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Casino Wazan compared and reviewed

On our site, we describe the largest developers of casino games as netent, microgaming, novomatic whether playtech, are leaders in the industry and the largest companies from the EGAMING category. Today, however, we will present to you a company that can not make any of them what distinguishes. Well, Wazan is one of the raisins in the gaming industry dominated by companies from Sweden and other countries of Western Europe and the USA, the company Wazan was created by Poles who also and currently occupy leading positions on the Management Board of this company. The company is very dynamically gaining the market and its games can be seen in an increasing amount of online casinos, they broadly use new technologies and integration with social media. What else's interesting one does the only Australian company in the egaming industry? We invite you to read this article.

12 Wazan casino
27 Wazan bonuses
125+ Wazan games

Casino with Wazan games

You will probably meet the Wazanna games in the whole lot of online casinos on different countries around the world. One of the largest and well-known casinos who have Wańca games in their offer is EnergyCasino. This also described and on our site is one of the oldest and first companies that had a Pazanna game. But they are not the only one. Another examples of casinos that included their games to their offer can also be described on our website energycasino, 22 Bet Casino, LV Bet CasinoBut also many others like Vegas Play Casino, La Fiesta Casino or Omni Slots Casino.

As you see, this company develops quite well and this list may not be extremely impressive because it includes several dozen companies, but with each month grows. Some of these casinos have not yet been reviewed on our site, because there are enough of them, but we do what the review would come in our power. The main area in which the company is popular with great quality slot games, but naturally some casinos also have their table games, roulette or video poker.

We practically do not meet casinos with exclusive games from Waganna, there is one such case, the casino, which is called Admiralspot Casino. They offer over 100 games and all of them are produced by WAZDAN. It is a real raisin, this casino is also available for Australian players and has a available Australian language, so if you are a fan of Wazna games, you should be in the seventh heaven in Admiralspot. We do not know more casinos in addition to admiralspot that would function on exclusive exclusive games. If you know some of the necessarily share its name in the comment under this article.

If you have questions or suggestions, be sure to us.

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  • Extremely generous bonus from the first deposit, you can get up to 1000 euros to receive a 400% bonus

The company's history

Wazan was created by the team of people honestly fascinated games. For over 10 years, he has been forming games and platforms, as well as, which is extremely important in this business, is constantly developing. The company started its life under the little positive name Server Based Solutions 10 years ago, in the same year the company received the MGA license for the production of casino games. In 2012, the first casino with games of the company was launched, still under the name Server Based Solutions. It was not until 3 years later, in 2015, was replaced by Wazan Limited.

In the same year, obsolete technologies in which games were written were replaced by HTML5. As Wazan Sam says: We are convinced that perfection is ahead of us and in this direction, we are consistently trying to be the best in what we do. The consistent pursuit of excellence appeared that one of the latest vending machines won the Hot Product Award in 2018, which is granted at the G2E conference in Asia. She was awarded for 9 Lions Video Slot.

It is worth to congratulate the producer of this great, winning game. The game comes from a collection of games that are significantly inspired by Asian culture. This is obviously a conscious step of Wazan, which plans to expand to Asian markets. Not less 9 Lions was presented on the official show during the presentation in Macau and was chosen by the audience and players sitting there, who could also take into a vote for the winner of the main prize.

The company also won other numerous awards and distinctions, thanks to many novelties that contribute to their games. These include technologies such as Volatility Levels, Energy Saving Mode or Double Screen Mode. These functions will describe in detail later in this text.

It is also worth emerging, which is particularly enjoyable for us that this company has Australian pedigree. CEO is Michał Imiołek, while the head of the sale is Andrzej Hyla, generally if we look at the crew, the Australian names appear there often. Currently, Wazan Holding Limited has a headquarter in Cyprus, but this is still a company that has a lot to do with our country. Therefore, even though it is not a still leading manufacturer of games, we decided to put on our site.


