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Isoftbet casino compared and reviewed

The company also known on the web as ISOFTBET Software has been operating in the gaming industry since 2010, offering a very wide selection of full-fledged and mini casino games, lottery, scratchback and much more. Located in London, the company's headquarters are responsible for excellent quality products, thanks to which the company cooperates with many significant partners in the casino gaming industry. In this text you will learn more about this developer.

14 ISOFTBET Casino

On-line casino with ISOFTBET games

In summary and summing up, you can definitely say that ISOFTBET Software is a very interesting company, perhaps the future star of the entire industry. As for now, considering quite a short history of the company, they are impressive. Certainly paying a large number of licenses and it is not any, because, among others, UK or Italy, i.e. very serious countries. It also impresses their approach to security, that is, that they allow others to audit their games and these, they turn out to be without complaints.

From the above-mentioned reasons, the ISOFTBET game can be found in an increasing number of casinos and think that it will grow all the time. For now, you can find them in the on-line casinos described on our website. Also, read the review of a given casino to know if it will be suitable for you.

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  • It is available entirely for Poles and it has been translated into Australian

More about ISOFTBET Software

The history of the ISOFTBET Software emergence is quite dial, because they appeared literally out of nowhere in 2010. More details, who stands behind the company simply did not know, was speculated that they are another attempt to vocate to the life of Fast-CPU Gaming, but he does not constantly be sure, because the developer is very mysterious about his history and does not reveal who really stands behind him .

After all, the company currently has a well-established reputation, a good portfolio of games and is licensed by many well-known and respected gambling jurisdictions, for example, Alderney, Belgium, Italy or Portugal. ISOFTBET develops casino games, but also mini games and lotteries, but otherwise also provides individual solutions to your B2B clients, tapped under a specific order.

The company offers well-designed websites, algorithms, a platform for casinos management, as well as the possible integration of other developers and the implementation of e-payment systems. As you can see, except games, they also focus on highly technical issues related to the casino service, which we will not be bored. We will focus on games, because these should most interest you and technical issues we will try to limit to the necessary minimum.


Games: 150+
Founded: 2010
License: United Kingdom (UKGC), Alderney
Languages: English
Waluta: Euros, British pounds sterling, US dollars, Canadian Dollars, Swedish Kronor, Denmark kroner, Norwegian Kroner, Australian zlotys, Kazakhstani tenge, Russian rubles, Czech Republic korunas, Swiss francs, Bulgarian leva, Romanian lei, Mexican Peso, Argentine peso, South African rand, Hungarian forint, Malaysian ringgit, Thai baht, Brazilian real, Hong Kong dollar, Singapore dollars, Australian dollars, Icelandic krónur, Japanese yen, Croatian kunas, Indian rupees, New Zealand dollars, Georgian laris, Israeli new shekels, Nigerian nairas, South Korean won, Turkish Lira, Ukrainian hryvnias, Venezuelan bolívars, Latvian lati, Estonian Kroon, Lithuanian litas, Chinese Yuan, Bahraini dinars, Indonesian rupiahs

Portfolio greed

If we look at the offer of ISOFTBET Software games a bit more than the superficially, we can reach quite surprising conclusions. It turns out that ISOFTBET games are available in a fairly large amount, it is surprising because now they are not often promoted on the main casinos. They dominate here, virtually like everywhere - slots, but Isoftbet also produces mini games on the cell. An interesting fact is that the company's offer also includes lotteries. They are mainly promoted on the Italian market, because there also a license to organize these. In addition, ISOFTBET games are available in many languages, also support many major currencies. In total, their number is around 60.

Slots - At the time of writing this article in the ISOFTBET library there were about 60 different slot games. They have classic fruits machines, some of them look like classic machines from before, others in turn are quite modern and have many combinations. You will also find a whole range of video slots with very diverse topics. The most popular with their titles include games such as Forest Mania, Skull of Legend, Neon Reels or Cloud Tales. Perhaps they are not known almost every casino player, but we assure you that it's quite a solid game. In addition, the company very strongly puts licensed games. As you know, nothing like that does not attract the player as a well-known brand or logo, if the title of a cult film comes, the success of a given slot is brick. And yes, currently the company has a licensed game such as Paranormal Activity, 90210 ™, 24 ™, Basic Instinct ™, Rambo and others.

