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Release the Kraken


Release The Kraken is another brand new slot, this time from Pragmatic Play. His premiere took place in 2022, but he managed to ttrafić to many casinos online. Together with the Release The Krakem slot, we will get deeply under water, to tonnes, dark, oceanic toni. The machine is made of icons grid and has the size of five drums and four rows. Heights of the winnings are dependent on 20 or 40 payroll lines, depending on the game mode. The plant can be concluded for an amount from 0.20 to 100 euros. The RETURN to Player coefficient here is about 96.5%, but we can maximize the height of the selected rate up to 10,000x. The game has an ordinary and a mobile version that can already be found in several online casinos, for example unibet, Bob Casino whether Betchan. We invite you to the full review of Release The Kraken.

Basic information and topics of the game

The game clearly refers to the depths of the ocean and a biological life hidden in it. The icons present, among others sharks and turtles that are animals characteristic of this environment. There is also no representation of the relics of the past that hide on the bottom of the waters. The background clearly indicates the broken sailing ship from the 15th-17th century, when all the fleets floated on the oceans. The title of the game also refers to the legendary marine creature, which was Krakaken. A great octopus or squid, which caused fear in the hearts of seafarers. As the legend proclaimed she was able to destroy all ships and draw them into a diagonally underwater land.

At the bottom of the game screen there is a whole control console. In the lower right corner there are a button for a single rotation, automatic game (for example, to a specific win or loser amount) and changes to the rate (where we change the value and number of coins, which gives a maximum plant in the form of 100 coins). On the left, there are settings such as sound or animation speed, but also information and exactly the rule of each additional functions.

Symbols and rules of the game

Regular game symbols are divided into fish and letters, of which the first ones bring higher winnings and the other - a little lower. In addition to them, we also have three different Wild symbols and bonus symbols, corresponding to additional functions, such as free spins or a treasure chest mode. Each of the icons can be found three, four or five times. The more, the higher the prize. Its height also depends on the rate of a given trading chosen. For the highest, or 100 coins, it looks like this:

  • Shark symbol - Win: 1250, 500 and 200
  • Turtle symbol - Win: 1000, 400 and 200
  • Symbol of Blue Fish - Win: 750, 300 and 100
  • Symbol of Yellow Fish - Win: 500, 300 and 100
  • Liters A and K - Win: 400, 100 and 50
  • Liters Q and J - Win: 200, 50 and 25
  • Bonus symbol - Win: 2.500, 1000 and 250
  • Wild Symbol - Win: 2.500, 1000 and 250

Distinguishing features of Release The Kraken

Random Spin functions activate a random moment of the game. We have then the opportunity to choose one of three different functions, each of which gives us specific bonuses. There are three different WILD symbols that basically replace all ordinary symbols in winning combinations. Additional bonuses are:

  • Kraken Locking Wilds - three chests with prizes appear on the end of the turn. We choose one. Inside it can be next Wild symbols or multipliers to win
  • Colossal Kraken Wilds - At the end of a given spin, an enlarged Wild symbol with dimensions of 3 × 4 will appear
  • Infectious Kraken Wilds - Wild symbol will infect neighboring symbols that also transform into the Wild symbols

If the bonus symbol appears on the first and third drum, we will get three boxes to choose from. This mode is called Sunken Treasure Bonus and allows you to win a random cash prize after selecting one of three chests. The last mode is roaming kraken free spins. We will get to him when the bonus symbol and the symbol responsible for free spins will appear on the first and third drum. Here, we will also show three chests, from which we will have to choose one. There will be turnover. Rund will be exactly as it can be found, however, no more than 12. The number of paid combinations will increase from 20 to 40. Each Wild symbol encountered will count as a multiplier, up to 10x.

Appearance, sound and audiovisual impressions

Looking at the name of the game, it would seem that it will be a dark, dark slot, in which we will expect to release the terrifying Kraken. It certainly will surprise you, that in practice it is a game with an unusually friendly, fairy-fashioned graphics, extremely pleasant to the eye. The game campaign takes place at the bottom of the ocean. Different corals dominate on the first and further plan, rare species (smiling) fish or rocks covered with algae. Behind the frame containing the correct part of the game there is a great ship wreck, which history will never know us. Not decided to use any music. Instead, you can hear suppressed sounds, exactly as usual under water. In addition, there are light animations that can be adjusted depending on your preferences.

Our opinion about Release The Kraken

In our opinion, Release The Kraken is a winning game. This is another very successful and playable slot from the Pragmatic Play studio. As for the entire shell, it will certainly appeal to many players, but it will also have its opponents. You can expect a terrible, dark game, but you can also breathe a sigh of relief that this is just a nice game full of colorful fish. RTP game has a very average value, which is about 96.5%. Nevertheless, there are multiplicity of additional functions and binding bonuses that can be obtained in a very easy way. These are based on wild and free speed symbols, but each time we stand before choosing one of three chests, which rewards us with multipliers, turnover or simply coins.


Mobile Free spiny
So So
line Bonus
20 No
Rollers Progressive
5 No
RTP Symbole Wild
96.50% So
Min. Rate Autogra
0.20 So
Max. Rate Multiplier
100 No
Variability / Frequency of hits Symbole Scatter
Tall No
- -

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