In summary of everything above, we present you some of the most important facts about Wazan Holding Limited. Here they are:

  • The company has existed since 2010
  • In 2015, the name was changed from Server Based Solutions on Wazan
  • Their portfolio includes over 100 titles - new games are issued regularly
  • The Wazan company cooperates with many online casinos around the world
  • A dozen or so people are employed by Wazan in their office in Cyprus, groups of them are Poles
  • The company is currently managed by Australian CEO Michał Imiołek

Let's now turn to the absolutely most important thing, i.e. discuss their portfolio of games.


Games: 125+
Founded: 2010
Licencja: Malta (s), United Kingdom (UKGC), Curaçao
Languages: English, Australian, Deutsch
Currency: Euros

Wazan games

The Wazan company can and does not have a remarkable gaming list, because their portfolio has about 100 titles. When browsing what the producer offered to us to try, we immediately give the impression that in this case it was focused on the quality of produced games than their quantity. Despite the relatively small number of available games, the choice seems to be quite wide. A very large part of games are classic slots. The rest of the titles, on the other hand, has a form of table games. Below are examples of one-armed bandits that appear on the company's website:

  • Highway to Hell Deluxe
  • Tetri Mania Deluxe
  • Dracula’s Castle
  • Haunted Hospital
  • Colin the Cat™
  • Demon Jack 27
  • Fenix Play
  • In The Forest

Wazan slots strongly attract an interesting graphic and general interface to each other, but definitely their strong point is fluency and optimization. Playing each title, you will definitely be delighted to how they work well on the background of those that we can meet on the pages of other creators. When we depart ourselves to the offer of Wazan games, we will see that there are unfortunately no official games with the name of a specific movie or game. The longer, however, we will play on their titles, the more works of culture we see. A large part of the slots was modeled on various works of culture. This is how we meet the Count Dracula, to mention the old good game with a grateful name Tetris, or play a little football available in several different titles. In addition, there are also a few games with fruit, seven or bars, i.e. traditional themes, which we meet on slot machines in stationary casinos.

In addition to slot games, of course there are classic casino games here. We can choose from Black Jack, a few different types of roulette or a variety of poker varieties. Unfortunately, there is unfortunately no wide selection of this kind of games and we will not meet too many new products. In these circumstances, however, appreciate that the manufacturer introduced this type of classics to his offer, and the quality of their implementation does not seem to be the worst.

All games that appear on their site have transparent graphics, they are legible and it is not difficult to see the most important elements to pay attention to. Most amaze can be their simplicity and minimalism. There are no unnecessary elements, deterrent music and sounds, the whole allows you to focus primarily on the game, instead of unnecessary additives and elements that destroys basically all the joy of the game.


There are unfortunately we do not have large progressive jackpots in the games, or maybe it is worth writing yet, because the company develops quite dynamically and these, perhaps, over time will appear. Jendak Currently, the largest unit wins we can achieve is, for example, 5,000 coins in the game of 9 Lions. Winner in the amount of 5000x Our rate can be quite interesting and give us a lot of money, but this is not a typical progressive jackpot, in the full sense of this word, because these pools do not consist of other players and does not grow over time.

Another worth mentioning game is Corrida Romance Deluxe, here the maximum win is up to 25,000 coins. Fruits Go Bananas pays us a maximum of 20,000 and all records beats the Dracula`s Castle, here the maximum win is up to 50,000 coins. Which means that when placing one zloty, we could win as much as 50,000 zlotys when obtaining the best combination and setting the Volatility Level on High. No less, no progressive jackpots should be considered a certain minus, maybe they appear in the future.

No jackpot

Live casino

Although the Wazan also produces a lot of diverse table games and cards like video poker, blackjack and various versions of roulette, we do not have live games. The video poker itself is as many as 7 types as Joker Poker or Turbo Poker, while the creation of live games, also means maintaining expensive infrastructure, which still few companies can afford. Live games are therefore a domain only a few company as Evolution Gaming whether netent, Wazan does not belong to this segment yet.

