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The dead


Time is coming for another Australian production from the company Waz. Los Muertos, because this is the name of a slot, which we will test for you today, refers to the day the dead, or the oldest religious-folk Mexican holiday. It takes place on November 2 and its principle is to worship the non-life of the deceased and maintaining family ties, even after leaving one of the household members. From the technical side is a slot with a less traditional 5 x 4 and a good RTP, which amounts to 96.3%. The strength of this game is primarily great graphics but also perfect devotion to the climate of this mysterious and mystical holiday.

Basic information and topics of the game

While we celebrate on November 1, the Feast of the Dead Mexicans have their Dia de la Muertos. His celebrations do not remind us of our celebrations, where he walks mainly in silence in the cemetery, we participate in the Holy Mass or give themselves back. The Mexican Day of the Dead reminds more carnival. We have colorful disguises here, dances, singing that people want to connect to those who have already left. Absolutely unique atmosphere, unique decorations, beautiful costumes and colorful parades, thanks to this all this extraordinary Mexican ceremony is so unusual. Thanks to this, everything is also an ideal theme of the casino machine.

The game from Wazanna tries to perfectly reproduce this climate. In the background we see two characters in traditional Mexican costumes on the Day of the Dead. Sam slot already has a figure not entirely traditional and 5 x 4. Its a characteristic feature is large symbols that can even occupy even box 3 x 3. At the bottom we have the option of choosing the value of coins and thus the size of the plant, there is also a Max Bet size and rotation button. A characteristic feature for Wazan games is also a three-stage selection of variation levels (Volatility Levels ™), which is used for the button with the same name.

Symbols and rules of the game

In the game, just like almost in all slots, each of the symbols can meet three, four or five times and our prize will be dependent. There are also large symbols that can have a figure of 2 × 2 or 3 × 3. There are also 40 unchangeable payment lines that are just as everywhere from left to right. Here are what values have individual symbols:

  • Yellow skull - Win: 330, 60, 15
  • Blue Skull - Win: 220, 40, 10
  • Green Skull - Win: 65,20, 10
  • Symbol A - Win: 45, 10, 5
  • Symbol K - Win: 20, 5, 2
  • Symbol Q - Win: 40, 10, 4
  • Symbol J - Win: 40, 10, 4
  • Symbol 10 - Winning: 40, 10, 4
  • Wild symbol Win: a classic wild, which replaces other symbols and creates payable combinations with them

In addition to the equipment of its latest game in 5 drums and 40 payment lines, Wazan decided to add numerous attractive special features that are already below.

Distinguishing features of Los Muertos

Among these we have large and gigantic symbols, gigantic occupying several fields of wildlife, free turnover, mini bonus games, winning multipliers and a special dedicated risk game where we choose two characters and the action takes place on a cemetery.

To get the functions of free spins Players have to receive a bonus symbol represented by a woman with a head covered from red roses on his board. As a result, a mini-bonus game is activated, in which 9 symbols are spinning in the field. During the series of free turnover, the game board moves to the Mexican city street during the day of the dead. We have both cash prizes and multipliers of winning 1x, 3x or 5x. The symbol of a man in Sombrero gives free spins and this function likes to repeat because in if during it we can catch another such symbols, we get up to 12 additional turns.

During the round, the player is cheered by a man dressed in Sombrero, who plays the guitar and a beautiful lady dressed in a red dress. After each win, we have an optional "risk game" where these are two characters. We focus on one of these two characters and either undermine our win or lose it. A nice addition is also a gigantic wild symbol, it can have a figure of up to 3 × 3, or 9 fields, which significantly increases our winnings.

Appearance, sound and audiovisual impressions

With a background of games located on a gloomy and a little terrible cemetery, in the middle of the night, the Los Muertos slot can season many players about the accelerated heartbeat from the first spin. It must be admitted that this is one of the slots that perfectly reflect your climate. Graphically, this game certainly distinguish smooth animations from the crowd and well-made symbols of colored skulls and characters with painted faces. But this is not all. During the round, the player is cheered through a nice man dressed in sombrero and drawing on the guitar and a beautiful lady dressed in a red dress.

Also when it comes to sound is fantastic. In the background, we hear phenomenal in our opinion a Mexican piece with a guitar. This melody can bring a smile to our face. We also have other sound effects like the sound of moving rollers or falling coins after winning. All this consists of very good experiences for the player.

Our opinion about Los Muertos

Undoubtedly, the Wazan company was extremely skilfully captured the spirit of the Mexican Saint, or the day of the dead or De de los Muertos, one of the most fascinating holidays in the world. Colorful pages, masks and dance - this is all accompanied by Mexicons while celebrating the holiday. The Los Muertos slot perfectly reproduces this climate. The graphic of the game is at the highest level and the mysterious fog enveloping all these sensations intensifies. Also sounds and music are extremely climatic.

In addition to many additions, the Los Muertos ™ Risk mode also offers access to unique features of Wazan. These are, for example, a three-stage selection of variation levels (Volatility Levels ™), double screen mode or energy saving mode. So we get not only a beautiful slot, but also access to the most modern solutions in the world of online casinos. All this makes Los Muertos in our opinion one of the most interesting slots currently available on the market.


Mobile Free spiny
So So
line Bonus
40 So
Rollers Progressive
5 No
RTP Symbole Wild
96.29% So
Min. Rate Autogra
0.40 So
Max. Rate Multiplier
100 So
Variability / Frequency of hits Symbole Scatter
low-high No
- -

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