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Power of Gods: The Pantheon


We come to you today with a proposal by the company Waz. The discussed slot is titled Power of Gods and its action takes place in ancient Greece. The game was created in the second half of 2019. The game board consists of five drums, three rows and twenty-specified payment lines defining wins. In addition, we will find several bonus modes, such as Wild and Scatter symbols, and several different varieties of free spins. The rate for which we can play can vary between 0.20 and 100 euros. The game has obviously a version for mobile devices and find it in most online casino, such as Mount Casino, Malina Casino. whether Nomino Casino. RTP game is about 96%, which guarantees solid winnings. So how does the Power of Gods: The Pantheon in practice fall? We invite you to read this review.

Basic information and topics of the game

The theme of the Power of Gods game: The Pantheon is a clear inspiration Greece and its mythology. Characters that we see this Zeus, Mr. Olimpu, Poseidon, the Lord of the Seas and Oceans, Hades, Mr. Underground and Underworld and Aphrodite, Goddess of Love. As icons, Apollo, God of art and Hera, Zeus's wife and the goddess of the family and marriage appear here. Greek gods were, according to sources, incredibly powerful beings that had a huge impact on the daily life of Greek culture. This indicates a multitude of temples built for them and everyday rituals that were devoted to them. The theme of the game is what is. This is one of the most "trapped" motifs in casino games. We all know slots such as Rise of Olympus from Play'n Go or Divine Fortune from Netent. Therefore, in front of the Power of GodS ™: The Pantheon from the company Wazan stands a difficult task of breaking the hegemony of market tycons.

As it is in almost all WAZDAN machines, the game control console is at the very bottom of the screen. In its middle, there is a single spin button and a wheel wheel - automatic gameplay settings (up to 1000 self-rotation) and spin for a maximum possible rate. On the right, there is a remaining cash balance, the current win. You can also set three different levels of variation. On the left there are buttons to change the rate of rate from 0.20 to 100 euros. There are also settings, such as sound volume, activation of a creative mode or a full screen.

Symbols and rules of the game

How easy to guess, on the drums of the machine, we can meet the entire Pantheon of Greek gods, and so except Zeus, Aphrodite, Herera, we have Poseidon and Hades, who can give us wealth not to believe part of the right game based on the existence of seven ordinary symbols, which arrange one or more of the twenty different combinations. In addition, we have Wild and Scatter symbols, and others that activate additional options. Each symbol can hit three, four or five times and our prize will be dependent. In addition, it will change depending on the intelligence selected by us. Below we present to you the values of multipliers for each symbols through which our rate will be converted before payment of prizes

  • Hades symbol - multipliers: 10, 1.50 and 0.30
  • Symbol of HERRY - multipliers: 5.00, 1.00 and 0.25
  • APOLLA symbol - multipliers: 2.50, 0.80 and 0.20
  • Literka A - Numbers: 2.00, 0.50 and 0.15
  • Literki K, Q, J - Multiplices: 0.50, 0.15 and 0.05
  • Wild Symbol - Numbers: 20.00, 4.00 and 0.40
  • Symbol Scatter - multipliers: 5.00, 1.00 and 0.40

Distinguishing features Power of Gods: The Pantheon

The Wild Symbol depicting Zeus replaces each other symbol in a paid combination. There are also two special symbols in the slot, one of which is blue and is called Lighting Symbol, and the other red and called Rose Symbol. The first of them, when he repeated five times, activates Zeus Spins Bonus together with five additional spins, during which we will get six wild symbols arranged six. A red symbol activates Aphrodite Spin bonus mode with five turns. During each of them, eight random symbols will be removed (together with the winners), and new ones will fall into their place. Each subsequent avalanche gives us a multiplier to win.

The last mode is Krakaken Free Spins. To run it, we need to get three, four or five Poseidon symbols. We will get 10, 15 or 20 free spins. If the winning combination goes, its symbols will be deleted and all others move towards the right. The fifth drum will remove and the first will be filled with new symbols. With each such avalanche, we will get a multiplier with a value of x2, x3, x5 and x7.

Appearance, sound and audiovisual impressions

Graphic style clearly inspired by Greek architecture and monuments that remained after the Peloponnese civilization, including characteristic columns and visible in the background Olimp with a temple resembling Parthenon. The mapping of the gods managed very well and faithfully gives it, as in reality they could look, they fit into the widely sprayed archetype of Zeus or Poseidon.

Music is also quite well chosen and allows you to feel the atmosphere in which we have been introduced. Animations also deserve praise. Both the characters of the gods and Same Spiny have great animations, thanks to which the game is much more vivid and dynamic. The whole looks great and so also works in terms of technical.

Our opinion about Power of GodS ™: The Pantheon

Power of Gods: The Pantheon is a very interesting title to whom it is worth spending a moment of your valuable time. The theme of the game has many lovers, why you can not surprise. Greek mythology is passionate and has both bright, dark, dark and extremely interesting pages. That's why many of you reach for this machine for this reason. Although a lot of slots were created in an almost similar subject and the convention, it is definitely worth giving a chance to play from the home producer. Gameplay in Power of Gods: The Pantheon also belongs to boring, after all, the most mechanics were used here, thanks to which the whole is very varied. RTP game is about 96%, however, numerous bonuses that own should convince you.


Mobile Free spiny
So So
line Bonus
20 No
Rollers Progressive
5 No
RTP Symbole Wild
96.20% So
Min. Rate Autogra
0.20 So
Max. Rate Multiplier
100 So
Variability / Frequency of hits Symbole Scatter
- No
- -

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