likelihood of creating a winning system. As far as the prize is concerned, the amount from the layout with the latest turnover will be paid.

Another bonus are free spins. We get them based on the SCATTER symbol that must appear on the board at least three times. Once you can activate this mode, each win will be multiplied three times. Regardless of how many scatter symbols landing on the board, you will always receive 13 free spins. All winnings during free spins receive a 3x multiplier. In addition, know that you can restart 13 additional free spins an unlimited number of times. This means that your winnings can really accumulate on this chinese theme. It is also possible to continuously enlarge the number of revolutions without any limit. This is unfortunately so much when it comes to a modest number of additional functions for the game Jade Butterfly.

Appearance, sound and audiovisual impressions

Graphics of Jade Butterfly, despite the fact that it does not look too modern or timelessly, it wakes rather positive emotions. Slot was designed for the prevailing in Asian and order in the countries, and just to such a state leads every player. Everything has been preserved in warm, bright, pastel colors and looks quite nice. In the middle of the screen, in a stone, blue frame there is the most important part of the game. On a further plan, we can see the mountains, waterfalls, birds and characteristic, pink cherry blossoms. In the background, we can hear the music associated with Asia in combination with the singing of birds. A small, very dynamic and smooth animations have also been attached to the whole.

Our opinion about Jade Butterfly

In our opinion, the vending machine Jade Butterfly is worth attention to the title. Despite the seemingly small amount of add-ons, the game can delight us all the time. Not everyone, after all, they love very extensive and complicated casino games. There are many people who just want simple slots. By playing, we have the impression that the win is dependent on us, because we are those who can create their own turnover. The order and peace of mind will attract many enthusiasts of both Asian climates and those who want to play in something new. RTP game itself is slightly over 96%, so it is an average value, but in no way unseen during the game.


Mobile Free spiny
So So
line Bonus
1024 No
Rollers Progressive
5 No
RTP Symbole Wild
96.47% So
Min. Rate Autogra
0.30 So
Max. Rate Multiplier
150 So
Variability / Frequency of hits Symbole Scatter
Average No
- -

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