Trivia and mobile versions

Wazan can definitely be famous for many unique solutions. Similarly, we will not meet similar features for other manufacturers. They probably attract thousands of fans to Wazan games. Of course, this games are most important for every real player, but you also need to take into account the fact that the creators treated their fans in a very friendly and favorable way. Therefore, we will try to bring them closer to their genius solutions that greatly facilitate your gameplay. Each of these bonuses can be found in games that are based on Asia.

Volatility Levels - This function applies to variability winnings in games. As you know, this differs in the case of every slot. Game variability means the ratio of winning height to how often we can hit it. The higher the variability of the title concerned, the higher the winnings are, however, it goes relatively rare. If the slot variability is low, the prizes are lower, but it's much easier to do not hit. The option referred to, allows you to regulate the variation of game volatility to a lower, higher, and even allows you to mix variability in games.

ENERGY SAVING MODE - This function is mainly directed to users of laptops, tablets or phones. Generally - devices in which energy consumption and battery life plays an important role. In the Game settings, we will find the right options regarding the extension of work on one charge. Once enabled, the option will work until it turns off. The option allows you to extend the game time by as much as 40%, which gives us almost twice a long time for the game.

UNIQUE GAMBLE FEATURE - After each win, we have the opportunity to double your prize. It applies to every game mode, i.e. this basic game, but also free spins. The function is activated immediately after receiving the win. This feature applies to new titles and is matched to an individual style of a given game. It can be repeated until seven times, which undoubtedly makes this additive attractive for each player.

Double Screen Mode - this option is very useful for those whom the game plays slightly more. It gives you the opportunity to turn on the winning table on the screen while the game simultaneously. If we want to run it, we can easily find it in the settings of all newer titles. If we play on portable devices, it will simply be activated when we turn them into a horizontal position.

Of course, each of the gaming is already optimized for use both on a desktop computer and on a cell. Thanks to the fact that these are written from scratch in HTML5 work without any obstacles on every almost device. For the fact that the company is fairly new, there is no problem of old production, which was created in Flash technology, all games are modern and have built-in special add-ons we wrote above that facilitate the game on mobile devices.

Family games of Waganna are of course available on all mobile systems. That is both IOS and Android and a slowly diving Windows Phone. The company tries not only as closely as possible to reproduce mechanics and operation of the computer from the computer, but writes its products specifically for mobile devices. This proves the Energy Saving Mode function that allows you to save energy - it was created mainly about users of smartphones who decided to make a journey or free time to play casino games. As we know, the battery always ends too fast, so it's nice that Wazan took care of not to wear Powerbank with him.

Free spins, bonuses and promotions

Waudana games are naturally are not the most important and probably also will not be among the most frequently promoted games in casinos. There is nothing to be surprised, the company still does not have such a position as Netent, Microgaming Ydgrasill or other giants of this industry. But in spite of everything, there is no tragedy, where there are scanned games, they are very often combined with free spinners or bonuses that we can meet in a given casino.

And so, for example, Energy Casino, which is one of the larger casinos that give us the opportunity to play in Wańna games, gives us a very interesting initial bonus of 100% to 1000 zlotys. This offer, of course, can change with time, but it's just an example that choosing the game of Wazan at all we are not condemned to weak bonuses and boredom.

Admiralspot casino, which at the time of writing this article is the only thing that uses exclusive gaming (no games from other manufacturers) gives us a 100% bonus up to USD 2,000! Other casinos that have a given game also offer them to not interesting and generous bonuses, under this article you should find a list of casinos that have Wazan games in their offer along with bonuses that these companies offer. We encourage you to look for this list.

News from Wazan

As Wazan is very interesting and most importantly the rapidly growing company, we will definitely write about him on our website. An additional tomb is that it is created by Poles and we first learn about any new products, premieres and changes related to this company. Therefore, Wazan will be involved relatively often in our News section.

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