Table games - In addition to slots there is also a good choice of table games, he is not so big, but sometimes in various casinos a pair of games from ISOFTBET in the table games section. They can be, for example, roulette and 3D roulette, Punto Banco, various versions of Blackjack, Bacarata and casino poker. Generally, the offer is quite standard and comparable with others.

Video poker and other games - The last, least numerous category is Poker video, and all games that you can find in the "Other" section in many casinos. Few players looked there, and it's a pity, because these items can sometimes be quite addictive. ISOFTBET productions include, for example, popular bone games - Craps and Sic Bo. Also in this category you will find a lot of varcical mini games, mainly for mobile phones, but not only.

Progressive Jackpots

Perhaps you did not realize this, but ISOFTBET also offers progressive jackpots. This is a fairly small number of games, they are not so well known, but you must admit that also in this field attempts to establish a fight against competition. Their Jackpotes offer include the following titles: Super Fast Hot Hot, Rambo, Kobushi, Absolute Super Reels, Diamond Wild, Lucky Leprechaun, Ultimate Super Reels and Super Multitimes Progressive.

As you can see, you can look for famous titles in vain here, promoted on the main casinos pages, but some of the games offer quite a nice graphic or sound setting, so you are pleasantly playing. Of course, the winnings can not even refer to the best jackpots, because in gusts, we can expect at most dozens of thousands of euros, but not less worth giving them a chance and test the above game.

Diamond Wild €501 333 PLAY
Diamond Wild HD €500 279 PLAY
Rambo €400 130 PLAY
Super Lady Luck €250 229 PLAY
Basic Instinct €100 336 PLAY
Super Fast Hot Hot €55 787 PLAY
Jackpot Range. €55 787 PLAY
Neon Reels €55 787 PLAY
Super Fast Hot Hot html €55 787 PLAY

Games from Isoftbet on a cell phone

Of course, each of us has a cell phone that, apart from other applications, uses us sometimes for entertainment and fun. The good news is that most ISOFTBET games are played on a cell without any obstacles. As we mentioned above, the company made many mini games on the cell. However, when it comes to full titles, the offer for cells is very good. As a still relatively young company dealing with the creation of software for online casinos, ISOFTBET certainly does not stick out from the leaders, and knows what is currently on top in the industry and what to look for customers. This means that the company has a very firm game on mobile devices.

The company is currently guaranteed by releasing new HTML5 format, thanks to which they are available to play on almost any mobile device, most importantly, of course, on devices with iOS and Android. In more than thirty of their games, you can now play on cells or tablets.

Trust and security

We think that you can consider IsoftBet Software for fully trusted. First of all, even though they do not work on the market for a very long time, these few years are enough to fully conquer and convince players, as before, there were no major complaints on the practice of the company on the Internet. For a long time, their games are audited by such organizations as iTechlabs or Gaming Labs Certified, which confirm that they are fully random and not manipulated in any way.

In addition, apart from a license that has a casino in which the company issues its games, also and she has several licenses in different countries. This most important thing is, this issue is issued by Gambling Commission in Great Britain, besides, the company still has licenses for Alderney and Belgium, Denmark, Romania, Portugal and Italy. As you can see it, this is quite a large number for such a young companion.

Bonuses and promotions

Honestly, we rarely meet specific promotions aimed at Games from ISOFTBET. It may happen that you will find ISOFTBET machines in the casino promotion that support their software. But it most likely depends more than the casino, not from Isoftbet. Perhaps their games are presented as part of more promotions among selected machines from other suppliers. Sometimes, however, you will also come to free spins, for example for new ISOFTBET games that are entered into a specific casino.

If you notice an interesting promotion on ISOFTBET games, be sure to know it.

News from ISOFTBET

As we mentioned repeatedly, the company has been constantly quite young, however for some it can be a disadvantage, so in this respect is the advantage, because they constantly release new games, something happens and thanks to this often in news. It also often includes new Deala with different online casinos, just like recently, for example, from William Hill. We believe that we will often add news about ISOFTBET in our section with news, so follow it regularly.

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